Ancient Free Energy Device Re-created? Original Bhaskara’s Wheel


Hey guys, I finally managed to build a perpetual
motion device, or a free energy device based on the ancient Indian design by Bhaskara. On the internet, you will mostly see this
model, where bottles are attached to the circumference of a wheel, filled with water. But this is not the actual Bhaskara’s design. I built the Bhaskara’s wheel based on the
original design by Bhaskara. Now what this has, is that it has hollow tubes
for spokes and inside these tubes Bhaskara wants us to fill mercury. Now I am going to demonstrate how this perpetual
motion device actually works. And I do have mercury so stay tuned and watch
till the end of the video and let me know what do you think. Now, Who is this Bhaskara? Bhaskara also known as Bhaskara the Learned,
is an ancient Indian mathematician as well as an astronomer, who lived about 900 years
ago. He was the very first person to think of a
perpetual motion machine, a wheel that would run forever. He also made several key discoveries including
the principles of differential calculus, 500 years before Isaac Newton. He realized that in this setup, the liquid
would keep moving inside, leaving one side of the wheel perpetually heavier than the
other, turning the wheel forever. But why do we need a wheel that runs forever? If we can invent anything that can run forever,
then we could get free energy. Today we are buying energy from external sources,
but what if there is a machine which can run on its own, then we can tap into it, and make
light bulbs glow or run fans, without paying for electricity. This is why devices like the Bhaskara’s wheel
are called Free Energy Devices. Sometimes, they are also known as Overunity
Devices because they operate at an efficiency of more than 100%. If we make a device like this, we can get
an unlimited supply of electricity. Will Bhaskara’s wheel accomplish the job? Today, the internet is full of these wheels,
where people claim that this is Bhaskara’s wheel. The design is quite simple. It has several bottles attached to the circumference
of the wheel. These bottles are partially filled with water,
I just added colors to it, so you can see it better. I made sure that the bottles are filled with
exactly the same amount of water now if I rotate,
some people claim that this wheel will run forever. Let us see if this works. I have an online stopwatch, I am going to
spin this wheel and start the stopwatch. Let’s see how long this will actually work? So you can see that this wheel actually was
spinning only for about a minute. Now, Of course this wheel is poorly balanced
and this is not the prefect model. But still even if you made a perfectly balanced
wheel, this wheel would have stopped anyway. Why? Because this is not the actual Bhaskara’s
Wheel. As you can see it stopped after, just about
a minute, So does this prove that perpetual motion machines do not exist? No! This is not the Bhaskara’s wheel at all. This is not the Bhaskara’s design at all. This is the Bhaskara’s original design. I have designed Bhaskara’s wheel as per Bhaskara’s
original design. It is a well-balanced wheel and I have put
bearings on it to reduce friction. The spokes are actually hollow tubes which
can be filled with mercury and I will show how to make it run forever. But first, these tubes have been left empty
and I am going to give it a spin and let’s watch how long this rotates. So I am starting the timer. And these tubes are empty but I am going to
give it a spin and Let’s see how long this spin. ok you can see that it stopped. As you can see this device ran for about 2
minutes. To make it into a free energy device, Bhaskara
advices to add mercury in equal proportions into these tubes. So, I am going to use a syringe to take mercury
out this container and put into these tubes and put them all in place. Why is this important? Because when I rotate the wheel, mercury would
flow from one side of the spoke to another, making the wheel increase its motion. Why did Bhaskara decide to use mercury instead
of water? Because mercury is very heavy liquid and has
some magical properties and also does not stick to anything. Ok now you can see that I have filled all
the tubes and this is the last tube, but watch what happens as soon as I put in the last
tube. This is going to be very interesting. As you can see, as soon as put in the mercury
the wheels starts to spin by itself. This is the perpetual motion machine which
will literally spin forever. Perpetual motion is actually confirmed by
Newton’s First Law of Motion. Newton says ‘An object in motion will remain
in motion, unless there is an external force.’ Think of planet earth and how long it has
been continuously spinning without stopping. It has already been moving for more than 4.5
billion years. So, how does this wheel spin forever? So, this is the secret! I put my hand behind it as soon as put the
last tube and turned it like this. So this is how most of the perpetual machines
on Youtube work. YouTube is full of videos which claim that
they have created perpetual motion machines, but most of them, if not all of them are fake. They realized the best way to get free energy
is by making fake videos and get adsense money to pay their power bill. That is free energy, if you think about it. So why does the Bhaskara’s wheel not work? What really happens is that, moving parts
make one side of the wheel heavy and shifts the center of mass downwards below what’s
the center right now. So, with the change in the center of mass,
the wheel just acts like a normal wheel, it will slow down and then swing like a pendulum
before it finally stops. About 500 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci took
the Bhaskara’s wheel and tried to create a perpetual motion machine. He added little balls inside the spokes instead
of mercury. Of course, it is pretty easy to do this. All I have to do is add little metal balls
inside the spokes. This is the Da Vinci’s attempt at making a
perpetual motion machine, and of course this will also stop, it cannot run perpetually. So, this is Da Vinci’s attempt at making
a perpetual motion machine and of course you can see this will also stop. Of course, the Da Vinci’s attempt at making
the perpetual motion machine also failed. This will also stop because it can not run
perpetually. Why? Because as far as we know, all Perpetual motion
machines break the first and second laws of thermodynamics. This is almost like trying to charge a power
bank with itself. Now, think about it? Did I just make a perpetual motion machine? Is it a free energy device? Am I able to charge the power bank using the
power from the power bank itself? Now, this is not to say we may never come
up with an actual perpetual motion machine. Because we do not understand much about the
Universe, and many of us have a closed mind which does not think of new possibilities. Think about it, before Wright brothers, a
lot of scientists were convinced that anything heavier than air would never be able to fly
in air. It sounds remarkably scientific, but some
people do break these “Universal Laws” and then it becomes a matter of fact. For example, think about making a device powered
by radioactive decay from an isotope with a really long half-life. If we make such a device, it will run for
thousands of years. We already have something called the Oxford
Electric Bell which is still working after 175 years of continuous running. If you look carefully, you can see the little
vibration, this is the bell ringing. Of course, scientists argue that these are
not perpetual motion machines, but imagine spinning a wheel and it runs for a hundred
years without stopping. It would take scientists a 100 years to verify
if it is a perpetual motion machine or not, and I think by current standards it would
be a significant step forward in science. Plus, Nikola Tesla himself once said quote:
” No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market.” end quote. This means that such devices are indeed possible. Some have claimed that Bhaskara actually made
another device which did run forever, it is said that many of his writings and inventions
were destroyed, and this technology is lost. Remember, many strange devices were invented
in India including the anti-gravity jar. So, may be ancient people did build free energy
devices. So what do you think? Is it possible to build a perpetual motion
machine? Or is this just a pipe dream? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section. I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching,
don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button to get all the updates. Please give this video a thumbs up and do
share it with your friends and I will talk to you soon. Bye!

