4H Renewable Energy Camp

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[Music] That’s an energy-rich substance that we
really don’t know exactly what we should do. 4-H Discovery Camp is a one week learning opportunity for youth to come to campus and learn about the exciting science behind
bio-energy and bioengineering. Particularly in this state we have abundant resources around us. Agriculture is certainly profound and growing our
economy and really, as an institution, as a
university, as a state, we’re looking at new ways on how we can provide energy and economic growth. We’ve got viles of biodiesel that we will give each of you. A lot of youth today don’t have the science standards. Our test scores are lower and we’re trying to do our best to try
to enhance interest in science, particularly at early ages. We find out through hands on experiences if we can get kids out there, get excited about science early, they’re more likely to take science classes in school and more likely to pursue it in post secondary education. So we want to bring activities that are fun,
exciting, and engaging because a lot of times they have ideas of what a
scientist is: it’s somebody kind of boring in a white coat. No, we can go out there and
really explore what scientists at this university are all about. See first hand what they’re doing, how
exciting it is, and hopefully propel that interest and excite them to pursue it later
on in their academic careers. In this state, not only automotivally but naturally resources and agriculture sectors are
really robust and diverse. So we have an opportunity in this state,
far out-reaching other options that other states may have, to really say what other
energy sources do we have. What type of research can we have?
Green energy and can we explore those and right here at this university we’ve got some leading scientists to do just that. So, to bring students to us and say let’s
explore this new and exciting area that could transform Michigan, that can transform the economy of
energy and where we receive our energy and see how it’s done right here. This is
a cutting-edge thing. This is exciting for kids. It’s interesting to kids and we
want to come and bring them to Michigan State
University and show them that this is real today and this is something
that they can be a part of that and be leaders. The next generation of engineers and
scientists to lead us forward. [Music]

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