0.8W Solar panel 1.5W LED bulb LED Solar Lamp from Aliexpress EN Subtitles


Hello everybody today i recived this package This big box Send by Malesy Post Very rarely it happens to me By discription the value is 5 $and in side is led solar bulb Let’s open her In side we have…. ( the shippment box is empty) Such a cute bundle , get to the wonders how do that …. In side is a box But in box our bulb It is our light bulb , consists of several LEDs . I see by the light ther we Turn on her and she is lighting Sow thats means she works The test will be in a few days – how it works Solar panel plug in here and substitute under the sun During charging , you can use it is warm … no cold light Very nice item , I waited for it a long time It will be useful for my trips out of town I hope that this serves to camp , go on plot Or another outdoor things As I mentioned earlier test will do for some time and share with you my thoughts Thanks for wathcing, See you soon

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8 thoughts on “0.8W Solar panel 1.5W LED bulb LED Solar Lamp from Aliexpress EN Subtitles”

  1. erick sal says:

    I have a 5 watt led bulb, that gives out 55 watts of lumens, I want to make a rechrechargable battrry bank to hook it up to, solar that iis, so my questioquestion is, if the bulb iis 5 watts, and a standard 1.2v double as battery has about 3 watts in it , two should make 6 watts. Shouldnt that be enough to power the bub, its obvious thathat the bulbs resistor and capacitor are made for 120/220 current, so there may lie my problm, I thought since it consumed 5 watts a 9 volt battery would light it up , but doesn't work, so heres my question, how many 9 volt or As batteries do I need to light it up, tia

  2. krzysztof bryla says:

    Hey gdzie mogę kupić taka lampkę

  3. krzysztof bryla says:

    Witam a czy ma pan założone konto na ebay

  4. Paweł Paul Chmielowiec says:

    Super sprawa z tą lampką używam już to ponad rok czasu i jest idealne dla mnie . Ja rok temu kupiłem na . Wyszła nie tak dawno lepsza wersja z pilotem . .

  5. Paweł says:

    HEJ, a żarówka i panel są wodoodporne ?

  6. Prince Bharti says:

    maa chuda bhenchod

  7. Prince Bharti says:

    bhosari wale

  8. Mitesh Dhanani says:

    Just taking it out from the box and showing where is the battery and other specifications

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