2020 New Year Feminine Energy Makeover


hey everyone its Adrienne Everheart here
with you your feminine energy dating and relationship coach I would love to see a
thumbs up I’m doing a live video just to make sure you can hear me okay if
someone can give me a thumbs up I’m gonna be talking about for 2020 what you
want to do to really give yourself a feminine energy makeover I don’t often
do lifestyle videos because I’m always so busy helping you figure out how to
speak to a man so he really hears your heart and how to solve all your
relationship problems but today I decided to make a little bit more of a
lifestyle video because feminine energy really is a lifestyle decision you can
make for yourself so going into 2020 I want to talk about or in the new year
but really this could be at any time of the year for you and any time of the
year it’s a good time to take a look at some things that you’re doing with your
life and how you can add a little more feminine energy to them and just make
your experience as a woman on this planet something that you really connect
with and not something that you’re so much just up in your head
living day today because we can really get lost in survival mode and not really
living our lives so I’m gonna share some tips with you today and hi everyone
thanks for joining please give me thumbs up if you can hear me okay I’m gonna
share with you some tips that are really gonna go over by body mind and spirit
and now again these are things that I am doing so I want you to you know if you
can reflect from what I’m doing and see if this can resonate in your own life so
one of the first things I did was I organized the apps on my phone now I
know that this doesn’t sound like a very feminine energy thing to do but you have
something like your phone that you look at a hundred times a day
and it is definitely a boy energy sort of device all right because whenever
you’re you know logging into your phone you’re doing things you’re taking action
you see you’re making something happen but I noticed so often I would log into
my you know go into my smart phone and I would just get this frustrated tense
feeling and not really able to pinpoint it and the problem was is that I didn’t
know where everything was at so one of the things I did is I organized the apps
on my phone and and I’m just gonna give you a quick quick just tell you really
quick how I did it because it took me hours I am not joking it took me going
on two hours because I did it all wrong at first but basically what I did is I
have an iPhone I put apps that were like health and wellness apps
I put apps that I use every day two three times a day you know things like
MyFitnessPal if I’m logging my calories or whatever it may be I used that app a
lot so it needed its own folder and then I put all my photo editing apps and I
just put everything in its its own little folder and then I had a lot of
apps that I really didn’t even need I actually didn’t even know what to do
with them I didn’t know what they were there for and I took a few moments to go
through them and just delete all of this clutter out of my life
and get into a new headspace when I go into my phone and this is already
helping me so much just open up my phone I have a nice beautiful clean screen I
know exactly where everything is it feels so good it’s like a breath of
fresh air so moving on to the next thing I did which I you know you know I’m a
big fan of Marie Kondo even before she had her TV show in fact in my VIP
library which is something you get when you get any of my programs one of the
things I wrote about was the power of Kriya
eating space in your life for a man I talk I have a document in the VIP
library that talks about creating space for the man in your life who’s going to
arrive and one of the important things I tell you to do is make space for him in
the closet you want to have actual space for this man because he’s coming nature
abhors a vacuum nature’s gonna fill that spot with someone and it will so have a
bedside table make sure it’s empty where he can put his stuff have a drawer in
your house have space in your closet so moving on is you can imagine one of the
things I did is I went through my closet but it wasn’t just necessarily Marie
Kondo stuff I was doing I wanted to get rid of some things that didn’t feel
feminine to me some clothes I had now I’ve ran into a lot of my fans you know
sometimes live or out and about and I have two styles I have a very very
feminine style and then I have a very boyish sporty style and like for example
you will see me in my videos a lot of times wearing knits
and things that look like they could be long underwear because I stay cold a lot
and I have a very sporty style I’m on my bicycle almost every day but that
doesn’t mean to say that that what I like
doesn’t feel feminine to me I have some really overpriced leggings that feel
like a second skin and I feel very feminine in them so what I did I went to
my closet I encourage you to do the same thing it’s not so much do I like this
does it bring me joy do I feel like a girl do I feel like a girl when I wear
this do I really feel like a girl and if not begin to separate your your closet a
little bit into your boy clothes and your girl clothes and believe it or not
I even have some jewelry like these earrings are very feminine and girly but
I have some jewelry that’s kind of like a little more Punk a little more mask
looking and I wear it on days that I want that little extra push that I need
the the days I wear my stud bracelet are not the days I’m talking to my husband
about some emotional problem I’m experiencing you see so you can actually
have clothes in your closet that give off different vibration different energy
that you may need that day and always have something you’re wearing that makes
you feel like a girl it can be you know your bra and panty set underneath nobody
has to know it’s there underneath your power suit at work or it
could be some cute socks that have a little your favorite little cartoon
character whenever I fly I like to wear my Nickelodeon socks that my mom got me
one year for Christmas just because they’re comforting and they’re comfy and
