18th Century Energy Drink – Switchel 18th Century Cooking S6E1


Have you ever found yourself on a hot
summer day, you’ve worked hard, you played really hard, and you’re rung out. You really need something to drink, well
today, we’re going to be making a thousand-year-old energy drink that was
popular in the 18th century. Thanks for joining us today on 18th century
cooking with Jas Townsend & Son. So, you know, we really don’t do drinks
very frequently here on the show but we do plan on doing a series on drinks here
in the future. Today the drink we will be making is
called switchel. According to the oxford companion for american food and
drink, switchel is a new england invention;
but others say that switchel actually came from the Caribbean to North
America. Well, it probably more likely, it turns
out, that switchel’s just related to a number of very similar drinks that have
been used or made for a thousand years in various cultures around the
globe. Switchel also goes by the name of
Sitchel, aqua forte, ginger punch, Yankee beverage, and swizzle. This drink is high in potassium, that’s
an electrolyte the body needs especially when you’ve perspired a lot, and this drink
was used for exhausted field hands and sailors alike. Most recipes for switchel are found in
mid 19th century cookbooks, but it’s firmly rooted in eighteenth-century
references also. You can even find very similar drinks used by Roman soldiers to
refresh themselves and the ancient Greeks had a very similar drink that was
called oxemel. This invigorating tonic can be made in several different ways and
it’s very easy to put together. The recipe we’re using today is from a mid
19th century cookbook called “The Skillful Housewife”. I’ll start with a half a gallon of clean
drinking water, to this I’ll add a half a cup of unsulphured molasses, a quarter cup
of apple cider vinegar and a heaping tablespoon full of powdered ginger. Now stir this really well, be sure to use barbados molasses or
light molasses and definitely not a blackstrap molasses that will be much too bitter. Some
of the recipes actually call for the use of maple sugar or maple syrup instead and some of those references to molasses
actually mean maple syrup. Honey makes another great
alternative. That Roman drink, that was
made with honey instead of molasses. Instead of or in addition to the vinegar,
you could use lemon juice or lime juice and that will make a very interesting
variation. Instead of the powdered ginger you could
use a fresh ginger that’s finely minced, but powdered ginger
was a much more common way to find ginger in the 18th century. Ginger was
one of the most common and one of the most inexpensive spices available at the
time. Another great variation to this, would be
to add your daily rum ration right to this drink, that would make a great
version of this! A closely related drink is a popular concoction called shrub,was
various fruit juices, something like that of raspberries or blackberries. sweetened
how you pleased and added to vinegar. We offer a book at Jas Townsend and
son called “Libations of the 18th century”. This does have recipes for switchel, as
well as many other popular drinks at the time. You’ll find a link to this book in
the description below. So many times this drink was placed in a jug and
suspended down into a well or placed in a running stream of water to cool it off
but we’ve all found that when we drink cool things on a hot day can upset our
stomachs, that’s one of the reasons why we believe
that they had added ginger to this drink. Let’s give this a try. Looks good… …you know, it still has the smell of
vinegar, but not very strongly, you know, vinegar’s about the last thing I
ever want to eat or drink but this actually it reminds me a lot of a good
apple cider! It’s very good. I can see why this would
be a very very popular drink especially in hot weather. If you’re new to our youtube channel I
really want to welcome you and don’t forget to subscribe by pressing this
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right to the video. Thank you so much for watching!

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100 thoughts on “18th Century Energy Drink – Switchel 18th Century Cooking S6E1”

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    I've only ever had it once (kombucha), but it wasn't bad… But it had a very apple cider vinegar flavour to it.

    Would be interesting to try.

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  5. Miles C says:

    "It's got electrolytes!" -18th century American

  6. Jorge Noel says:

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