3 Life Changing Science Fair Discoveries


This episode of DNews is brought to you by
the U.S. Air Force. The scientific method is so good it can turn
a 13 year old who left bananas on the counter into an international celebrity! Every year, Google partners with other global
companies and invites kids from all over the world to showcase their science prowess at
the Google Science Fair and the 2014 winners were announced Monday night! I love the Google
Science Fair but it makes me feel super lazy. It’s open to 13-18 year old students who perform
an experiment following the scientific method… they just have to upload a video to explain
it! This year, the grand prize winner is a group
of gals from Ireland! Ciara (Kira) Judge, Emer Hickey, and Sophie Healy-Thow spent three
years exploring the warts on a pea plant. Weird, I know, but good science has humble
beginnings. The three students were learning about the global food crisis in school, and
found the pea plant’s warts contained rhizobia bacteria; which benefit the plants by creating
ammonia and fixing nitrogen which helps the plants grow. These young scientists figured, if rhizobia
helped pea plants it might help others too! They applied the rhizobia to wheat, oats and
barley and increased germination rates by 50 percent and crop yields by 75 percent!
That’s HUGE! And that was three years ago when they were only 13. Since then they’ve
applied the rhizobia to 13,000 seeds and created a control field in their hometown with another
3,600 seeds. Yet another example of the microbiome of a plant revolutionizing farming without
chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The bacteria help by reducing the amount of rot that naturally
happens to plant roots in wet climes, like Ireland! The 17-18 age group global winner, Haley Todesco
of Canada, created an experiment to see if her method could better clean oil from sand.
Imagine that, trying to clean toxic waste from oil sands extraction. Oil sands are a
mixture of sand, clay, water, and petroleum. Companies are learning to extract the petroleum
from the sand and clay, but the byproduct is highly toxic and is usually left in reservoirs
do detoxify for centuries. Haley grew up in a part of Alberta where these
toxic reservoirs are fairly common. She wanted to find a way to solve the problem. She drew
inspiration from European sewage systems of the 19th century, and created bacteria based
biofilms that would eat the acids in the oily byproduct. She spent two years working on
the filtration system and her hard work paid off. The bioreactors she created are cheap
and work fourteen times better than the ones in use today. This project will shorten the
time it takes to detoxify the ponds from “centuries to decades,” she said. The third global winner is from the United
States // USA USA USA // Mahir Garimella’s family went on vacation and returned to a
house full of fruit flies! Their mistake proved fruitful, as Mahir noticed the flies brains
were incredible at 3D navigation and dodging their attempts to capture them! That’s amazing!
A 1 billion neuron mammal can’t grab a 1,000 neuron insect? Eureka! Let’s learn from this!
From there, 14-year-old Mahir designed a flying robot based on the cognition of these fruity
flies. He designed a visual module inspired by the flies’ and created algorithms for the
robot’s propellers to mimic the escape behaviors of these tiny pests. Practically speaking, the work these kids
are doing could quite literally change the world, they could grow more food, clean up
after dirty energy collection, and help create stable, affordable flying robots for commercial
and industrial application. Their inspiration came from everyday things, from school and
from their own silly mistakes… like accidentally leaving bananas on the counter during a vacation.
Science can from from anywhere, and from anyone. Don’t think I didn’t notice that 4 of the
six winners were girls. Nice job ladies, we need your science brains too! These were just
three of the dozens of projects from all over the world. Olfactory alarm clocks, computers
that help mute people speak, projects to protect orangutans, power generation, agriculture,
engineering… these kids are the future, and it’s awesome. The U. S. Air Force has an eye on the future,
too. I wanna give a quick shout out to them for making this possible. Fun fact: Air Force
was the first to break the sound barrier in 1947! And has been breaking new barriers in
science and technology ever since. So did you ever join a science fair? What
was your project? I did a thing about Earthquakes, and made a diorama and everything! It was
fun, but nothing quite as involved as all this.
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100 thoughts on “3 Life Changing Science Fair Discoveries”

  1. Abdulaziz Albathali says:

    My parents did an experiment … the result : Me 

         Congrats World  *stand up slowly* congrats indeed * clap slowly*

  2. Tom Ato says:

    I tested the effects of using different liquids other than water to water plants diet coke was the best it worked better than water!!!

  3. Troy Petryk says:

    I love Science fairsbut they got canceled in my town so we can't do them anymore

  4. ZiePeregrine says:

    I made a working high-bypass turbofan engines. On my 12 th 🙂 plus i showed them the inside with diagrams for the amount of fuel and oxydan vs the amount of force

  5. Merissa Hatch says:

    As a kid I always wanted to attend a science fair. But the nearest one was a few hundred miles away. I still think my town should have one.

  6. Panduh 13ear says:

    This makes me stupid

  7. tkzsfen says:

    have i visited a science fair? if they  serve beer there, yes i would with great pleasure!

