Are Energy Drinks Really that Bad?


Energy drinks! (upbeat music) We hear all the time that
they’re really bad for us, especially for teens, but we all drink them anyway. So are energy drinks really that bad? First, let’s rewind back to 1997, the year Titanic came out in theaters, and I looked like this. It’s also when RedBull
became the first energy drink to reach the market in the US. Since then, energy drinks like RedBull have skyrocketed in popularity. But things started
getting intense in 2011, when the American Academy of Pediatrics, an organization of over
60,000 pediatricians, recommended that kids and teens should never drink energy drinks. The reason why they were so worried? Caffeine! They were also concerned
about student athletes who were confusing energy drinks for sports drinks, like Gatorade. But anyway, 2011 was a long time ago. So we emailed the AAP to
see if things have changed. Their answer was no. They confirmed that “The 2011 report “was recently reaffirmed by the Academy.” But caffeine is in a ton of things, like coffee, tea, soda,
and even chocolate, and the dangers of caffeine
really boil down to how much you have. A cup of coffee usually has between 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine. So, for adults, the experts recommend no more than 400 milligrams a day, and for kids, no more than 100 milligrams. All right, so a little bit of caffeine, probably not that bad. But high doses can be lethal. Yeah, it can kill you. (screaming) So how much caffeine is
actually in energy drinks to get all these doctors so worked up? Although the FDA doesn’t
require companies to list the amount of caffeine in beverages, many brands do it voluntarily. They’re right there on the label. So, in this little bottle,
you’ve got 200 milligrams, you’ve got 160 milligrams
in this can of Monster, and 114 milligrams in this RedBull. But caffeine often isn’t
the only ingredient in energy drinks. There can be lots of other additives, like guarana and taurine. Shoot, is it taurine? Guarana is a plant from the Amazon, and its seeds contain about double the amount of caffeine
found in coffee beans. Taurine, on the other
hand, is an amino acid, which, if you took notes
in your biology class, you would know is the
building block of proteins. It’s in a lot of other things. It’s even in our own nervous system. And it’s often marketed
as a performance enhancer. And then, of course, some of these drinks have a lot, a lot of sugar, and we all know how much sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity. So what does the research
say about all this? Well, in 2011, a paper published
in the journal Pediatrics reviewed the effects of energy drinks on children, adolescents,
and young adults. The paper looked at 121 reports, 2/3 of which were published
in academic journals. And in all of this research, there are still two big unknowns. One, does your age affect how your body responds to caffeine? And two, how do all these
additives and caffeine interact with each other? Clearly, there’s still a
lot they’re figuring out, but in the meantime, the experts warn that energy drinks could
be especially risky for kids with heart
problems, ADHD, or diabetes. So, given all these concerns,
it may come as no surprise that some places have pushed for completely banning the
sales of energy drinks to anyone under the age of 18. As far as we can tell,
that hasn’t passed locally here in the US, but in 2014, Lithuania, well, known for storks
and hot air balloons, became the first country to actually ban the sale of energy drinks to
anyone under the age of 18. But not everyone is a fan of these ideas. Some think these restrictions are unfair. If you aren’t worried about
selling coffee or tea to kids, why single out energy drinks? So, the American Beverage Association, the trade group representing
many of these energy drinks, came up with another idea: voluntary guidelines for
labeling energy drinks. So now that you know all this, how do you feel about energy drinks? Do you think there should
be more regulation? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “Are Energy Drinks Really that Bad?”

  1. Hayden Lacroix says:

    I’m in my early teens and I drink Monster energy drinks regularly, and tbh nothing bad has ever happened to me, I feel fine.

  2. Ali Amjid Gondal says:

    I never foink enrgi driks am 12. 🙁

  3. Elitedevil says:

    ur eyes are 2 close to each other btw

  4. Lucas says:

    Kind of wish the video would have touched on zero sugar drinks that use sweeteners instead of sugar. That topic alone probably warrants its own video entirety though.

  5. yeetus that feetus says:

    no we should not ban energy drinks plz

  6. Adam Comedy says:

    My first panic attack was when I was drinking redbull. I almost ended up calling the ambulance. Yes, energy drinks are really that bad. A 13 year old girl drank energy drinks every day then she sadly suffered a stroke and is now immobile. If this won't motivate kids to avoid this crap, then nothing will. Kids have enough energy already. I used to drink energy drinks and it messed with my anxiety hard.