I take them off and at the airport someone usually saw the comments so I
feel like a girl I don’t feel like a strong masculine boy so clean out your
closets honestly I’m a little bit of a little bit of a clothes hoarder so I
only got rid of about twelve pieces of clothes and some of them were dresses
but I just didn’t feel like a girl in them anymore I didn’t feel feminine okay
now moving on I’m gonna talk about body and this one is one of my favorites I
discovered it recently and that was that I’m just trying to do that one percent
better with my meals and one of the things I’m doing is I’m starting to look
at each meal even if it’s like I want to go have pizza and salad for dinner like
let’s say I want that I’m looking at even pizza and salad differently and
looking where I can level it up because when you’re a goddess on a pedestal and
you’re in your feminine energy you treat your body very well all of us know that
you want to be very attractive to a partner all of us know that attraction
is a very key component in to attracting a high quality man to you it is men are
at first going to view you on a level of attractiveness but beyond
that it’s all up to you girlfriend how you feel about your body I talked to so
many women that are clients of mine that are gorgeous have smoking-hot bodies and
I’m like what is the problem there’s something going on within them so one
way that you can kind of readjust this power is eat food and eat in a way that
really makes you feel feminine that you’re connecting to your inner goddess
so let’s say you do want cheese pizza and a Greek salad and that is something
that you want well look at it from the goddess perspective and what’s really
gonna be good for my body should I really eat all of that feta cheese
should I do maybe half the dressing can I stop at just one slice of pizza
you see level it up now a big one for me is I don’t really eat breakfast so when
it came time for lunch sometimes I wouldn’t you know I would do something
like scrambled eggs I would have my breakfast then well I’ve done things
like go from scrambled eggs to egg whites instead of a whole bagel I eat
half a bagel I’m just finding little ways and what my body needs to have at
mealtimes and you look at that individual meal and see where you can
make an improvement and use your body as a guide as to what feels good for you
because I want is always very different than what lost you guys for a second um
so you want to find what feels good in your body and look at your meals
individually look at your portions individually okay so moving on the next
one and last one is about self help and I am in the business of self help I am
helping you I help women everywhere connect to their feminine energy because
as you know if you follow me I was for so long lost and not knowing how to be a
girl not even knowing that being a girl was important every once in a while I’ll
get somebody who says I just bought your book and I hate
how you’re telling women to talk to men and I always write them back and say
well I’m not telling you to talk to men in a certain way I’m actually just
getting you in touch with what you feel in your body and that’s the big
difference here so the more that you can get in touch with what is going on
inside of your body and shift from what’s he doing for me how is he making
me happy what is he doing and shift it to just
what feels good for me if you’re dating a man that doesn’t call you for two
weeks at a time it’s time to renegotiate the terms and conditions with him
because it doesn’t feel good and you can say to him oh my goodness I’m so excited
to hear you from you but I’m really looking for a regular dating
relationship and I only hear from you like once a month and so I’m gonna be
moving on and that guy will either go okay see ya or he’ll go wait wait wait
wait I’m gonna lose you is that what you’re saying and you’re like yeah I’m
just gonna I want a regular dating relationship it’s a big shift when you
get inside your body so one thing that I’m definitely going to make sure I’m
doing every single month is I subscribe to audible and I have my eyes get tired
after all the email and stuff so I listen to books and I take notes and I’m
gonna just try to really make sure every single month I am going to learn a tool
that’s gonna help me to be a better coach and also a better person to my
husband a better person to myself one that I’m learning right now is all about
empathy and I cannot wait to share it with you all the wonderful tools that
I’m using it reminds me so much of my really really get hem tool which is
where you use empathy to connect with the man and it’s not just about your
needs and if the man is giving you what you want it’s also about like well how
does this feel for you and listening to him really listening to what he’s saying
and having interest and putting away your phone there was a study done
recently that conversations even if a phone
on the table and you’re not looking at it that conversations lack intimacy just
having a phone present so I’m learning all these great tools and I encourage
you make sure you keep developing your mind and seeking out resources that are
going to get you in touch with your mind in your body and your spirit so you will
every day on this planet as much as you can in this busy busy world you can feel
connected and grounded to who you are as a woman all right I’m gonna take a
couple of questions so thank you all for tuning in I love to take a couple of
questions from you and hope my tools have helped you someone just mentioned
that boundaries are really really helping them yes boundaries are all
about you and so often women write me and say my guy is doing this my guy is
doing that and my guy is not doing this and I say well what feels good to you
here you know what’s feeling good for you what is your boundary so any
questions ladies a couple of you have mentioned my ebook 500 ways to talk to a
man it is a book that helps you learn how to get in touch with your body and
speak to your man someone said they wanted to know how
they can heal betrayal well a lot of times I’m so glad you asked that and a