  8. Edgar Paniagua says:

    Where do they learn robotics from? They don't teach that where I'm from!

  9. brandon says:

    why you hate the military? theyre just a tool of the president and congress doin their job to feed their families. blame ring leaders not hard working americans and just so you know military get paid shit for the most part.

  10. Hellsconsort says:

    Such awesome topics, best in months, spoiled by military sponsorship.

  11. Gemeral dis says:

    May the Gods bless Rhizobia

  12. Jon Radtke Jr says:

    All I heard was "can", tell me when this happens first because its useless to society if we dont continue with projects like this.

  13. Peter Ron Boström says:

    Focking awesome!! Smart kids indeed.

  14. Peter Ron Boström says:

    Focking awesome!! Smart kids indeed.

  15. Sune leick jepsen says:

    and I'm just sitting here

  16. inahat89 says:

    Wow the first two are amazing

  17. Patrick Jensen says:

    Wait a second… is this episode sponsored by the goverment? o.o

  18. Tyr Myrmidon says:

    I wish I was dat smart.

  19. page394 says:

    Yahh I discovered that cold water is colder than warm water

  20. MrPhiltri says:

    now i feel dumb as hell

  21. DarkCyborg says:

    usa only broke the sound barrier because they stole designs from the UK (Air craft designs)

  22. rother011 says:

    I did a project on the effects of ice on food

  23. Luwang Ningthou says:

    I made a bomb while i was in school with amonium cyanide.

  24. ChromeOCE says:

    When i was 9 I had a science project to make a robot I made a walker with a small motor 9 sticks and 8 bar grips and a camera it looked like this➗➗◼️➗➗

  25. Coastfog says:

    It's not just a Subaru, it's the frickin Air Force.

    That's pretty weak, you know? You should reconsider who to lie in bed with ad-wise. Partners with huge interests – that might negatively influence your credibility in certain topics.

  26. Florin Adrian says:

    "Flying robots for commercial and industrial applications"? Why stop there? – that US kid invention seems immediately useful for smarter evasive manœuvres by MILITARY aircraft and drones.

  27. Sean Watson says:

    Tomorrow you'll tell us to smoke? I kid, love your show!

  28. DieFunBoyz says:

    "Sponsored by the AriForce" Like What the actual fuck O.o

  29. MLG_YourMom says:

    in Germany: everyone who is in "collage" will have his first scientific experiment including the documentation of it written and will get a grade for it. i will have mine written during the next year and it is going to be about the best possible way to disign a website so that you will klick on the right spots (the design will lead your hand movement)

  30. jutiajulia says:

    I feel so stupid right now…

  31. Yuiki Snow says:

    i suck at making new things and stuff like that, or even thinking of how to make it (like that robot) i just cant so for them to figure out all that, props to them o-o

  32. shallbetterdj says:

    The sound barrier was not broken by the US air force.  The Nazis did such with V2 ballistic missiles during world war II.  They were also the first to have turbojets on the Meserschmits.  I do not recall weather they were able to break the sound barrier with those.  If the US air force has claim to anything breaking the sound barrier it may be something large enough to house a human.  but the sound barrier is broken by other objects quite frequently.  Take for example a bullet.  The gunshot sound is actually the bullet breaking the sound barrier.  A silencer on the barrel physically reduces the speed to just below the speed of sound thus eliminating the supersonic blast. But even a horse whip breaks the sound barrier.  the flick from the wrist of the whipper gets transferred exponentially through the whip and into the very tip which is by that time traveling beyond the speed of sound and that same supersonic blast occurs.  Interesting fact about bullets.  If you are hit from a long enough distance by a bullet the bullet will reach you before the gunshot sound will.  But in all honesty the first object to break the sound barrier was a bull whip and they have been around a whole lot longer than any jet aircraft.   

  33. OverthereLook says:

    Man.. I'll kick the shit out of these kids.. They ain't smart. They just got lucky. Im no hater.

  34. Hassan Mahmood says:

    A car that works on comprised air

  35. Carolus Rex says:

    Dear DNews, you just(or might have always) made your "science" politically biased… since you keep spouting about USA and youre sponsored by the US air force

  36. pezaventura says:

    That Indian American kid is insanely smart! 

    anyways about the sound barrier, I just broke the fart barrier after eating some Chipotle for lunch. 

  37. Jason Dang says:

    These kids make me feel bad about myself

  38. darkheat246 says:

    This comment is full of ignorance; funny how you go from talking about science to hating America. You don't like it? Then leave go enjoy being gang raped in india and then being made into artistic scene for a museum. Go to West and central Africa where they'll kill you over little things or where we'll be to help cure you of Ebola. Go to the Syria and other part's of the mid east where they'll publicly behead you and say your same words now on a video camera against America. I like you're all using your freedom of speech to speak your opinion glad to see we're doing our jobs right.

