Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!


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61 thoughts on “Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!”

  1. Caitlin Rose says:

    tour starts at 7:34

  2. Trailer Sailing Off Grid says:

    A tiny house on wheels. How is that different from a camper?

  3. Guillermo brito valles says:

    she's hot

  4. Quaalude Charlie says:

    Would be great to have one of these in My Driveway ๐Ÿ™‚ QC

  5. The Art of Flying says:

    Seriously not the point but caught my ear and Iโ€™m curious… did anybody else hear a German accent from her? Is she German?

  6. greg gregorich says:

    no one using Thermoelectric generators

  7. Emil Sydney says:

    Very nice, but misleading. What is the carbon footprint of the driving they have to do every day to go to work, or shopping. How many cars they have. What is the carbon footprint to produce all high tech they use. How much they are polluting the land around them.

  8. kenneth wright says:

    Dis is SUPER SWEET!!! Love it.

  9. Lava You says:

    After building my own tiny house on no experience, no prior knowledge, and nearly no help. I can tell you that the process is complex, and each phase can be nearly overwhelming. YOU MUST COMMIT TO YOUR DESIGN PHASE AND GO OVER IT AGAIN AND AGAIN PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION! I started before the tv shows-back when the permits were unavailable, back when no county or city officials would even talk to me about the legalities, back when everyone said:why don't you just buy an RV.

    This is a difficult process. Even more difficult to avoid analysis paralysis.

    While the "Living Big" videos are fun and entertaining, they lack in practicality. Most people who are going to build a tiny house seem to have hired help for design, construction, and planning. Interviewing people who are willing to share their process is so important for people out there who do not have any background/resources in construction. I have watched so many of these videos and have yet to see much of anything that addresses the design and implementation process…..too boring I guess.

  10. theylied1776 says:

    I don't trust that cat.

  11. Ronan Barthon says:

    Three weeks! They know nothing of what to expect yet.

  12. papaburger says:

    can this house go completely off-grid indefinitely ? What suppliers do they need to maintain its off-grid capabilities every year ?

  13. Paola Rodriguez says:

    Loove that kitchen space


    I really want to do this

  15. mr bloxey says:

    these people- we wanted to show our house skeleton
    me- well my skeleton is hidden in my body so your house should be to

  16. kim arlando says:

    Boleh gak istri loo gue entot kwkwkw

  17. Cristian Moya Romero says:

    How long will those systems work? Are they a 1 time in life investment or they have to replace them every couple years?

  18. ISTP 196 says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant; especially the energy systems! "I dunno, we wanted it long . . ."

  19. wim lammens says:

    low foot print, all these systems have to be produced, humans are so spoiled they think when they are not depending on centralised systems they are doing a good job. I honestly loved the way they are living and like being independant of central systems, but definetely NOT low foot print, animals are low foot print, (no cloathing, simple shelter, only eating to survive and contributing by compost(manure) and even helping prevent desertification by eating plant material.(before it decays naturally and oxydises))

  20. Midhun Manoj says:

    I was wondering what will happen when they have a child

  21. vempriex says:

    Seen way too many slant roof bedrooms. I rather sleep downstairs with breathable space. Each their own. Nice set up tho.

  22. Jose Angel Rodriguez says:

    They should think about a solar oven

  23. David Lopez says:

    Brend , who sale those digestor, the gas produser

  24. Hammerback0 says:

    A weight limit? Seems very strange

  25. Angelica Castro says:

    You need a catio!!!

  26. Rifath Al Nahiyan says:

    Guys u r best i ever seen on utube.. I want one too….

  27. k k says:

    Owners pride neighbours envy.

  28. Eli Lastnamington says:

    They seem very much in love

  29. Eli Lastnamington says:

    I live in Texas where the government fucks off and we do what we want. Everyone from california wants to move here because it doesn't cost 90% of your salary to rent a 4×4 closet to sleep in.

  30. webberdog1 says:

    she sounds like German accent……he sounds /Aussie/Scandinavian

  31. Rambo Baggins says:

    And then 20 years will go by and they'll deeply regret not having any children.

  32. Karthik c says:

    Great !!

  33. Darris Hawks says:

    I also think this is a great house, but it is kind of weird when they're like "we've only been here for three weeks and have not considered the implications of the design of the house" lol
    You should do a follow up interview with them now

  34. DevilianAngel says:

    Well, you still need to change the batteries after few years. Hmmm

  35. Kevin De Bondt says:

    Does it have Wifi?

  36. cyberghost74 says:

    Thank you, Sir.

  37. Mayton C says:

    That methane gas producer is really cool.

  38. Caroline Lemmond says:

    so life affirming …
    many thanks โœจ

  39. La vida rural says:

    Porfavor, pรณngale subtรญtulos en castellano, es increรญble , que casa

  40. Rose Matarazzo says:

    Good on you guyโ€™s your tiny house is beautiful inspiring thanks for sharing

  41. RBS says:

    Very nice and beautiful house with nature surrounding and the house is not using power from grid and water from rain water ….what an environmental sensible people…hope everyone will learn from you guy's…good luck and happy stay in your beautiful house.

  42. Ruby Slippers says:

    Very interesting : thanks, Please update.

  43. Michael Howell says:

    Bravo! great job๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  44. micha ela says:

    How do they use rainwater as drinking. Is it safe?

  45. Cephas049 says:

    So it's easy to see that children are not part of the equation. That's sad.

  46. Poe Poesie says:

    She has the exact same accent as Baron Cohen's Bruno

  47. Maria Husu says:

    ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ Super….๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ—บ

  48. Smith Js says:

    I also dream of living off the grid but scared when i may have bad health or toothache so you need to save up a lot of money also, not just quitting job and do it, it's not that simple at all.

  49. Kathie Walli says:

    Their place is so spacious….luv it… all the open cupboards…..great job you two

  50. Sherryl Keith says:

    With plans from Avasva you can make it really easy.

  51. Gale Daniel says:

    The stairs should have storage under the steps

  52. Michael Ripperger says:

    65 and 41.. what does that equate to in US dollars ?

  53. Mayton C says:

    Love this house and the idea of producing energy.

  54. Unboxitall says:

    Can you re-visit them a year later?

  55. Justin says:

    what if wanted to live off grif but still have high speed internet ?

  56. TheDBCooperforum says:

    what is the limit to a "tiny house" . actually, they are large trailers…

  57. Desecration says:

    Odd response. They wouldn't need to buy a sofa if they just created a low box storage in that area and put cushions on top of it. They could even drape it bottom to cover the storage doors.

  58. Baubo Soul says:

    Adorable couple

  59. BRad From The Valley says:

    i like her she was embarrased they had to buy something.

  60. busy boy says:

    a new meaning for minimalist approach , lovely souls too.I hope the clicks reach 18 mil soon.

  61. Carl Baker says:

    No bath? No thanks!
    I ain't living without a tub!

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