πŸ”‹ Solar Powered Phone Charger For Android, iPhone 7 β—„ DROP TEST


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100 thoughts on “πŸ”‹ Solar Powered Phone Charger For Android, iPhone 7 β—„ DROP TEST”

  1. Jim Morgan says:

    Great deal for Christmas presents thanks Matt

  2. Jesstheman434 gaming says:

    nice drop test πŸ™‚

  3. Harry Harbst says:


  4. Chris S says:

    Just ordered the perfect "just in case" gift for myself!

  5. Leslie Rackley says:

    Team iPhone!

  6. Jennifer king-fairley says:

    Love intern Amy

  7. Adrian Nunya says:

    Hi I like to get free stuff

  8. Anaya Atkins says:

    Every video always makes me smile πŸ™‚

  9. chappyswood says:

    Looks amazing!

  10. Mary Eshbach says:

    More good deals from you two. Thanks and keep um coming!

  11. MicahManification says:

    How long does it take to fully charge with solar power?

  12. Susan Sopata says:

    Cute video

  13. Cheyenne Chun says:

    "With a weird light!" πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  14. Sharon Drake says:

    You all are crazy

  15. F4Ck-_-NoObS says:

    I want ipnone

  16. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    luv all these videos! !!

  17. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    luv all these videos! !!

  18. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    luv all these videos! !!

  19. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    luv all these videos!

  20. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    luv all these videos

  21. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    love all these videos

  22. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    love all these videos

  23. Lorraine J. Mahaffey says:

    love all these videos

  24. Tony Louie says:

    great deal

  25. Pricklypear says:

    This deal will put a charge into my life. Ordered! πŸ‘Š

  26. TIRED says:

    team android

  27. GHPrince12 says:

    Nice!! You kow I love the tech! This is an awesome one!

  28. Andrew Ramos says:

    Team iPhone

  29. ACSProductions says:

    Great Video Just Subscribed!

  30. Lisa Fields-James says:

    Charger arrived today…I am excited now I can put the charger for my πŸš— battery in the glove box.

  31. Dylan Kaczorowski says:

    now this is cool now I don't have to keep charging my powerbank

  32. A. Aca says:

    Love you guys keep them coming!!!

  33. Lorraine Canales says:

    I bought this a few weeks ago, and it stopped working.

  34. Amie Davis says:

    I have a USB in my car, however I am going to be getting rid of this car as there is a class action lawsuit with this car in early 2017 and this car has been unreliable at best. Since I have to get another car, I wanted to see if this solar charger is rated to a certain temperature as in will it melt if put on the dash of a car? It gets hot in Colorado in the summer, however it can also get really hot inside a car in the winter as well. What temperature can this solar charger withstand before it has damage done to it?

  35. Scott Farrell says:

    team android. #iphonesareboring

  36. Stan Ley says:

    Thanks for the great find! Keep up the good work. Amy you have a great smile, I love it!!

  37. Alexi N says:

    love your realistic test.

  38. Monica Avalos says:

    cool thanks for sharing

  39. Natalie Culler says:

    These are so cool. I ordered one for my husband. He liked it so much, we ordered one for our daughter. Thanks Matt!

  40. AD_Orbzz says:

    dude your so funny not even gonna lie to you

  41. Tristan Gurnea says:

    It's $49 cause it's a plastic poop. Apples are better then plastic poop

  42. Joe Choo says:

    iPad! iPhone! πŸ™‚

  43. Laura Gamber says:

    Team iPhone!

  44. BJ Nielsen says:

    Love it

  45. pas69 says:

    solar power charger banks are really cool…good deal…

  46. Alonzo Cadena says:

    I'm really pumped for this charger!!!

  47. Kelly Long says:

    As you were both dancing, I thought of that song that goes "I'm blue, da ba dee dobba da, dobba dee……" hee hee

  48. Fleetwood Mac says:

    I have to 2 iPhone πŸ“±

  49. Garfield Heights Coin Club says:

    I'm keeping my eye open for wireless QI chargers, let me know!

  50. Middles says:

    solar powered phone, that can be boosted way more if you use longer lasting battery and the solar power for emergencys

  51. Jonas Day says:

    team iphone

  52. Evan K. says:

    Totally on Apple's side.

