7 Ways to Increase Your FEMININE Energy *life changing*


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100 thoughts on “7 Ways to Increase Your FEMININE Energy *life changing*”

  1. The Why Traveller says:

    No tampons, no pads. I don’t use them at all for at least a year. I switched to Moon Cup. No turning back, no more waste.

  2. Alison T says:

    Try a menstrual cup it will save you a fortune and environmentally friendlier

  3. is any title or name important? says:

    I can't unfollow everyone!

  4. Carina Montiel says:

    Love love your videos !!!!! You edit them so great and I love that you don’t just sit in front of a screen and talk to us. Love you!! Keep doing what your doing!

  5. PURE ENERGY says:

    Love you to beauty!

  6. pica2754 says:

    This video helped me a lot. I'm not naturally feminine. This video really helped me to see that it's okay to be feminine.

  7. Kenya says:

    I hope you have a podcast coming soon?

  8. Tessa Jane says:

    I need an Alexandra in my life!! Love your videos❤

  9. Ass hole Name says:

    I have man energy …

  10. Eli Vivian-Neal says:

    Alexandra, you have a beautiful soothing voice. If you do make long videos and podcasts I reckon it would benefit a lot of people. The main reason I subscribed to your channel after the video about jeans is because of your voice. Not only does it sounds great, but you also have a voice as a media producer/artist because of the clear intention behind each piece you create.

  11. wønderful says:

    "do a thumbs down"

  12. logical 340 says:

    thank you💗

  13. Hana Tjia says:

    Hanging out around other women…but I hate being around people 🙁

  14. Sofi Sofi says:


  15. peekaboots01 says:

    I'm sure you love a bunch of strangers. Nice tub.

  16. A J says:

    Your hair style at 3.38 is beautiful. I love it.

  17. Lil Bo Peep says:

    Tysm im 12 and i lost my self confidence and i just wanna look pretty and you are very pretty

  18. Evelyn Zlon says:

    You are the second mixed-race female YouTube star I've seen, who complained about suffering from depression and/or anxiety. It could be worse. You could look black, and be raised by a ghetto bitch mom, with an absentee, affluent professional father. That would be tragic, and you would fall APART. You might even jump out of a window.

  19. Ciara Lynn says:

    I'm a feminine lesbian and for quite some time I've been holding back my feminity and girliness because I always get circled out by other lesbians at events like pride and straight people never believe me that I'm gay and men always try to hit on me and "turn me straight". I'm here because I want to be comfortable with my feminine energy again and I don't want to feel guilty for it anymore.

  20. Gabriella Lilley says:

    Unliked the video when she said "lets have a pow wow" like in my culture that's a celebration where we come together and pray for the sick and less fortunate. NOT some quirky thing to say. I mean what does that even mean? Have a pow wow?

  21. LaMarge says:

    3 years ago when I was in 8th grade I cut my hair short around he same time rn because I wanted to feel more feminine. My hair was to the bottom of my bum, but I didn't feel feminine enough because I have alot of hair and it's thick and wavy. So I would always have a difficult time doing it which led me into thinking I was ugly. Then I cut my hair into a pixie, at first I felt so relieved but then I went to school and there were rumors I was lesbian. My girl friends since elementary began to think I liked them and isolated themselves from me and In the end it got all into my head and I thought I actually did like girls or that I was bi. My self esteem, confidence, and self love was just not there, ever, since elementary because of the constant bullying and now this. Then I went into highschool and I kind of grew out my hair into a wavy bob. It looked cute. I tried to dress more, feminine let's say. But ever since I was small I never really liked dressing with colorful clothing. The whole lesbian drama kind of stopped and I went back into saying I was straight in my head. I thought my self esteem was higher just because I looked more feminine to others. But I still wasn't happy with myself. I looked for happiness in others. Now I'm a junior and I still have a bob, because growing out hair is so difficult. I was known as the girl with the longest hair and now with the shortest. I finally have started to love myself bit by bit. I now know what I want in life and what I like to clothe myself with. I'm planning to cut my hair short again. But ik this time I will stick to my own beliefs and what's true about myself.

