A young boy who invented Fuel Less Generator lacks support

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I am inventor of 2 machines one is Keyboard for Blind People and another that is in fornt of you This is called Auto Electricity Generator This generator works without fuel if we talk about other generators that produce electric current They need fuel to function like engine oil, petrol etc but this is the only generator that do not need any fuel to function Actually it needs given amount of energy as input that converts from one form to another form then it converts back to same form and during this process energy increases 4 times She is my friend, Uzma My best friend when ever i meet her I discuss with her I regularly used to discuss with her about my projects He had worked hard for his innovations Few times I used to doubt whether he will get success or not I did not share that with him any times I only used to pray for him and I feel my prayers have been heard I wished to project it at large level So that it will generate electricity for complete house My plan was to develop it at our house compound to generate electricity for our house and i wished to demonstrate it But my father do not have good income We are financially backward I was not able to do that So I developed a small model We have financial problem If Government can provide him support He can move forward in his life and make his country and parents proud

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