10. Class 12th Physics | Terrestrial Magnetism | A Finite Length Solenoid Behaves as a Bar Magnet


let us discuss the concept which is similar
to the when we have discussed in previous section and this is a finite length solenoid
behaves as a bar magnet. in a previous section we have studied that a very small coil behaves
like a short magnetic dipole. here if we just have a look on, the solenoid which is connected
with a battery and a switch. here. if we closed down the switch we know as soon as the current
flows. a magnetic induction is setup in the surrounding as well as inside of the solenoid.
in such a way that based on direction of current here. from the right side of solenoid magnetic
lines compound. and. magnetic lines come out and, on the left side these are getting into
the solenoid. and this exactly a situation where we can consider. the solenoid as a bar
magnet because even if these is a bar magnet placed, it produces magnetic lines of similar
configuration. so here we can see. and. state that, a solenoid behaves like a bar magnet
a current carrying solenoid behaves like a bar magnet. and in this situation if we talk
about. magnetic dipole moment or magnetic moment. of. solenoid. this can be given as
m which is equal to. the current flowing in this solenoid multiplied by area multiplied
by the number of turns in the solenoid this is the way, how we can define the magnetic
moment of this solenoid which behaves as an equivalent bar magnet.

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3 thoughts on “10. Class 12th Physics | Terrestrial Magnetism | A Finite Length Solenoid Behaves as a Bar Magnet”

  1. Daas Daham says:

    Sir if we place a bar magnet inside the solenoid of same mag strength as the solenoid in opposite configuration then will magnetic fields get cancelled out ?

  2. Naina Ramani says:

    Sir if it would have been an infinite solenoid then would it not have behaved in the same manner i.e. like a bar magnet ?Is it due to the fact that magnetic field outside an ideal solenoid is negligible??

  3. Kusum Kardam says:

    Sir where will be North pole here

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