$587.58 For The Utility Bill! Of Course Roommates Refused To Pay! PG&E


– Another day, another
dollar, witch’ ya homeboy, Jermaine. And, gettin’ this vlog started off. Hmm, yeah, let’s get this video started. Just picked up a UberEATS order. It’s actually double orders. And I’m pretty stoked. By the time I got to this city, there was still boost earnings going on. Both of these are 1.6 boost surge. I was hoping to get one
of the 2.3 boost surges but you guys know how that works. Just knocked out both
of those UberEATS orders and, what, it was a grand
total of 20 dollars, 21 dollars and 42 cents, not bad, not bad. The boost earnings
really help out for that. You guys already know it’s Caviar time and it’s 10:30, I’ve
already picked up a order. I’m actually about to drop this order off in maybe three or four minutes. And, then, I’ll have to
complete two more orders before 11:30 so I can
get that 15 dollar bonus. Nice, back over here in
Pacific Heights, about to pick up one more order. I really wanted this one
to turn in to batch orders but, you know, you can’t get
batch orders all the time. I sure wish you could, though. Good news, or bad news,
the next deliveries goin’ in this building. Awesome, I didn’t even
have to go upstairs. For some reason, the
messenger guy would not let me take the food upstairs. I guess the company’s
name wasn’t on the list. So, the customer came
all the way downstairs, picked the food up, and,
yeah, that worked out great. Now I’m back at the car, off
to pick up another order. Looks like I’ll make that a,
you know, the 15 dollar bonus. On the way to this next pick up now. The falafel spot is on the
way and I’ve already called, placed my order. So cross my fingers I can just
drive by there real quick, jump outta the car, pick up
the food, jump back in the car, and then ride over to the
restaurant and pick up the order that I need to deliver. Ye-yeah. Just picked Caviar order up number three and it is super chilly out
there, it’s just windy. I think it’s just this
location I am downtown. Nice, just dropped that order off and I’m not on another order right now and I’m also on the schedule. What’s the difference
between being on scheduling and being off scheduling? I don’t exactly know. I can’t really tell a difference. I was always told that if
you sign up for shifts, you have priority. But, once again, it, I
don’t know, it’s really hard to prove that. Just dropped that Caviar order off and on the way to pick up
an UberEATS order right now. Just dropped that UberEATS
order off and it just seems like around lunchtime,
UberEATS can be kinda slow. Now, on the weekends,
that’s a whole ‘nother story and also, during dinnertime,
that’s a whole ‘nother story. But, it just seems like
it’s always a bit slow. Like, I got Caviar on. There’s way more requests
poppin’ up on Caviar than UberEATS. All right, so where did
I leave off at last? I don’t know if I was
doin’ a Caviar delivery or UberEATS delivery. Now, I’m on the bay bridge
heading back to the east bay. Pretty much got a cell
phone repair at Starbucks and I’m gonna just knock that one out and then I’ll have to, you
know, do a couple things around the house. This cellphone repair could not
have come at a better timing because I really need to leave the city. However, I could have just,
you know, kept accepting deliveries and, you
know, stayed in the city the rest of the day. But yeah, I’m headed back
to the east bay and I’ve already made a little bit
of money over here today. And, I’ll make a little
bit more and knock out some more errands and get
myself ready for tomorrow and the days coming up ahead. Great, I got plenty of time on parkin’. Just finished up a cellphone
repair and I was so close to Solely Vegan, just,
like, a few blocks away and I said to myself, oh,
no, I don’t wanna go there, I don’t wanna go there,
and, then, I was thinkin’, well I don’t know when the next time I’ll have the opportunity
to have one of those deep fried southern tofu
burgers because that’s the only place I know of that have such a thing and I don’t know, I don’t
know how much longer I’m gonna be around so
I thought, yo, let’s go over there and stop by
and have a quick bite and just have a quick bite
really fast and, yeah, grab some food because,
yeah, Jermaine, I could use some food right now. On the hungry side. One of my favorite dishes. I love this deep fried
southern tofu burger. What’s up with my focusin’ on my camera? There we go, there we go, lookin’ good. Man, that tofu burger was so good. It was also very, very, overpriced. It kills me how vegan
restaurants charge so much but I kinda get it, I kinda get it. Fewer people are goin’
to vegan restaurants so you kinda have to
charge a little bit more to make up for those
people that don’t go there and support your business. Back at the house, back at the house. This is gonna be one fun night. Back at Starbucks again, just scored another cellphone repair. This is a iPhone 6,
swappin’ out the battery. You know, that sort of thing. This is about five or 10 minute repair. Very, very, quick. Very, very, simple. But, you know what? I wanted to get out of the house anyway. There’s so much drama
goin’ on at my house. I’m not bringing this
up because I want anyone to feel sorry for me, but,
we just got the utility bill and, oh my gosh, the utility
bill last month was ridiculous. Now, I’ve lived at this
house for a couple years now. The cheapest utility bill
we’ve had was about 40 dollars for one month, 40 bucks. In the middle of the summer,
that was before we had a washer and dryer. If you guys know, at my
house, there’s no AC, so in the summertime, you’re
not usin’ the air condition so utilities were like
really, really, cheap. However, this past month, I
guess the roommates are, like, you know, use as much electricity
as you can because we’re just not paying the utility bill. And, only two roommates
pay me the utility bills and that was for like a month ago. The other roommates just stopped
paying the utility bills. No ones really paid the internet bill for the past three months except for me. So, basically, it’s just been
a really, really screwed up situation. So, after receiving the
utility bill last night, let me just show you guys
this utility bill here. 587 dollars and 58 cents. I bet a lot of you guys
are already wonderin’, Jermaine, why are you
still sticking around? That situation is out
of hand, you need to go. Well, I’m still stickin’ around because I’m waiting on a couple
items to come in the mail and one item, it says it
was delivered three days ago and I still haven’t received it. Yet, I’ve had this
problem with eBay before. When I go down to the
post office, they say, oh, yeah, here’s the item, here. I don’t know what I’m gonna
do about that lost item. Maybe I’ll just eventually
leave but in a matter of days, I’m taking off from here. I’m takin’ off in a couple days here and, when I do, the internet’s
goin’ as well as the utilities are goin’ because
they’re both in my name and if I’m leaving and if
I’m not gonna be there, I guess I’m gonna cut ’em off. But it’s just somewhat
of a bummer they’re still a little bit of drama goin’ on. But, like I say, guys,
Jermaine, I’m holding it up very, very, well, because
I know that great things are about to come and
great things will happen and great things will happen very soon and things will be really good. This is what I believe,
this is what I know. But, for now, I guess
I’m gonna end the vlog. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s
video, tomorrow is the day that I think I’m gonna just
tap out of this whole thing. So, we’ll see. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s video. Thanks a lot for watchin’. Like, comment, subscribe, peace.

