Awesome Things You Can Do With Household Objects


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100 thoughts on “Awesome Things You Can Do With Household Objects”

  1. Joe Poelmans says:

    Interesting slightly but still clickibait considering the thumbnail. Clickbaiters need to get their shit kicked in

  2. ɮʟօօɖ sքaɖɛ says:

    I didn't know a plasma ball is a househole object

  3. Magician Kennyy says:

    I leaned how to make 2 different types of bombs 💣

  4. calin olaru says:

    The thumbnail is at 10:29

  5. David Kelly says:

    I saw a similar pencil trick an old MacGuyver episode in the 80's. The difference was that he used two pencils to make an arc welder. I always that was BS, but now…

  6. Ramond Joachim says:

    if you dont want me to do it why are you teaching me to do it1:36

  7. JC LI says:

    Yeah some little kid is going to find this video and fuck themselves up.

  8. Malicia the Octoling says:

    ''So, if life gives you lemons, use them as batteries.'' XD

  9. tyler krug says:

    You can make bottle bombs with dry ice and water.
    They sell dry ice at just about every grocery store these days.

  10. HelloConfidence says:

    i liked the battery

    left a like

  11. CooL CreatioN says:

    3:24 wtf was that!!!

  12. Andre oreilly says:

    Sub to pewdiepie

  13. Adriana MR says:

    when life gives you lemons you turn them into a power source used to charge your phone that broke 2 years ago

  14. Adriana MR says:

    I'm hoping that the pyro from TF2 is now on a diet of oranges

  15. DennisGames NL says:

    1k dislikes r 1k bitches fuck sex neuk fap gore hoer suckmac0ck 3ddD =uh n3

  16. Anil Kumar says:

    Can we eat the milkstone?

  17. Jeanne Nilsson says:

    make a criminal vid. will you…

  18. Vishal Mishra says:

    stop it youtube😢 i have cllg tomorrow

  19. Kevin Chavez says:

    I don't think i'll be able to see in the dark to do that with the Lápiz 🤔
    Yes (lápiz)

  20. Jack Tiger says:

    It works!

  21. Muhammad Rayyan says:

    I am eating a aero now

  22. Tony Rigo says:

    If you bend over get a match and light your fart

  23. Chad Coleman says:

    Teaching kids how to make bombs. Real nice. Fuck you.

  24. Cosmic says:

    3:20 10 forint? magyarrrr hungairan content lol

  25. Jayden Jarrow says:

    The first one is like if you don’t have a light how can you see the battery

  26. Jared Strottmann says:

    0:37 I don't think that is as simple as it sounds if you don't have a knife… Or even if you do, and if it's dark outside

  27. CraveEdit$ says:

    It's not lead lol it's graphite

  28. Kaptain KoRn says:

    DO NOT TRY THIS!:…Proceeds to tell you how to do it

  29. DJpuggs says:

    Carbon dioxide is "not" hamles

  30. Tahir H. says:

    I’m trying everything no ppe either and you can’t do shit about it

  31. ansahs ansah says:

    DO NOT TRY THIS but here's how to do it. How retarded is that.

  32. MLG Master says:

    When your mate cheats at uno in the playground: throws card at him ends up in the hospital

  33. MLG Master says:

    Wait wait wait IM DRINKING PLASTIC

  34. mr.spoon full of apples says:

    " a harmless grenade"

  35. Chris Ng says:

    1st u tell us, then u tell us do not try them and its dangerous? Why telling us in the 1st place? 😂

  36. meliodas sama says:

    Lol iknow the 3rd to the first onr

  37. NICHOLAS MIANI says:

    when life gives you lemons, make batteries. When life gives you oranges, make batteries. When life gives me a comment section, I use it to say that I'm in my kitchen looking for matches right now. Or maybe I'll make a grenade first. . .how about both!

  38. michael mede says:

    I'm serious. DO NOT TRY THIS.
    Ok now look how cool and fun this is.