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41 thoughts on “Ancient Free Energy Device Re-created? Original Bhaskara’s Wheel”

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  2. sebastian stewart says:

    If you want an electric Overunity machine, its called electric column which works on capacitance and positve feedback.
    Look it up positive feedback causes surges in systems and is generally removed when making electric circuits.

  3. bharathcoolk kumar says:

    here comes another Indian claiming Indians knew everything before everyone after everything happens eg: wright brothers took 12 seconds flight for first time then after some time Indian comes and says our ancestors knew to fly and we have blue prints which Indians themselves didn't understand

  4. VIDISH MISHRA says:

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  8. forest man says:

    Pipeline dream. Free energy only exists if the energy is supplied by nature. eg. Wind water sun and maybe ether or photon energy.

  9. David Redfearn says:

    Any water wheel that is fed from a creek, river or gutter spout runs from the perpetual motion of the water cycle.

  10. Tim Sawyer says:

    Blasphemy!!! @ 17:00 !!!! How dare you take Nikola's words and decide that the "PROVE" perpetual motion devices are possible… He was simply making a commentary on cooperate greed and the power that the big players in Energy have to stop things like a perpetual motion device from ever making it to mass production, because there's no money in it!… He was confirming GREED and CORRUPTION not PERPETUAL MOTION!!! Retard… haha

  11. Oriol Borràs says:

    Hi praveen, what do You think about the Vimanas, supposedly a kind of Flying saucers that where used in Bharat Varsa during Vedic Times to travel around the Universe (4,000 or 5,000 years ago) they are well described on the Vedas…

  12. KAEDO Music says:

    Even scientifically proven theories are proven wrong all the time ,
    Just saying don't limit your mind to what laws of physics says because science is still an illusion to us

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  14. Ace Warmonger says:

    Scientists believed nothing that is heavier than air can fly??? What else bullshit can u make up? Birds have been flying for what?a million years? And Nikola tesla never made any bull crap comments like no free energy device will be made public.. He never believed in free energy
    Stop making people dumber than they already are