  39. Luccik K says:

    It's fascinating that teenagers can come up with such things… what are all grown up dudes in science are doing than?

  40. tersa1000 says:

    So they took and old discovery and rediscovered it. WOW!

  41. Dennis Heintz says:

    My Science Fair project was:
    How people react to Flaapy Bird

  42. xanatosking01 says:

    My science fair project was the study of air pressure using a newspaper and a ruler and how I could break the ruler using the newspaper

  43. Zach Crawford says:

    What these kids do is awesome. That being said most people should not feel bad or lazy that they haven't achieved similar feats by this age. Most of these kids have leg up in society due to their parents wealth and or connections. 

  44. Zach Crawford says:

    The U.S.A. air force? Wow, sellouts.

  45. Isabella Melgara says:

    I did an experiment on how colored plastic affected the growth and development of plants. I only got honorable mention because it needed to be more complex and I literally freaked out during judging process. -__- I have been looking at all the amazing projects kids have done throughout the years and I've become so inspired. I want to try it again and hopefully invent something that will have a huge impact on the environment.

  46. Anahi Camacho says:

    These kids make me feel really lazy…… i consider myself intelligent but they make me look like a potato next to the (THEY'RE FREAKING AWESOME!!)

  47. Adas Tenkie says:

    pfft, nationalist.

  48. Ben’s Edits says:

    Anyone wanna be my friend?

  49. Tangerine Farmer says:

    This will blow GMO's out of the water.

  50. rickbraamhaar says:

    ISIS will sponsor next time

  51. ChemicalExplosions says:

    I tested the effects of different concentration of acids commonly cited in acid rain on several types of building materials as well as a few others to determine which would degrade less over time. I have also done an analysis of the innervation of mouse hearts in an attempt to determine when and how the nerves develop. As mice are very similar to humans, especially during development, I could then predict how a human heart might develop and relate this to several congenital heart defects. I never got to finish the last one though.


    wow the intelligence and the PATIENCE these kids have is amazing …

  53. Chris Morose says:

    These kids are so amazing!!

  54. Antonio Adame says:

    Im not a teen exactly,… im 19, but my science fair thing would be an internship at Cal state. I worked on synthesizing dialkyl phenyl phosphates as potential inhibitors of an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, as a potential drug for the fight against Alzheimers. I am not winning any prizes though, for my work was too slow and I only developed two (but didnt finish purifying the second before my time ran out).

  55. Candy Floss says:

    Wow! these are some amazing kids.

  56. Corner Universe says:

    Chakita banana must be so proud

  57. Syth .Mog says:

    I love it! Please post more news like this!

  58. Evan Brown says:

    The reason I love these kid scientists is because they cant be corrupted, their mind set focuses on morals.

  59. ZachBrownVlogs says:

    Don't read the comments on youtube.

  60. degen83 says:

    Wow, that was one of the best episodes I've seen.  Good job!

  61. Casey Harness says:

    There's a lot of hate about this episode being sponsored my the Air Force and little conversation about the actually video? The Air Force isn't some scare entity, it's full of Americans that want to serve.

  62. kaleigh frase says:

    Why do we want to move when hearing music? ( babies, animals)

  63. Steff J says:

    this makes my science fair project sound lame :/
     i was developing an anti-tick formula using Neem leaves…u know…cause my dogs get ticks lol

  64. Littlebox cat says:

     Self aware AI that can dodge humans like bugs …. this can only end humanity hilariously. The future is either bright or terrifying.  I vote for both. All hail our AI overlords.

  65. friebender says:

    Kill me…

  66. MoonFryer says:

    I really don't find being funded by the military disgraceful. Most people fail to understand the weight that a military contributes to its country. In its core it exists to protect the citizens and nation's interests–INTERESTS. Billions of dollars are spent on research with weapons, it is the of shoot of these weapons that make our daily living more comfortable(BEST EXAMPLE is NUCLEAR POWER). Military funding is what justifies investigatory research not just a gamble investment.

    FOR ATHEISTS, if aliens exists and we decided to lag our military research by displacing its funds purely for philanthropic goals we'd be conquered in seconds. 

    FOR People with religion, how are we supposed to protect ourselves from extremist groups such as ISIS and etc. If the sole purpose of their organization is war, then a group such as ISIS would place funding for weapons and ammos. Countries would not be protected 

  67. SystemRichie says:

    Bananas are berries. 

  68. coco wally says:

    I did a project with a friend about tooth decay. we put teeth into a bath of chemicals (soft drinks). the cocacola sprite and pepsi all reacted with the tooth, eating away at it. we weighed the teeth before and after. the teeth all lost 0.1+ grams of weight. the soft drinks eat your teeth !! 

