7 more ways to save on electric bills

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7 More Ways to Slash Electric Bills. 1. Install a Motion Sensor. Sensors are perfect for light that are left
on. (10 Tips on Saving Electricity and Lowering
Your Electricity Bill). These things turn on when motion is sensed
and you pay for what electricity you used for. They can save as much as $100 a year. 2. Paint your roof white. Painting your roof white decreases the amount
of energy to cool the home in summer days. (Bell, 2015). Black finishes on the roof absorbs more heat
compared to white colored roof. This also saves you $100 a year. 3. Use Permanent air filters. Switching to permanent air filters that you
can clean can save money instead of using the disposable ones. (Adams, 2014). Dirty filters damage your air conditioning
unit or make it work harder. Do yourself a favor and get the ones that
are easily cleaned. 4. Unplug appliances when not in use. Unplug all appliances or use a power strip
to supply power to all the appliances and then unplug it all. (Greutman). Appliances use up energy if it’s plugged
into a socket even when it’s off. So please, get unplugged. 5. Seal Air Leaks. Seal air leaks through the house so the heat
would not leak and save 10 percent from heating bills. (Pandolfi). Delaying work would cost a lot in the long
run. Cold air cancels warm air, making your heating
unit struggle to reach the right level of temperature. 6. Go Energy Star. Buy Energy Star appliances that may be priced
competitively but will be worth it in the long run. (Levin). These kind of appliances were made to be energy
efficient and helps the household save on energy. 7. Insulate Heater. Insulate your heater when it’s seven years
old. (Bluestein, Ratledge, & Wagner). Losing heat to the environment is not cool
(no pun intended). Keeping the heater working efficiently would
not burn as much energy to supply heated water. This video has been produced in Content Samurai. Click link to try it for FREE!

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