14 Amazing Facts About Sri Lanka No One Will Tell You


Pearl of the Orient, Ceylon, Teardrop of India
– whatever you call Sri Lanka, one thing is true about it: this beautiful country has
unique traditions you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Coconut smashing, full
moon celebrations, and hotels without beds – these are just a drop in the bucket! Let’s
count down from: 14. Celebrating the full moon
Every single full moon (or “Poya”) is officially a public holiday, which makes Sri
Lanka the #1 country in the world when it comes to frequency of holidays. Each of these
monthly Poyas has its own name, and the dates obviously change every year. This tradition
is a way to commemorate important events in Buddhism. For example, the January Poya is
celebrated to remember the first of Buddha’s 3 visits to Sri Lanka, and the one in May
celebrates his birthday, enlightenment, and achievement of Nirvana. 13. Shaking their head as a sign of agreement
If you ask someone in Sri Lanka if the weather’s going to be good today and they start shaking
their head, it doesn’t mean a thunderstorm is on its way. It’s quite the opposite – it
means “Yeah, it’ll be a nice day!” (in the context of this example, of course). In
fact, Sri Lankans don’t just shake their head but “waggle” it by making a figure
8 in the air. A short waggle is also a way of saying “hey” to a passerby, and a more
energetic one means “yes”. It’s not easy to get the movement down just right,
so you better practice! 12. One word for many emotions
The Sri Lankan “aiyo” is a peculiar slang word. It’s been officially acknowledged
by the Oxford dictionary, but putting a definition to it isn’t quite as easy as you’d think.
If you ask 10 locals what it means, you’ll most likely get 10 (or more) different answers!
“Aiyo” is super versatile and can express anything from joy to sorrow, pity to disgust,
and awe to anger. So whenever you’re talking to a Sri Lankan, throw a casual “aiyo”
and they’ll be impressed! 11. Beethoven means breakfast time!
If you go to Sri Lanka, you’ll hear Beethoven’s “Für Elise” in the streets every morning.
Bread trucks (or “tuk tuks”) have chosen it as their anthem for some reason. In any
case, when locals hear the tune, they know the bakery-on-wheels is making its way through
the neighborhood! Kind of like “turkey in the straw” in the US for the neighborhood
ice cream truck. 10. The birthplace of cinnamon
Now, it might’ve been made popular by the ancient Egyptians, but the first cinnamon
in the world comes from the central hills of Sri Lanka. The island is still the #1 cinnamon
exporter in the world, and there are 8 types of it in the country. So next time you spice
up your meals or coffee with some cinnamon, don’t forget to thank the Sri Lankans! 9. March Madness
Cricket is more than just a sport in Sri Lanka – it’s a way of life! And, of course,
a favorite pastime for millions, from school kids to their grandparents! While everyone
in the States is going crazy for basketball, March Madness in Sri Lanka is the time of
the Big Match. Different schools compete to become the big cricket champion, and the whole
country watches. But it’s not just about the competition – the spirit is just so
contagiously inspiring! If you choose March for a visit, you’ll hear chanting, see parades,
and flags everywhere. And if you aren’t that much into cricket, I’m sure you’ll
still enjoy the stage performances, jazz evening, and shopping festivals that are organized
along with the tournament. 8. Eating out only for special occasions
If you’re used to grabbing some lunch with your coworkers or meeting up with friends
at a restaurant on a typical Friday, then I assume you’re not in Sri Lanka. There,
eating out is reserved for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or some other
important milestone. It’s not because they don’t have any restaurants – there are
plenty of those and the food is amazing! It’s just that Sri Lankan moms see cooking as their
privilege and will wake up at 5 a.m. to make lunch-to-go for every family member! 7. Roomless hotels
Imagine this: you’re traveling around Sri Lanka, and after a happily exhausting day
of sightseeing, you walk into a hotel and request a room only to get a smile and a menu
instead. It’s not that the receptionist doesn’t like or understand you – it’s
because not every hotel in Sri Lanka is a place you can sleep at! Quite a lot of restaurants,
cafes, and bars are called “hotels”. No one knows the exact reason for that, but there
is one theory. Some time ago, hotels were the best place to get delicious and beautifully
served food, so they became associated with eating out. Therefore, before you request
a room, make sure the “hotel” you’re at even offers sleeping accommodations! 6. Serious tea business
If you’re an avid tea drinker, chances are you’re sipping on some warm Sri Lankan greetings
every day. The island country is 4th on the list of top tea-exporting countries, making
$721 million in 2018 alone! So, yeah, tea is Sri Lanka’s biggest export, and the industry
employs over a million people. The first tea was brought from China to Sri Lanka by the
British in 1824. And back then, the island was called , which basically became synonymous
for “tea”. Locals have it first thing in the morning and at around 4 p.m. So, at
least 2 cups a day, and there’s no upper limit! 5. Powered by water
Hydropower used to make up over 50% of all the power used in Sri Lanka. And even though
it’s at around 20% now, it’s still impressive! This hydro-powered electricity is possible
thanks to waterfalls, rivers, and abundant rains in the country. 4. The largest Christmas tree in the world
You’d expect some wintery place like Finland to hold this record, but the tallest Christmas
tree in the world was registered by Guinness World Records in Sri Lanka in 2017. It stood
at 236 feet (72 m) tall and was made from metal and wood with 600,000 LED bulbs that
lit it up at night. The tree that looked more like a space ship to many cost the country
about $80,000. 3. Smashing coconuts
No, not pumpkins – coconuts! Any Sri Lankan can break a coconut, and it’s as easy to
them as tying their shoes. Smashing (or “dashing”) a coconut, however, has deep symbolism and
can help you in different situations if you believe in it. They can be positive situations,
like if you want your favorite team to win, or negative ones, like a way to punish an
enemy! There’s even a special dashing ritual for good luck and for bad luck. The main thing
is to not mix the two up! 2. The first country with a female prime minister
In July 1960, Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first female head of government in the
world. She was re-elected twice and remained prime minister until she resigned in 2000
for health reasons. 1. Who to thank for the word “serendipity”
Sri Lanka was once known as “Serendip” to the Arabs and Persians. Back in 1754, English
writer Horace Walpole came across this word in the title of a Persian fairy tale, The
Three Princes of Serendip, and loved it. The princes in that story were able to make lucky
guesses and unexpected but important discoveries. The writer added an ending to the word, and
it’s been widely used in the English language ever since! Hey, would you like to visit Sri Lanka, or
maybe you’ve already been there? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned
something new today, then give this video a like, share it with a friend, and here are
some more cool videos to check out from the Bright Side of life!

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