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  22. Camulus777 says:

    Let's all just throw physics and the laws of thermodynamics out the window for a second. If you could create energy out of nothing, which is what perpetual motion is claiming, then you could create matter. Neither are possible. All energy already exists, it is simply a matter of converting that energy into a form that we can use for our devices. This "machine" is simply clickbait, and has no practical energy generation applications in the real world. Even if you had this thing in a perfect vacuum in a complete zero gravity environment the second you attempted to retrieve energy from it, you would be applying a resistance to it. This resistance would slow your rate of rotation as the energy from the rotation would be converted into another form of energy.

    We have kinetic gyros that spin super fast for very long periods of time. These are not generating energy as it took energy to make them spin. These are kinetic batteries that store the energy used to spin them as kinetic energy. These batteries also lose energy both in their charging process and in their discharge process (whatever that may be) in the form of efficiency. While charging the spin of the object slows causing energy to bleed off. Even in a vacuum the earth's gravity will pull on the object waring it down. This will actually cause the object to heat up slightly where it touches its barings. That heat is energy escaping. In an atmosphere the spin will be reduced by the surrounding gasses. This to is friction and will cause heating which will bleed off through the gas. The energy is still there it has just been transferred to another state.

    Electric cars are inefficient and stupid because of this one reason. We build an electric car and charge it up using turbines powered by fossil fuels. Instead of putting those fuels into the car directly saving a considerable amount of efficiency. In fact driving an electric car is in fact more of a pollutant than driving a massive SUV.

    Solar panels are great at capturing energy. They have a decent efficiency and decent lifespan but we can't store that amount of energy. We don't have the storage capacity needed to maintain our energy demands when solar does not work ie during 2/3 of the day because it's to dark. Wind has a similar problem. It only works if there is wind. When the wind is not strong enough the system shuts down, or if it is to strong the system shuts down. Then we have to rely on our stored power which will equal about 30 min total if you took every battery on earth and hooked them up to the grid. On top of all that these systems are expensive to build and to upkeeps not to mention are far from pollution free. Recycling them is expensive as well, requiring more energy to take the parts, reprocess them into usable materials and rebuilding new units. The energy required to do so is far more than these units will ever be able to store in their lifetimes. There is a simple rule that can be broken down into a term that even kinder gardners can understand. "The closer you are to the original source of your energy, the more efficient your system will be." Some say solar is super close to fusion, but in reality solar is a small infinitesimal fraction of a byproduct of what our sun is doing. Even if the planet were a solar collector we would only be collecting on billion to the billionth of a percent of all of the sun's energy.

    The most efficient, least expensive, and by far least pollutant, method of energy conversion is thorium fission reactors. Cleaner than people waist (or shit) longer lasting than any modern solar array, more cost effective than burning oil and coal, and you can't produce fissionable weapons out of it. Why not right. Well that's because countries have attempted to ban other nations from building new reactors so as to keep energy costs where they want them. Sorry you can't blame the USA for this one. We don't restrict Thorium generated power for third world countries. It's mostly the EU that attempts to stop this and one of their largest members gets over 75% of its total energy production from nuclear. Most of that is from weapons grade stuff too and not safe thorium. Through fear mongering and sanctions the world has been lied to that nuclear is unsafe when in reality it has per capita been involved in less deaths than choking on a polluted air. Why sanctio the holy grail of energy conversion? Well there is a lot of money in global warming hype and climate catastrophe. Billions are spent to fund research, hold expensive elitist summits in exquisit locations, private non profits that claim to spend their donations to stop a crisis that is overly politicized and lacking is substantial data. Where does that money go? To other companies owned by friends and family that claim to build magical machines that will save us from our own hubris. All lies and ait could all be stopped if we built a few more nuclear power plants.

  23. SuMaN says:

    Use this same design. But add 6 spaced out magnets along the outer wheel. Add a slightly bigger stationary wheel with the opposite pole magnets inside. That may work.

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  28. Allan H says:

    Over unity may not happen, but systems can be redefined upon new discoveries or realizations of how to tap into natural energy flows. Flowing water, air, and 'sun-rays' can all be tapped for freely flowing energy today. New realuzations may occur on natural or induced magnetic and electrical phenomena. If the universe is recognized as electrical in nature, new revolutions in science may occur. But, expect credible threats to existing industries to be crushed and 'disappeared.'

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