  53. ComiiFN says:

    thank you

  54. Rod Bagley says:

    I got this charger over a month ago. It will charge my s4 about 2 1/2 times . The solar part is fun to play without zbut not sure if it will ever fully recharge the battery. It does have,a nice flashPllight. The charging cable didn't last long. For 20 bucks I still like it!

  55. Owen Hayes says:


  56. Michael Bodag says:

    Go Android!!!!!!

  57. Rev Smith says:

    I want one to

  58. Marlon Vasquez says:

    I love how at the end they probably didn't notice they broke off the compass lol

  59. Brayan Martinez says:

    i got a cheap one for 7 dollars and it didnt even work

  60. Anthony Nunya. says:

    Why won't YouTube let me sub to anyone. It keeps saying it had an error but never says what the error is.

  61. Thecodycoolzzz says:


  62. MICHAEL Del Valle says:


  63. Matt Rowe says:


  64. LifeisforLiving! says:

    I have this Tagital power bank and it's perfection! ordered through Walmart for $14.99 free s/h and vendor direct to me. Love it! btw…android still #1!!!

  65. Mareko Husaky says:

    3:15 to 3:25. he shows how durable it is again. when he drops it second time the compass falls out the case (broken), then that lady is like "stop you going to break the table" she looks at the compass and puts the solar power pack charger on top of compass, to hide evidence. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  66. Naomi Giggles says:

    I finally got the solar charger. can't wait to go out and use it.

  67. SmackBros says:

    Team Apple!

  68. Kenya Watson says:

    team android

  69. Neomaya Davila says:

    the compass broke off 3:22 smh

  70. Bossy Gamerr says:

    go team android

  71. Richard Eduardo says:

    How would I charge the power bank in the oldschool way , on the wall, outlet ?

  72. cornelius brown says:

    She gives him a blow job at 0:14

  73. Bayan Mofty says:

    Does anyone know how long does it take to charge?
    I bought a similar solar charger and it keeps blinking but never charges.. I left it outside for an average of 10 hours for 4 consecutive days but the charge indicator remained the same..
    How can I at least know if it's storing the power or not so I can be more patient with it?

  74. Kwame SunHorse says:

    Just purchased solar charger for week backpacking thanks for excellent review bought it now to the great outdoors Kwame

  75. Anthono says:

    3:20 a Lil bit of that Amy , You like that Amy ?

  76. Orin635 says:

    this guy is to eager

  77. DCfred says:

    This is my batter bank when I make videos. I love it. Just one thing: You can't depend solely on the sun to charge this. It's best do do full charges using outlet and then let the sun supplement. The manufacturer recommends doing one to 3 full charges, at first, using the outlet. Good value for money.

  78. Sheheryar Khan says:

    I want one

  79. Michael Hill says:

    Looks good πŸ™‚

  80. Only One Obie Chef Original Obie says:

    I GOTTA TRY THAT 50 $ phone

  81. Javier Ortiz says:

    I love the sexual innuendos lol

  82. donald p says:

    Compass fell out … did i win

  83. George Ortiz says:


  84. Shooter's Friend says:

    I'd sooner trust a horse not to kick me when I stand behind it than taking advice from these 90's shopping channel looking dweebs.

  85. Vantablack says:

    Get a flashlight powered by that solar panel pointing right at the solar panel so it can charge even at nighttime

  86. You choose this says:


  87. Ana Laura says:

    I need this 😭😭

  88. Hank Jeffers says:

    Android is better

  89. Cattleya T. says:

    Ordering one now

  90. TFtusave says:

    If you got to leave it outside for 4 hrs just to charge a phone I would stick to my normal charger

  91. Shantay Prueeissen says:

    Nice movie. However you should take instructions from Avasva website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

  92. MAke US says:

    Team iPhone

  93. Michael Mersereau says:

    But what if you put ur phone flash light on it while charging

  94. max dashen says:

    Shine phones flash at power bank infinite power

  95. Hyper Venom says:

    β€œReady to get slammed Amy” LOL

  96. JTzzOP says:

    hmmm, if its night time and u shine your phone flashlight on the solar charger would you have infinite charge?

  97. Chris Catterall says:

    He is hilarious!

  98. Suppressor Playz says:

    Your compass fell off

  99. Johnny Carter says:

    The Deal Guy: I really like your videos. I am a subscriber, so will i get one of this solar powerbank's for free please?

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