الكهرباء الساكنة | Static Electricity

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Hello! welcome to Jusaim (Particle) Channel have you ever felt a sting when touching a body ? Alright ! let’s know more about this phenomena and its causes “Static Electricity” all materials are made of atoms each atom consists of Proton (positively charged) Electron (Negatively charged) and Neutron (Balanced charged) the static electricity occurs as a result of an imbalance between the Protons and the Electrons which generates energy known as “Static Electricity” The static electricity has a various shapes in nature the most popular one is “Lightning” which is a massive light in the sky that alarms an Atmospheric instability this light produced as a result of collision between two clouds one has a negative charge while the other one has a positive charge thus, creates a huge electrical energy in form of massive spark Accompanied of that light comes a thunderous sound, close to an explosion called “Thunder” can we utilize the static electricity as a source of energy? the short answer to that is No! this is because -Even though- it has a high voltage but it doesn’t contain sufficient energy for electricity production at the time the energy change into continuous or alternating current the energy will be vanished instantaneously but for the lightning, it contains a huge amount of static electricity however, we cannot use the lightning energy for the following reasons … the lightning strikes in unexpected places and times the tremendous energy and speed which is measured by Micro Second if we want to use the lightning energy, we will need a very big project covers a wide spaces made of huge and high performance capacitors and electrical towers Thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and like the video all references are included in the description box

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