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42 thoughts on “$587.58 For The Utility Bill! Of Course Roommates Refused To Pay! PG&E”

  1. Da Hustleman says:

    i hate batch orders 8.36 for 2 dropoffs

  2. ooohgumdrops says:

    Transamerica Pyramid, I have worked in that building.

  3. Rod Porter says:

    I love your videos, been following for a while now. Sorry to hear all of the difficulties with the roommates. That would be why I prefer to live solo. I am thinking that is your area it would be kind of expensive to live without roommates. Not the case here. A question for you, when you rent a car for rideshare , do you tell them that you're going to use it for rideshare or do you fly under the radar? And do you carry your own Rideshare insurance or just go with whatever Uber offers?

  4. sith war says:

    Yeh roommates can be cool until it's time for everyone to move out and like you said most leave without paying or doing there fair share of helping with the bills. Trust me I went to college and your situation ended up up kinda like mines. So sad that people true colors come out at the end.

  5. harrvey says:

    Next time, find roommates with professional jobs (not students or part-timers).
    Jermaine, leave the house and cut off the utilities. Go to the post office and put a hold on your mail (they'll hold all your incoming stuff at the post office). It's not worth staying at that mad-house. Your roommates are obviously trying to take advantage of you.

  6. John Curry says:

    Sounds like you need to do a video about whopping roommates ass over non payment. Listening to your video sounds like ur "ex" did not communicate well to the roommates. You are taking the hit over the bills. Come to think about maybe it goes back on you for letting them slide on the internet bill. They said yo yo jermaine hold this utility bill. Bro love your videos. Last time I checked working for yourself is a hard business and it leaves no room for error. I hope u are packing your things to head over 🌊. We shall see. ✌🏽️

  7. Aaron B says:

    The Best is Yet to Come! Keep the faith.

  8. Russell Mondy says:

    The TransAmerica Tower is San Francisco's number 2 icon protected by Homeland Security. Notice all of the protection preventing people driving up on the sidewalk. Number 1 of course is the Golden Gate Bridge.

