21. Physics | Electrostatics | Electric Force on Charges in Electric Field | by Ashish Arora (GA)

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let us study the electric force on charges
in electric field. as we already discuss that electric field vector is defined as, force.
per unit positive charge. in electric field. a unit positive charge experiences a force
denoted by e vector. say in a region in electric field, e vector exist. so in this situation
i am drawing the direction of electric field in the region. and if i place a charge plus
q over here. so if e is the force on a unit positive charge the net force on the charge
q can be written as, f and it’ll be equal to q-e. and force on the positive charge will
be experienced in the direction of electric field only, in similarly if we place a charge
minus q in the region of electric field it experiences force f vector , which is q-e
vector in the direction opposite to the electric field but the magnitude is given by q-e only.
so always keep this note in your mind. for various application that , positives charges,
in electric field, experiences force. in the direction of electric field vector. and negative
charges. experiences a force . in direction. opposite to electric field vector , various
application will use the concept . although in definition of electric field we already
stated the same.

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