  7. southern colt says:

    I've been drinking energy drinks since I was 14 I'm now 21 I'm still kicking

  8. Red Vaporizer says:

    Come on!!! I got a monster yesterday and wanted to drink it!

  9. 3.2M subscribers says:

    Maybe people should stop doing a lot of things since most things can cause injuries or death

  10. Spark Clips says:

    im 16 and So far, ive drank 1-3 (mostly 1 though) rockstars everyday for a couple of months now
    i haven't felt any negatives side effects from drinking them

  11. AdrenalinFN says:

    You know… euro shopper energy drink is only 1,30 and its not as dangerous as monster. And btw you have to be 15 to drink energy drinks legally. My friend is 11 and he drinks ed energy drinks and he is still alive… so np, i guess?

  12. SavageR28 says:

    I'm 14 and I drink a lot of energy drinks

  13. betterseatsinc2010 says:

    Thank you. Thats what i was guessing. Could you do the breakdown on sports suplements?
    I hear creatine and lit are popular.
    Thank you in advance!

  14. dicker9 says:

    I used to drink 1 or even up to 3 20oz redbulls a day at the age of 14. I’m perfectly healthy, if people just looked at how much caffeine was inside a redbull, they’d realize it’s no worse then soda. (Except redbull does have more caffeine then soda, so it’s a little worse.) i mean come the fuck on, people see people dying from chugging 5 liters of monster in 2 hours, and then they act like just one a day is the worst for u. I will say, monster is pretty fucking bad, just 1 can of it makes me feel like my heart is beating out of my chest. That’s why I switched to redbull. So monster, I can say has an uncomfortable amount of caffeine for me. But it doesn’t mean just 1 can is going to give u a heart attack. People go to McDonald’s every single day, gulp down a 32oz soda and then act like that’s ok for ur heart, but an 8oz redbull is just gonna kill u outright. I seriously think people get dumber and dumber as the years go on

  15. sadetwizelve says:

    People that hate energy drinks,drink coffee all day,smoke and drink alcohol though

  16. haydeezz says:

    it seems like you look same as in 1997 😀

  17. Michael Heider says:

    No – and if you put a warning lable on it you just boost the sales. Education and common sense.

  18. Sera Dass Busdriver says:

    I love energy drinks

  19. Nannci3 xxx says:

    Am an addict. So too bad for me

  20. Geras Katinas says:

    Im from lithuania 🙁 didnt even get to taste the energy drinks and know they banned it so we have to go to underground stores.

  21. Phillip Craggs says:

    here is a novel idea, how about you regulate yourself. Educate yourself, educate your kids. And let Darwin sort out the rest.
    I have no sympathy for people that drink 4-6 cans of this stuff and die.
    Is it a shame? Yes.
    Is it preventable? Yes.
    Is it RedBull's fault? No. But if they wanted to be a responsible company, they could educate more.
    And yes, if one of my kids died from this, it would be MY fault. Not RedBull.

  22. Elias Poulsen says:

    In Denmark you are forced to put caffeine warning on the can

  23. Райан КГБ АGЕИТ says:

    Energy drinks is for everyone

  24. Райан КГБ АGЕИТ says:

    Fuck regulations

  25. Zee says:

    We legit have kickstart in our vending machines at my high school😅

  26. Daris Puskar says:

    it's like only 30 people that have died by it but it's probobly poeple that drinks a lot or just that their body can't handle it

  27. Mosie says:

    1 every 1 week for me 🙂

  28. F B I says:

    Energi drinks is a joke, What about cigarets?!

  29. Comical Kid says:

    No less, nos and redbull and bang i feel like are the most efficient

  30. heres Butler says:


  31. Gavin Saunders says:

    Can't beat a nice can of white monster 👌

  32. Em L says:

    With all the homework and stuff I had to do for school, I would not have survived or graduated high school without energy drinks (but they should put a little less sugar in them, they're well too sweet)

  33. rebel waltz says:

    honestly i have at least 5 energy drinks every week and nothing has happened to me so i think im good

  34. Ek says:

    taurine is not used in proteins

  35. tdyjtrxyrksrur6tu 4 says:

    If the ban energy drinks ban all soda caffeine tea and candy and chips

  36. tdyjtrxyrksrur6tu 4 says:

    I gave my 4 year old son a monster it made him so happy

  37. aki2004OP says:

    If i am 14 year old Can i have monster

  38. Pamela Saunders says:

    The American Academy of Pediatrics is just an arm of the nanny state that is being forced upon us.

