10 Lies You Were Taught At School And Still Believe!


*Music *Música* Hey guys, it’s Wengie, welcome back to my channel, and today I have- Wait, wait! We’ve got something! Hola chicos, aqui Wengie, bienvenidos de vuelta a mi canal, y hoy tengo. ¡Esperen, esperen! ¡Tenemos algo! I got big buns and I cannot lie, you other buns can’t deny, when a unicorn walks in with two big buns, and yep cool all right Tengo grandes bollos y no les puedo mentir, otros bollos no lo pueden negar, cuando un unicornio camina con dos grandes bollos, y todo cool y correcto Bun hugs! ¡Abrazos de bollo! Some of these myths and facts I discovered during the making of this video really blew my mind! Varios de estos mitos y hechos que descubír mientras hacia este video, realmente explotaron mi cabeza! I didn’t even know these before, so I really wanted to share with you guys! Yo ni siquiera sabía esto antes, así que de verdad se los quería compartir chicos! You Gotta tell me down below in the comments box how many of these ten you actually believed Me tienen que decir abajo en la caja de comentarios cuantos de éstos 10 creyeron realmente. For me, like ten out of ten; I believed all of these. Para mi, como 10 de 10; Yo creí en todos estos. Hold up! If you guys aren’t part of the fam yet already, I encourage you guys to join ¡Esperen! Si ustedes chicos todavía no forman parte de la familia aún, les animo a ustedes a unirse click the subscribe button Hagan click en el botón de suscribirse And I’m really excited because we are drawing the winner of the Mac-book air give away Y estoy realmente emocionada porque estamos dibujando el ganador de el concurso de la Mac-book air so (drumroll sound) congratulations to así que (tamboreo) felicidade a… I will talk to you soon Te hablaré pronto and if we can get this video to 130,00 likes that would be amazing Y si en este video conseguimos 130,000 likes, eso sería asombroso without further a-do lets get on with this video lets go. Sin más preambulo vamos con el video. so we’ve all heard that Issac newton discovered his theory of gravity under while sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell on his head but the truth is he was actually never on the head with an apple at all it was only added afterwards probably to make his story how the discovery more entertaining but this is now the story that everyone has now told in school. including myself. I totally believed it so remember this tongue diagram I’m sure that you saw in like sciance or something or biology that maps different tastes of parts of your tounge this diagram points that salty the sweet in the front of your tongue the sour on the sides and the bitter in the back however scientists long proved that these theories are actually incorrect each taste bud is capable of detecting all flavors whether it’s sweet, sour. bitterness, or salty (Like Jeremy Marces) however this myth is still seen in a lot of text books today and I am not sure why so this story goes that Benjamin Franklin discover electricity by flying a kite with a metal key on it during an electric storm and when the kite was struck by lightning and passed through the string and into the key. however there is actually no evidence that he did this at all. the only thing he did was write about an experiment involving a kite which would gather ions during the storm and if he did this and was struck by lightning he probably wouldn’t have survived it makes for a good story tho. so what are the three primary colors red yellow and blue right? this is something we are all told as kids and I still believe this today but it is actually wrong So we are thought that primary colours actually can’t be made by mixing other colors together And through these primary colours, we can produce every other colour. but red and blue actually don’t even meet these criteria. you can make red by mixing yellow and magenta, And you can make blue by mixing magenta with cyan. Colour theorists have worked this out by the end of the 19th century but for some reason never made it into school books today The proof is in your colour printer cartridges They actually come in cyan, yellow, and magenta which are the true primary colours. (weird mind smoke) So I’m pretty obsessed with the show Vikings and they’re commonly drawn in cartoons and movies as having horned helmets However, this is actually generally not the case So apparently they were fantasised as being violent adventures who wore horned or winged helmets But in actual fact, archaeological evidence shows that they’re more likely to be wearing simple leather headwear or none at all So it’s a common belief that the great Egyptian pyramids were built by slaves But a recent discovery actually found that this was not true apparently inside the pyramids there were tombs built for people that were working on them They were respected for their work so much that those who died during construction were bestowed with the sacred honour of being buried in the tomb next to their pharaoh And if they were slaves they would not have received such an honourable burial

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