Activated Woman

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Do you feel that it’s time to come out of hiding and actually step into your full power and your full potential in this world? Do you feel like it’s time to return to the natural wildness and wisdom of the feminine? If so, then I have to tell you that this doesn’t happen at the level of the intellect. You may know all those things, but as long as we are living far away from nature. From our body, which is nature. We are not fully stepping into our feminine. To return to the feminine means to return to the body. To return to the softness. To return to the natural radiance that starts from the inside out. And start living from that place. It also means that we need to step away from all this stereotypes around the feminine. Even around the empowered feminine. It’s important to let go of all ideas that we have. And to let go of any ways in which we try to manipulate or play games, or control reality. So I’ve been working with women for over a decade. And I’ve seen amazing transformation in people who really choose to go fully, honestly into their own practice and bring attention from the outside inwards. So, we have a lot of practices that are available to us right now and my online course Activated Woman presents a whole bunch of these practices. These practices include the Yoni egg practice. This practice was developed thousands of years ago and for the long time was only accessible to members of royal families. Now, this practice is available to us. It’s daoist practice that really helps us cultivate our sexual energy and use it for our opening, for our spiritual enfoldment. For us accessing our full potential in this life. Also if you would like to learn about natural birth control and about the power and the potency of your menstruation and cycle through which each and every women goes through the months. If you would like to know how to access the power center of your femininity, that is your yoni. And to connect with her and to release any old issues from your body. Anything that is hindering your true radiance to come out. And if you would like to learn how to perform sexual healing and dearmoring on yourself. And this important for all of us regardless wether we had sexual trauma in this life or not. And if you would like to get the special bonus of orgasms during the intercourse and enhance your orgasmic potential. Then Activated Woman online course could be a really really great fit for you. This course is packed with knowledge and practices that each and every woman could benefit from tremendously. I really wish that more women could have access to this practical tools. Which just help us anchor into this feminine body. Understand it and really learn to move in this body, live in this world as women that we are. So if that’s something that’s calling you, please check out this online course, click on the link below and discover everything you need to know to become an Activated Woman.

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