  39. Hunter Young says:

    No energy drinks are tasty but not the healtist It may cause heart problems if you consume too much that's why moderation its the key word for everything you eat and drink

  40. Fearless Z0ul says:

    Eh i will still drink them

  41. Axer Gamings says:

    I drink a monster once almost every two days since last week.. I mean it's all about that 2XP for Black Ops 4

  42. Kayla Widner says:

    i think they sould say im a dirt bike rider an d they keep me up and gowing i am only 11 and i drink red bull and monster

  43. Serbia Rock124 says:

    Nahhh we shout drink energy
    Its good for you

  44. Gregorio Manuel says:

    Welcome to the 21st century where everything you eat gives you cancer or kills you

  45. Jon Clateman says:

    I taught this lesson to my class today, and here is what they think:
    "No, because sometimes, teenagers need energy"
    "Yes, there should be an age requirement, because of the dangers of all those stimulants."
    "yes because young kids don't understand the dangers and health risks"

  46. Rebecca Larson says:

    Yes, I think there should be education in elementary school (like they do with drugs) on the dangers of energy drinks and that it should be put behind the counter like cigarettes and not sold to children under 18. With children dying more needs to be done to protect kids.

  47. ELEMENTELITEYe says:

    Bc…… it is bull pissed fill a water drink shit.
    I never drink lol bc sometime do I drink make me goog energy.

  48. YODOG says:

    I have a Dizzyness in scared help

  49. Alan Vehabovic says:


  50. OHJA says:

    im 15 and drink 3-5 cups of coffie everyday and dont even feel diffrent

  51. SaskatchewanBadAss says:

    Iv built up an almost near immunity to caffein over the years. Been drinkin coffee since before kindergarten and have been having about 2 energy drinks a day from the 3rd grade till about 3 months ago. At 22 i have to have at least a 4pack of energy drinks to feel anything…

  52. Sander Berendsen says:

    If you don’t drink it Every day, there is no problem

  53. Kuli Kov says:

    In Germany there's less caffeine in Energy drinks…

  54. Jonathan Marc says:

    the FDA approves amphetamines for children as young as 6, so either caffeine is not a big deal or the FDA is corrupt and kids shouldnt be taking amphetamines lol

  55. Juan Rodriguez says:

    How about this? Bo sugar or sweeteners in energy drinks. Turn them bitter. Then no bitch ass kid will buy them

  56. Robinson Hogan says:

    If they contain vitamins, then of course they are. You're all diseased in the brain.

  57. George Taylor says:

    Should ban the people who drink them.

  58. Bethany DeBorde says:

    i think we should bad them

    i only which this video for my group for exhibition

  59. Adam Hause says:

    I hate Red Bull because it has a funny after taste

  60. Smilte Zibalaite says:

    Me and my friend drank 3energy drinks and then some coffe and we didnt knew that was an energy drink its called ZOMBIE and now I think something is going to happen(im 12 and my friend is 12)

  61. Roxi Blues says:

    People really out here treating energy drinks worse than cigarettes and crystal meth frfr lmfao

  62. Anonymous Account says:

    Where I live you need to be 15 years to drink them. I am 17 and consume monster or rockstar occasionally. Really never more than once a month on Average to make sure I don't get hooked, if I can't handle the crave I'll just drink a soda and to avoid addiction

  63. BIGBIK3 says:

    I’m 13 and today I took 480 mg of caffeine in red bull 😂

  64. Nikki Williams says:

    No more coffee!!! No more energy drinks!!!!

    Not sure if you’ve heard of Thrive, but it was a game changer for me, a huge blessing… and I’m hoping it can help you too like it has for so many others.

    Follow the link below


  65. JamKewJie says:

    Doctor logic: you have adhd you shouldn’t drink caffeine

    Adhd let’s prescribe him adderal. Smh

  66. HRASTA says:

    Welp in my country energy drinks are given to anyone

  67. hshe hwhw says:

    5-10 grams of caffeine is a lethal dose that's at least 40 regular sized energy drinks.