  9. Terry S says:

    Take them to small claims court

  10. Olympic Gaming says:

    sue them as a civil case. you might be featured in a famous show like judge judy or something 😉

  11. Nick's Dynasty says:

    Going to be free next week? I know you are busy trying to find a place

  12. Dave says:

    This is why it's bad living with people. Especially people you haven't knew for long. It starts off good then eventually down the line everyone gets comfortable. People start going to work less, quit jobs and messes up everything. Hopefully I can get my own spot to myself in the future. At the end of the day all you can depend on is yourself.

  13. Mirza selmic Snowman says:

    bro come to Phoenix. rent is cheap as hell and it's busy as hell.

  14. sharedEcon says:

    Jermaine, you fix cell phones? Any cell phones? Can you repair screens?

  15. Deus é Fiel Land says:

    can u help me out with a s7 screen replacement? tks

  16. Elbony NC says:

    I love your hustle mentality

  17. Jonathan Blandon says:

    If this was me I would put a password for the internet since nobody wanna pay for internet or Utility

  18. AFRICAN ROYAL says:

    sounds to me like you need to put your foot down on your roommates…like if they say Fuck you then you no fuck you pay me

  19. Paul Yeo says:

    Great vid as always! Wish you the best with the living situation

  20. patrick lopez says:

    was once n that situation. advice?: put in a change of address pronto, get a p.o. box with that local post office, tell your mail carrier in person you've put in a change of address, put a little sign on the gate (it'll get removed probably over and over) saying there's a change of address. maybe allow vanessa to share the p.o. box "care of". your ex-roomies will savage your snail mail. also call utilities, set up absolute cutoff date. HA- how weird, i typed that watching the first few minutes then you hit it towards the end, so, you wise, good, good.

  21. patrick lopez says:

    and hey don't feel bad about telling us, not at all, not all all. vlogging is your thing, its helping you through all this. plus, sometimes it helps us relate to your current state more. youre doing great

  22. k grace says:

    Thanks so much 4 sharing that info Jermaine!

  23. nasir D'jiir says:

    idk…, that aint a 1 month bill….more like 3 or 4 months combined

  24. Your Personal Driver says:

    I would sue the fuck out of them. Not to get the $$, but because I'm an asshole. Small claims isn't even that big of a deal. I hate it when roommates fuck everything up.

  25. CT A says:

    Pay. Cut. Run. Live. Learn.

  26. Brad Haughton says:

    wow refuse to pay is the roommate trying to make it hard for him or her to live in San Francisco

  27. Nicolas garcia says:

    It all comes to the same principles: "working" for uber, lyft, and the many trashy apps people " work now days the only thing it leaves they is a life of poverty, getting behind on bills, rent, car payments, etc…it is why you have to live with other people so you can afford to pay the rent…continue to do uber, lyft, etc and I can assure you one thing ( to Jermaine and all the other people doing it : your poverty will continue to grow and soon you will be homeless and carless!!!!

  28. Ricardo Milos says:

    Lmao charge the black guy that is never home and always working.

  29. Ricardo Milos says:

    Man I'm sure you will be doing better soon, you are a cool person god bless

  30. jaimev001b says:

    good for you Jerome. Get away from that drama.

  31. AntZPr0ductions says:

    I'll bet anyone $500…that the $500 bill has been accumulating over the past 2+ months. Any Takers?

  32. tocrazyjay says:

    I would have changed the code for the internet, since they weren't paying anyway!

  33. Jessica Rabbit says:

    Another day, another minus 587.something dollars. Just let it go.

  34. mufyn love says:

    did you say deep fried southern tofu burger?

  35. Lone Petersen says:

    what's a badge order?

  36. Uber DC says:

    It is a no brainer to cut everything off that is in your name. It's your credit on the line. Be safe.

  37. Alana Weaver says:

    Always check your meters sometimes the person will deliberately put in a higher number and don't do roommates in the future if you can avoid it. This situation is why I don't do roommates besides other reasons. Too grown for that nonsense

  38. D R says:


  39. Will Mountha says:

    My roomate has not paid electric bill for 3 month's…doesnt cook or clean, does not work and never takes hes laundry out when its done…

  40. William Ferguson II says:

    TCB everyday….you are on point,  with your business.   Its fun to watch you make it happen…best of luck out there.

  41. Heinrich smith says:

    It’s the freaking contract that the utility has with ibew represented employeeslike troublemen, linemen, crew, operators, known as physical. They get paid double time for working the storms and fires even if they are working it during normal business hours. So these folks made $450,000 per head. Never in the history of this utility was an asinine contract like this was ever made. Ibew rabid dogs took advantage of a utility because it was run by a woman CEOwho did not know how to run a utility. That’s why yourbillisso high.

  42. Eddie Baggett says:

    Why is pg&e asking for I’d to pay your bill

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