  22. Monikiran Dattagupta says:

    just a tiny suggestion try using a menstrual cup.. get rid of pads tampon expenses cum generation of waste forever…

  23. Isabella Zylstra says:

    This genuinely made me cry 😭love you ❤️

  24. Maria Kotter says:

    I'm still having a hard time learning and accepting that it's ok to fit a stereotype and it's a good thing to be feminine. I rejected and pushed away my femininity for years in the name of "empowerment." I didn't want to be shallow, vain, weak, dumb, one-sided, and willing to fall all over myself for some guy. These are the things I saw labeled "feminine" since I can remember. I didn't want to be those things. In my mind, they were inherently connected to the idea of femininity. I scorned the company of other girls and put immense pressure on myself to outdo the boys. I had to be able to do everything they could, but better. I felt like I had to make up for the fact that I was a girl.

    I'm glad to say that I was wrong. Femininity is a gentle strength, but unafraid to make herself be heard in defense of what's right. Femininity is nurturing, loving, empathetic, listening, caring, healing, and patient. Femininity is seeing the potential of and finding the beauty in everything. Femininity is making life more pleasant and beautiful. Femininity is comforting, protective, attentive, prudent, graceful, wise, considerate, humble, teachable, courageous, resilient, forgiving, and hopeful. I have much to learn yet and I am ever grateful for my sisters and mothers who teach me to connect with this sacred and integral part of my identity.

  25. Brooklyn Letandre says:

    I love your videos❣️

  26. Descomplica Fisio says:

    This video made me so happy! We are so lucky to be women! All the love from Brazil xoxo

  27. Jade Coulter says:

    I'm really loving your videos!! You're so beautiful and smart! Such great advice!

  28. Elisa Kauppila says:

    Your videos are amazing

  29. Keira Bromfield says:

    Step one; be rich

  30. Nazima Falcao says:

    Wow….I love your videos..the way you make your videos,it's really nice….

    And you look beautiful ♥️🥰

  31. Lifestyle레오 says:

    My mom wants me to be more girly like all my cousins so I’m just trying to learn. I’ve been a guy(acting like one) ever since 4th grade and I’m in 9th now so help?

  32. FuzzySpuffy xo says:

    my crush and i keep locking eyes every time but he is not making a movee! 😩
    do i do something about that?

  33. Beel says:


  34. kari fox says:

    Thank you Alexandra for mentioning poisonous dioxides in our feminine prod. In the late 1980s I hand wrote letters to makers of Tampax, Playtex, Kotex, StayFree, etc. asking that they use something different (Tampax obviously didn't understand my message as they mailed me a pkg of tampons…). In the 90s a friend's sister began sewing re-useable (launderable) cotton flannel "envelopes" which we also had a couple of different size cotton flan rectangles which we would fold & fold & lay into the envelopes eg: using the longer rectangles for heavier flow. They were like sitting on a cloud! Then i don't recall which brand came out with a more "kinder" tampon which i'd use for when i wasn't at home. Many of my friends now use various types of menstrual cups – healthier for the women AND the environment. Please watch Samantha Ravndahl's channel for two of her reviews on the cups! I am almost 61 now – sure wish I had access to someone like you when I was younger! Bless you!

  35. hobo the true says:

    Love her so much

  36. Hatice Arican says:

    There are not many 'positive' girls.. i'd rahter talk with emotional boyszz 😳😂

  37. I Honestly don't Care right now says:

    All my friends are either guys, or More Masculine Girls…

  38. Anime4ever Love u anime says:

    Looks like a lot of people disliked…EVEN THOUGH ITS SO HELPFUL??!!!

  39. Natalya Johnson says:

    i just found you're channel recently and i LOVE your videos. Just the way you produce makes it feel like we are hanging out just chatting. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    just one thing – pow-wow is a word that's used to describe a specific event in the native american community, it would be more appropriate to use use a different word here.

  40. Lisa Calrone says:

    2.1K men thought you were hawt and then freaked out and smashed the thumbs down button when periods came up. LOL.