  68. Mo Gh says:

    Am a doctor, I drink one can a day, I believe no need to regulate it, caffeine is all over the place, maybe more education to the public is needed and more transparency on the side of manufacturers, but it is not a serious public health issue

  69. Christian covers not so Christian songs huber says:

    Oml choose energy drinks or crack doctors what tf do u want 😂

  70. Angel Salazar says:

    I see 10year old drinks monster by now it normal for me to see kid drink energy I'm 12 year old

  71. DeepCupsChan119 says:

    I drink energy drink every friday once a week doesnt kill me and felt nothin just little bit blood preasure from my both arms and my neck and i sleep normal ok and drinking water n juice weekends are normal

  72. SlimJim says:

    Look they arent that bad when drank in moderation…
    The company's are not to blame for problems caused its the person being careless with their consumption

  73. Sky GhostFX says:

    Caffeine can make u stop Growing

  74. Galaxy Craft says:

    Im 12 and i drink stuff like monster and red bull and it does nothing to me , guys dont worry guys it would not kill you

  75. Wildlife at home says:

    Kinda like alcohol and tobacco, the kids will find a way,, both of which are much worse for your body.

  76. Real AdidasMusic says:

    I'm 12 years old and I drink 5 drinks of red bull because I'm being sponsored by red bull lol

  77. Marechan28 Gaming says:

    I love my energy drinks and coffee. So no way. Just don't them to your kids. I don't think kids should have caffeine anyway. they have enough energy as it is.

  78. butch blakesley says:

    dont ban these drinks! they are an integral part of social Darwinism.

  79. Emmy 11 says:

    That would be irrational to ban energy drinks

  80. Inquisitive Frog says:

    “Energy drinks can be lethal!” Yes okay, but has anyone actually died from drinking entertainment drinks or are energy drinks only deadly in theory?

  81. l says:

    It will kill you idiots

  82. Ms. Daniela M. Delyusto says:

    I think caffeine dosage should be measured relative to body weight, and not that many kids metabolize caffeine so differently as to have 4x smaller dosage.

  83. Kitty Gaming says:

    I had to type fast because I ran to my mom complaining that my arm was hurting and my stomach was burning Inside and I was sooo sleepy after drinking a tiny bit of a kind of an energy drink and my heart was hurting…

  84. Sean Felder says:

    XS Energy Drinks isn't part of that.Food and Drugs ADministration approve me of that.Distributor S Felder

  85. Sean says:

    So you said they could be lethal and stated who these drinks are more dangerous for but did not expand on the HOW. Could you go into more detail about the effects on high risk individuals?

  86. SuperToasty says:

    Im 14 and i only drink an energy drink ONCE a year.

  87. Jack Harpe 3rd says:

    Weren't Sport Drinks the original Energy Drinks? All these drinks are to me are just "Mental Sodas!" Besides, most People I know who like Mountain Dew drink it the same way others drink Red Bull. So cause of that, the only difference to me is the ingredients. Otherwise they're the same thing to me!

  88. xXxKoentjuuhxXx says:

    Drinking 5 of them while watching

  89. Billy Idol Rockstar says:


  90. Thomas Ellison says:

    Way more energy drinks 5 hr energy drinks Gatorades it's good

  91. ToMi GD says:


  92. AdHocFuture says:

    Yes. Two reasons: a. It amps anxiety in folks that suffer from certain mental issues, and b. Young folks are still developing, and caffeine is addictive, so more and more will be used, and scaling back the use, or discontinuing the use, will be far more difficult for them later in life than an older person that uses the product. Personal experience: I suffered from severe asthma when I was a child. This was in the 1960's and 1970's. Back then the treatment was caffeine. So as a little boy, they tried to start me on coffee. I threw that nasty stuff up every time. So I ended up on soda pop. Lots of soda pop. I don't think it helped, but the doctors never asked my opinion. I have tried to give up caffeine a few times. But I never felt normal. So, I will drink soda pop till the day I die.

  93. Furious Plays says:

    Human needs a little bit taurine on his body so one can in 2~3days isnt that bad i usually buy non sugar ones witch have 3~20cal

  94. An a yup Rain says:

    I'm 12 I drank 3 cans of monster 5 cans of red bull and didn't die.

  95. Jobje Rabbeljee says:

    Its healthy. Fuck you.

  96. Finnigan Holmes says:

    I'm literly drinking a Red Bull right now and I'm 11

  97. Dhindara Vrel says:

    Coffee is my energy drink. All natural, and good for the body in many ways.

  98. TJ347 says:

    Personal responsibility. For some reason, we've gotten to where those are dirty words in the western world.

  99. Jay 8721 says:

    Beer and alcohol cause way way way more deaths then energy drinks. That is a Fact

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