15. Physics | Terrestrial Magnetism | Earth’s Magnetic Field | by Ashish Arora (GA)

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lets now study about earths magnetic field.
which is also called. geomagnetic field. and the study of characteristic of earths magnetic
field we call it terrestrial magnetism. and about earths magnetic field we can write down
that, it is due to. motion of. molten iron alloys. in the inner core of earth. as we
know that. if a charge particle revolves in a circular path. it is considered as an equivalent
current due to its revolution. and. due to this equivalent current it produces magnetic
field in the surrounding also. these magnetic lines of forces are developed due to the revolution
of charge in its surrounding. similar to this inside the core of earth when molten iron
alloys which are mostly in ionized form. these are revolving due to. gravitational and, geological
reasons. produces magnetic field in the surrounding of earth lets have a look on this situation.
say this our earth. and, we are given, with axis of rotation about which the earth is
rotating. but due to some. geological reasons inside the core of earth the molten iron alloys
are revolving. at some angle to the. axis of rotation or you can say the axis of rotation
of. these revolving particle is slightly tilted at an angle approximately 11 degree. and this
angle is also not a constant it is continuously changing. with time and it is considered after
couple of thousands of years. the axis of. these rotating iron alloys, will get rotated
by 1 80 degree. now in this situation these iron alloy charge particles will behave like
an equivalent current. and it produces a magnetic field in the surrounding of earth just like.
a coil produces. and in this situation these can be considered as, several coils which
are developed due to rotation of these charge particles. so this is the cause of. earths
magnetic field or magnetic field in the surrounding of earth, and the region. in the earth atmosphere
where the magnetic field exist this region we call, or termed as magnaeto-sphere. in
the next section we’ll discuss about, the direction and some characteristics associated
with earths magnetic field.

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