    I'm a transgender woman who still isn't "out" and have arrived at an age where I'm not really so sure I need or want to flip the script on so many I love. I identify with both genders but don't tend to blur those lines and simply for balance and safety in my own life. When I'm in my male energy, I'm simply a seemingly straight hetero male to most but when I'm in my feminine energy, I'm very much all woman. I know someone out there is crying foul on that but it was a balance I struck from a young age so I wouldn't be bullied or have to endure anymore drama than what I already went through growing up in a broken home. Point being…

    it's also tough to live that balance sometimes. There are certainly times when I just want to grab my purse and go shopping with a girlfriend or go out as one of the girls but feel like I can't because I might bump into someone I know or worse, someone who might cause a big scene. Thankfully, I managed to find a few absolutely wonderful and supportive hetero women online who became my besties in real life. If not for them, I'd feel absolutely lost by now. Being around their feminine energy REALLY DOES recharge my own feminine energy and it feels SAFE for me because as sisters, we can all share anything and raise each other up. Guys are SO the opposite of that and sometimes if I get too much guy time around me, it really wears me out!

    Just thought I'd share this so that you and others know that girls like us are also watching channels like these and deeply appreciate them! It's kind of like having girl time when my girlfriends aren't around to have girl time with! You are definitely a big sister type and a wise soul and totally gorgeous! I just found you and subscribed right away. Thank you!! 👗💗💖🥰

  41. Gigi says:

    I wonder if you've read "Eastern Body Western Mind" or "The Goddess within every Woman"? Both great books about healing the Self and connecting with other women, instead of living in a comparison and competition mindset. Best of luck to you on your journey of growth and Self discovery. 🙂

  42. 404NotFound says:

    Thank you 🌹💖🌺❣️🌸

  43. It Aerial Bitch says:

    Okay 💋girl 👏🏼👏🏼

  44. PotatoChampion says:

    Thanks lol everyone thinks I'm gay cause I sit and act like a dude

  45. Ajda Mrzlikar says:

    your so beautifulll

  46. Maryam Abbas says:

    please talk about masculine energy too!!!

  47. Lauren Hoelle says:

    I use natural feminine care products too and it has made such a positive difference!

  48. Fabiola nevarez says:

    I like the podcast. I could listen while getting ready or making breakfast. Go for it!

  49. Tatiana Asifoa says:

    START A PODCAST ♥️♥️♥️

  50. karen love says:

    When you realize all your friends are toxic…

  51. Dani Certad says:

    I loved the mini podcast at the end of the video <3

  52. Ambqdo says:

    appearance wise I tend to run more on the androgynous/masculine side. I have very short hair and wear lots of pants, sneakers, and tshirts, but occasionally I'll wear a dress (I call it a girl day, they're the days I just want to feel pretty) and I'll twirl around in my room to some music, sometimes I wear it out, sometimes I don't, but I always feel better afterwards

  53. ana rup says:

    I liked the extended podcast, and all of your videos! 💐

  54. anonymous anonymous says:

    I want and am going to wear make to work dammit ! Idc that im a diesel mechanic..

  55. Prettyusername Prettyusername says:

    idk how to connect with other women

  56. Prettyusername Prettyusername says:

    i keep having to come back to this video, im still struggling to love myself and let myself be feminine

  57. ✨SadCat✨ says:

    Now this is what I call Female empowerment !

    None of that Slut Walk crap or these posters where women have men on a leash or fake choking them.

    It’s about embracing your womanhood, accepting the good with the bad and working towards being comfortable in your own femininity.

    Negative energy has no place in your Womanhood !

  58. Candipantsish says:

    This is an ad.

  59. Bryanna Zamora says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear.

  60. Natalia Mulero says:

    You should have a girly talk podcast

  61. MrAsyouwish says:

    You are such an inspiration to me, girl! I came up to your channel few weeks ago and been watching your videos ever since trying to improve myself and my quality of life and my confidence etc. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and being so honest and making yourself understandable and filming all of it!! <3 I am really greatful!

  62. Kary says:

    Pensé que tenía subtitulos en español

  63. Wendy Morales says:

    Ladies please don't take baths during your periods.

  64. tammy mundell says:

    U have anexity and depression? I would have never guessed. U should do a video on anexity. It really sucks specially decision making with beauty products style everything in life. Thank you. Thank you for being so positive and great role model!😊

  65. Lauryn Edwards says:

    One of my favorite youtubers now. I am loving your videos. They are helping me so much. I also appreciate the time you take to make these! <3

  66. Winnie Mosupukwa says:

    I always feel a thousand times better after watching your videos. POSITIVE

  67. jocelyn sanchez says:

    Please please pleaseeee start doing a podcast!!