  69. Tavi6233 says:

    Only science project I really remember is for the 3rd grade science fair I built a Morse code transmitter.  The only reason I remember this is probably the fact that I used it for the school science fair 3 years in a row, nobody ever noticed.

  70. Deep Doubts bout U says:

    This is depressing .

  71. queenofdramatech says:

    My science fair project won first place in the school science fair back in 2003. Our school had science literature on the bermda triangle. It said that the present theory was that ships were sinking due to methane pockets under the sea floor coming to the surface and creating a vacum sinking the ships. So, I took a fish tank, filled it with water, weighted down a baloon with air in, and floated a dollar store toy boat on top. The ship sank like a rock. I think what impressed the judges was that I used school maerials lol. But it got first place and also showed that achemedies was right. An object emersed in fluid is bouyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object!

  72. Phalhell says:

    My science project was to review a plants growth on sun/regular light. Ofcourse the plant with more sun turns out to be healthier. But hey, i found out that plants with thicker leaves live longer with less sun

  73. Stammer6 says:

    Props to Google for having such a cool Science Fair idea. That's really going to get these great ideas some international attention, and hopefully get more young people interested in science.

  74. Fausto Moh says:

    I'm just here playing games and watching youtube videos lol

  75. Lemonz1989 says:

    I remember my science classes at age 13… It was an agonizingly monotonous and boring load of crap, done by a crusty old man that thought it was fun to make creepy jokes about "not having seen [insert name]'s behind yet" (meaning [insert name] had to write on the blackboard at said moment).

    However, high school science was awesome. 🙂 I had the best teacher ever, and she made me want to get an education in molecular biology… I just wish I would have had that teacher throughout my entire early science classes – now I just can't help feeling like I'm years behind in my knowledge on different science subjects.

  76. Darryl Llanura says:

    Does that mean we are less likely to eat insects in the future or are insects still the food of the future?

  77. jose nava says:

    of faster more powerfull guns power by google

  78. Alejandro Marquez says:

    Knowing teenagers are making these discoveries, it makes me wonder what I've done with my life -_-

  79. Cybertronicify Productions says:

    4th Grade i made a homemade motor. No not the simple kind. A motor that has commutators and brushes. Should of made a BLDC but ehh, back then too expansive to control.

  80. Alberto Progida says:

    what am i doing with my life

  81. mistersirisaacnewton says:


  82. JKopter says:

    i made a hot air balloon which could carry the then 50kg (110 pound) me over a space of 1km (0.62 miles) using stuff i found around the house

  83. Owen says:

    Please stop using the word chemical like all things are not made of chemicals. Everything is made of chemicals. Human beings are made of chemicals. Implying otherwise is really unscientific.

  84. AkatsukiLoverX3 says:

    …God I love science.
    And…Maybe I'm too harsh on kids. They aren't stupid; they aren't as silly as they seem….Because great things DO come from them. I needed this reminder. Nice. 🙂

  85. kokocipher says:

    I know what barrier Air Force had broken today, the debt ceiling.

  86. Aubatron says:

    For my science fair, I tested the strength of different styles of bridges. Was pretty boring, wish I had came up with something better.

  87. TheWalkingLego TWL says:

    whoa that one kid from USA goes to my school

  88. lolmymag says:

    In 7th grade, I don't even remember what it was supposed to be initially, but my friend and I did a science fair project that basically became "why it's really hard to do science when your fish keep dying." We got literally nothing done and wrote our paper about how we were really sorry and we tried but they just refused to live and it wasn't our fault we swear. We got a C.

  89. Kishen Rao says:

    Knowing this just tells something in my mind;
    What were you doing this whole time!!! Now you might be just too late!!! You're 15!!!
    And that boy who invented the drone is 14!!!
    Why I did not find about these things a long time ago???

  90. Storm Silvawalker says:

    And my project requires 800,000 Volts to run but if I could get it it would be a fully electric jet with no moving parts

    And yes miniaturization has been attempted however the result was fire and a bullet like projectile

  91. Aditya Thakur says:

    Science has no USAs…

  92. Hossaindidar65 says:

    we the childrens of bangladesh cannot join google science fair only because their parents don't want that they should go to any kind of a show like this because they think its a waste of time

  93. Neil Bardeskar says:

    we are a group of boys from India and our project for the science project was electricity from garbage. we are still researching on it

  94. Tomalika Shimu says:

    I need a science project for national competition in our country,Banglades..
    Give me a idea please in my email not in public

  95. ROBERT RANDALL says:

    not a fan

  96. technical india says:

    I will take part this year

  97. Waiting Broadcast says:

    Read more

  98. CoolMaryRoz says:

    I’m in a science fair doing how does vitamin D affect our health and I’m seeing how our bodies process it

  99. Jonathan Chew says:

    The only american kid that won was indian, dont get cocky you americans

  100. Ruqia Fadel says:


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