10. Wafer Silicon-Based Solar Cells, Part I


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11 thoughts on “10. Wafer Silicon-Based Solar Cells, Part I”

  1. Asaad Abdulla says:

    رائع جدا very good

  2. M R says:

    Tonio Buonassisi, I've enjoyed this lecture. It is always a pleasure to watch someone who is passionate about the subject they are teaching and they know it well. Thank you for the presentation.

  3. Yuan Zhao says:

    why should I pay for college tuition?

  4. ErickCartman069 says:

    Amazing lecture !

  5. Heron Cortizo says:


  6. Evgen Mozolevski says:

    I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Avasva website and I'm ready for do it 😀

  7. Evgen Mozolevski says:

    Just look and learn much more about it from Avasva website.

  8. Shannon Gibson says:

    I made it by myself. I used Avasva solutions for that.

  9. amir khan says:

    The lecturer sounds like a robot. Unnecessary information and jargon = nonsense. 1st meaningful information is at 6:11 – rationale… If the lecturer cuts out garbage, he will have less to deliver and more time to make it clear and simple. For example at 6:13 he mentions 'lower intrinsic carrier concentration.' What does it mean?

  10. amir khan says:

    At 6:31 he mentions 'a boost to the PV industry.' I am here to learn about solar WAFER, not what gives boost to PV industry. Lecturer throws in a lot of garbage.

  11. amir khan says:

    At 6:34 he says the number of $50 billion is outdated. True number is $100 billion. So, his number, which has nothing to do with the science of Solar wafer itself, is only out by 100%. Apparently, the number changes so fast that he did not have time to type '$100 billion.'

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