  68. Jasmine Reed says:

    How can learn to love their body after getting the mean girl crew that made you stand out like a sore thumb because you arent skinny enough or toned enough etc.. i dont understand why i just wanna be me but i feel like i can't

  69. Bella star says:

    I literally thought you said perfectly SHAPED armpits. And was like…… what……. oooooooooh SHAVED. That makes so much more sense.

  70. Tarika trezy says:

    you just got yourself a new subscriber, love you already.

  71. Sylvia Cook says:

    I found myself coming back to watch this a few times now. Thank you for putting this out there ♥️

  72. jane.v says:

    I love this video so much! And I appreciate you so much!

  73. Natasha Walsh says:

    Wear's hot.snd lips soft and juicy

  74. tineka williams says:

    I love the way u speak to us as women…it's truly like a homegirl or sister convos. That's so refreshing. Thanks ma😘👑💯

  75. pac zaid says:

    Alexandra & Andreaschoice sound so alike.. is it just me?

  76. Simone Grey says:

    This was such a warming video, including the parts with the visuals, and the part without. Even that blank white screen was super positive and reflective. But the part that really made my heart smile was the "I love you" at the end. Thanks for this sis & we love you too!

  77. Judie Woodward says:

    Thank you .I am 67 and still a girl.Your videos are so positive.Thank you again.

  78. Salsabil Ashraf says:

    Hey I love your videos and you make it very easy for your audience to engage without any hesitation. So here I am going asking about a problem I face during my period days. I would like to know how to shower comfortably on periods, this is something I personally struggle with . Thanks for your wonderful videos 🙏🏻 you are so great at what you’re doing!

  79. Bruce Finnie says:

    I wanted a video on how to be more feminine, not a lecture on my life.

  80. Carolina Reaper says:

    I feel ugly and unloved…. It would rather very important anniversary of my fiance would still be alive. Honey I miss you so so so much I want to die to be with you😢

  81. Shieldmaiden Lagertha says:

    I really love this positive approach to periods.👍

  82. Masooma Asif says:

    Can I please get a sister like that

  83. Ashley DeAngelis says:

    I sent this video to all the wonderful types of women I know, and all the men…. femininity isn’t a one size fit all, but the power it holds is magical and I thought everyone deserved to listen to what she had to say

  84. Brooklynn Butterfield says:

    The only time I gossip is when I’m talking to my friend about this girl we both hate. She makes us both mad and feel awful and we need to let it out so we don’t let out any negative energy out on others.

  85. CosmicLaila says:

    I love this motivational talk

  86. WinnielyGamer says:

    Great video! 😀 Can you also cover a video about jewelry, please? :3

  87. jessica Donaldson says:

    You should make a podcast ❤😊

  88. Jessica Gillespie says:

    New subbie! I really enjoy your content Alexandra.

  89. leachatee says:

    The thing about organic period products is that they just… fall apart or leak and just makes you feel gross, kinda sad actually

  90. Muneeba says:

    I need my monthly dose of Alexandraaaa when r u postingggggggg

    Edit: daily or weekly would be amazing toooooo

  91. Gina B says:

    Thank you
    , You are such an inspiration to me.

  92. Hailey Jackson says:

    I love all your videos but once you did the no visual podcast thing at the end I couldn’t pay attention anymore, I started wondering off in though

  93. Dee Pan says:

    Love the message ❤️

  94. Benie says:

    I feel more feminine when I feel super comfortable and pretty. If my skin is good, my hair is good. Good energy will make you feel empower.

    Thanks for the tip

  95. Angeles Botello says:

    😳 how do you even approach another girl and stay and build a friendship with them ? Like I struggle with this so hard idk why :/

  96. Mima Dimitri says:

    Echt tolle Tips. Embrace yourself!
    Aber leider tun es andere oft nicht… und deshalb stelle ich jedes mal fest, wenn ich versuche diese wunderschönen Hochsteckfrisuren nachzumachen dass das bei mir so hässlich aussieht und dann mache ich wieder meine Nicht-Frisur um mein hässliches Gesicht zu verstecken. Ich weiß, das sollte man nicht sagen, aber was wenn man sich so fühlt?

  97. Francine Arielle says:

    Diet and exercise routine please

  98. Nellie R says:

    Thanks Alexandra!

  99. JessicaVoicedOut says:

    I really like this. I really like that there’s no music, just your very soothing, robust voice. Thank you ❤️

  100. Spirit Wolf says:

    I have short hair hahah

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