lot of times what betrayal is really about it’s about your trauma and it’s
your trauma and trauma gets stored in your body and associated with trauma is
also guilt shame all sorts of really tricky sticky things and when you are
recovering from abandonment from a partner or cheating or betrayal you have
suffered trauma and you want to get in touch with your body there’s a book out
there called healing trama the author’s last name is living I
really encourage you look more into that and that will be something that I’m
learning more about and I’ll be able to share with you as well so I see a bunch
of questions came in let me just tap this here and go back
and look at them Julie says I’m four years divorced and going to speed dating
what should I wear wear what makes you feel like a woman wear what feels
comfortable and girly to you it feels like setting boundaries make them pull
away and you are darn right it does boundaries can make a man pull away
because oh my goodness all of a sudden you matter all of a sudden what you’re
feeling matters and the guy is so used to getting it his way so he rejects it
at first stand solid and strong in your
boundaries if he doesn’t come around he is not the right man for you very sad
but true and so often a man just gets whipped into shape once a woman really
stands by her boundaries someone says why is feminine energy so hard to stay
in well mmm the fastest answer to that is at some point you were in your
feminine energy you were a little girl but you realized in order to survive you
had to be in your boy energy so this is just really you know that reptilian part
of your brain the fight-or-flight part of your brain that says we want to
survive and the best way for us to survive is by being in our boy energy in
a relationship with a man though survival is up to your boundaries a man
only treats you as bad as you allow him to hopefully you are in an area where if
anything too bad is happening you can get protection police illegal or
otherwise there are women who tune into my videos who are not in Canada or
America or some place where they have rights like that and
my heart goes out to you but still your boundaries are so important even in this
space of the worst possible scenarios so that’s why it’s so hard you have you
know sixteen hundred generations of women before you that have walked this
earth that their sole survival has been dependent upon being nice to a man maybe
your great-grandma didn’t have to be nice to a man to survive but probably so
and that’s even in America and that’s why it’s happening sister and then the
feminists you know movement came along and we flipped it on its back and now
we’re kind of getting it back straight are you being here you’re getting that
back on track that that years of survival that women have had to be nice
to survive to men is in you you have come by it honest don’t worry about it
being hard just make sure when you’re with your guy he’s your protector he’s
gonna protect you and take care of you and if he doesn’t you are like a
mountain on the inside and you can take care of yourself so you see how that is
soft on the outside I need you I need you it’ll be wonderful it feels so good
thank you for helping me you can be soft everything feels good or whatever it
feels or here’s my boundary but then you are like a mountain on the inside you
absolutely know what you will stand for and what you will not stand for that’s
the line in the sand that’s your boundaries last question what are some
boundaries we can use that is such a wonderful question you want to have
boundaries on when and if you have sex with a person in the dating process you
want to have boundaries on whether you’re going to keep communicating with
someone on text or email versus seeing them in person and dating them you want
to have boundaries on what sort of relationship you’re ultimately wanting
to have and how long you’re willing to date versus be in a committed
relationship that’s going nowhere that is a boundary that only you know
for you I give you some guidance if you have any of my programs you have
access to that VIP library I offer you a lot of guidance in there on boundaries
whether that is writing your dating profile that book I have sex sex sex
talks about every possible scenario that you can get in get into and there are
just so many other ways that you can learn your boundaries all right
beautiful beautiful ladies I hope you use these tips and tools and you can
think of your own that are gonna help you really enhance and feel good about
being a woman and having all this wonderful amazing strength you have with
your boy energy but also the ability to feel and empathize unlike any any other
guy out there that’s your gift to this world and use it wisely and use it with
yourself all right everybody I look forward to hearing from you in the
comment sections and sending you much love today and always thanks for tuning
in and please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video bye-bye

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  41. avgonyma1 says:

    Feminine lifestyle:
    1. Organize apps on your phone. (In order not to be tense because of not finding things on the phone. Put into folders and delete clutter. )
    2. the power of creating space in your life for a man. Make space for him in the closet (Marie Kondo). Have a bedside table, draver, closetspace for him.
    3. Sort out clothes that don't make you feel feminine. Separate your clothes and jewelery into feminine and masculine. Always wear sth that makes you feel like a girl. (It can be worn onder the clothes).
    4. Body: do 1% better with your meals. Treat your body very well, and want to be attractive to the man. But also to feel well. Eat food and eat in a way that und will connect you to a greek godess.
    5. Self help: Adrienne was for so long lost, didn't know being a girl was important.
    Shift to "how does it feel inside?" Not "what is he doing for me?" . Every month learn one skill to be a better coach. Give a man empathy. How does it feel for you, have interest, listen to him.
    Get in touch with your mind, body and spirit.

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