3. Physics | Terrestrial Magnetism | Magnetic Induction in Reference to Magnetic Poles (GA)

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let us now study, the magnetic induction in
reference to magnetic poles. till now we have studied that. using biosavart law we can find
out the magnetic induction in the surrounding of a current carrying conductor. lets discuss
here, the magnetic induction in surrounding of magnetic poles. about which we can state
that. a magnetic pole. produces. magnetic field in its surrounding. and in this region.
if any other pole is placed. a force. is experienced by, this is the same phenomena. in which we
defined electric field. in the surrounding of a charge. similar to that here we define
magnetic induction also. that force experienced. by a unipole, that is we are considering hypothetically
there is an isolated magnetic pole which we call as unipole. of unit pole strength. at
any point. in space. gives the magnetic induction. at that point. and theoretically for measurement
we can use a very small magnitude. unipole which is generally considered as test pole.
and here we are also considering a unipole which is considered to be a north pole which
is analogous to positive charge in magnetic field. like for example in a region if electric
field, is equal to e vector. then at a point if we place a charge q. positive charge q
it experiences a force. in the direction of electric field. and if it is placed at point
p we can write that electric field strength at point p is given as the force experienced
by the charge divided by the charge. and for precise and accurate analysis we consider
a test charge. now similar to this if in a region a magnetic induction exist which is
given as b vector. and here at a pint p we place a magnetic north pole which is having
a pole strength m. then we say the north pole experiences a force in the direction of magnetic
induction just like the positive charge experience in electric field. and in this situation the
magnetic induction at point p is given as the same force. per unit, magnetic pole this
m n. you can also consider it m-n-not which is the notation for a test, magnetic pole.
similar to electric field where we consider a positive charge. produces electric line
of force in its surrounding. away from it. and a negative charge produces. electric field
in its surrounding such that electric lines of forces are directed into the charge. similar
to this-this is theoretical case. because practically, magnetic lines can never originate.
but if unipole is considered in existence we can say that a north pole produces magnetic
induction in its surrounding. just like a positive charge away from it. and a south
pole produces magnetic field in the surrounding. in such a way that every point in surrounding.
magnetic field, lines are radially into it. practically the phenomena of magnetic induction
is valid but phenomena of magnetic line of force can never be realized in nature as.
unipole can never exist, but how. magnetic lines of forces exist in the surrounding of
a bar magnate you already seen. now we’ll analyze it in more detail. in continuation
we can discuss about the force, of magnetic field on magnetic poles. which is also similarly
explained like the force on electric charges. say if in a region a uniform electric field
e exist. you know that in this situation at any point if we place a charge plus q. then
the charge experiences a force f is equal to q-e in the direction of electric field.
and if at any point if we place a charge minus q it experiences a force opposite to the direction
of magnetic field that is of magnitude q-e. similar to this if in a region a uniform magnetic
field exist, which is having, magnitude of magnetic induction b. at any point if we place
a magnetic pole with pole strength, m, and if it is of nature north pole. then similar
to this situation we can see that the pole experiences a force. m-b in the direction
of, magnetic induction. and if there is a pole which is of pole strength m and it is,
nature of south pole. then it experiences a force which is opposite to the direction.
of magnetic field and it is of magnitude m-b only. so here we can see that. in case of
electric field if we talk about, behavior of. positive charge. in electric field, it
is. similar to the. behavior of. north pole. in magnetic induction vector. and similarly
we can talk about behavior of negative charge in electric field. is equivalent to behavior
of a south pole. in magnetic field. so you just remember. in coming topics also there
is lot many characteristics of magnetic poles and magnetic induction will relate. with those
of charges in electric field.

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