5. Class12 Physics| Terrestrial Magnetism | Magnetic Dipole Moment of a Bar Magnet |Ashish Arora(GA)


let us now study about the magnetic dipole
moment of a bar magnet. now, in case of a bar magnet we can say. here there are 2 magnetic
poles separated by some distance one is north pole other is south pole. and north pole we
can denote will be of, pole strength plus m and south pole we can write it minus m.
although there are no standard conventions for placing sign for the pole strength but.
as we have discussed that north pole behaves identically with. a positive charge in electric
field and south pole behaves similar to negative charge in electric field here just for reference
i have placed signs. and if the separation between the 2 poles. is d. the situation is
similar to. an electric dipole which is made up of charges plus q and minus q which are
separated by distance d. in this situation we defined the dipole moment of. the system
of 2 charges fixed at a separation d it is given as q d vector and the direction is given
from negative charge to positive charge this is the direction of p vector. similarly for
bar magnate we defined. magnetic dipole moment. or it is also termed as, magnetic moment.
of a bar magnet. and for a bar magnet. similar to this situation magnetic moment is written
as it is denoted by mu vector which is given as. the product of any magnitude, of pole
strength. with the separation between the 2. so mu vector is written as m-d vector and
similar to this case here the direction of magnetic moment vector. is given from south
pole to north pole this is the, direction of mu vector. and you can say its unit is
measured in, amp-ere meter square because we know that pole strength is measured in
amp-ere meter and d is in meter. so its. Magnitude, is m-d and units used are amp-ere meter square.
we have discussed abut magnetic dipole moment or magnetic moment of a bar magnet because.
in coming sections we are going to use many. properties related to the magnetic moment
of a bar magnet.

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  1. Jerome says:

    This video is nonsense. There is no such thing as the distance d between two magnetic poles. Magnetic monopoles do not exist, and m has no physical meaning other than "magnetic dipole moment per unit of length".

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