  39. James Cook says:

    its fun used to make works bombs when we was younger the thing was no joke nut fun sticking under an ice lake would be cool

  40. Ariana Negron says:

    Ah yes teach the idiots how to make IEDs 😒

  41. wood carving says:

    Milk stone

  42. wawa Elias says:


  43. Roger Thomas says:

    So to fix your car at night, find your torch so that you can build a light out of a pencil.

  44. drainpipe900 says:

    How the fuck do u strip a pencil in the dark

  45. marlin brando says:

    I dont think I've owned a pencil for years. I use mechanical pencils. Btw I think the flashlight on my phone is brighter. Or is the scenario call for a broken down car with a phone and 0% battery…..

  46. Peas Bemis says:


  47. Maisie Macalister says:

    Please don’t try this at home.then he literally shows you how to do it anyways. Me:probably gonna try this when I’m older thanks for the instructions 😂

  48. Juna Quill says:

    "You are making a Bomb, Do Not Try This" 2 Seconds later "Here's how to try it"

  49. Jake Tollgaard says:

    Awesome things your can do…. But don't try it 🤣

  50. Shelly Beans Jellybeans says:


    So why did you even include it if it's that unsafe to do?🤔
    Didn't your parents ever tell you no as a kid growing up? And as a kid I bet you wanted to go out and do that thing all because they told you no. That's what you're doing here. You say don't do it but then you lay it all out step by step so now they know how to do it and you gave the urge to do it too because you said not to try this. Don't you think that's dumb and a little irresponsible?

  51. Eric Dary says:


  52. Resh Dil says:

    If somebody tries to steal your credit card theyre doing a big mistake

  53. Jason Snowder says:

    What about lighters and febreeze?

  54. Victor H Castro says:

    Stunt man has balls of steel. Hmmmmm can you tell me how to make balls of steel

  55. mindfuless says:

    Do not try this but if you do here's how 🤔

  56. Anthony Pascale says:

    Extremely bad advice to go e the bottle a shake!!!! Dont give advice on something you have never actually done!!! Idiots

  57. tricky_97 _ says:

    DO NOT TRY THIS!!!….. then walks you through how to make it step by step 🤣😂

  58. Gray Skull says:

    Yeah because when you're broke down on the side of the road and need to see your car engine it's easier to strip down a pencil, get some speaker wire, wrap it around the "lead" and hook it to your car battery than it is to have a flashlight!

  59. Trending Virus says:

    Be Amazed : Milkstone is hard to break with hands
    2 sec later : it broke

  60. Woodentripod32 says:

    2:42 I. The uk that’s a kinder egg toy holder

  61. Bazooka Llama Productions says:

    so the first one will electrocute you, the second will make a bomb that sprays hydrochloric acid everywhere. brilliant.

  62. Bazooka Llama Productions says:

    ivory soap also breaks apart in the shower cuz its full of air bubbles.

  63. NET G says:

    "you'll get 3-5 minutes of light" after spending 6 hours stripping the pencil
    don't forget to put your "works" on a fire for maximum fun XD (dry ice and water will do this too and won't catch fire and won't make a stinky foamy mess like vinegar and baking soday)

  64. Mohammad Hassan Nejad Neisi says:

    "Do not try this! Alright, let's try this."

  65. Arzanith Rodriguez says:

    whats the point of showing this i f we cant do it

  66. Adam Quinn says:

    Can you eat milkstone? Lol

  67. zsolo hun says:

    Why is your stuntman hungarian ??

  68. hi loha says:

    Why show people how to make a boom if its illegal

  69. Jessica McCulley says:

    A 9 volt battery can light steel wool on fire.

  70. Shagufta Ashfaq says:

    1. How do you expect to strip a pencil with your bare hands

    2. His explanation is wrong, graphite does conduct electricity

    3. He called it lead, which it is not

  71. Mike Leoul says:

    orange flame thrower

  72. Caroline Morris says:


  73. Caroline Morris says:

    flame thrower

  74. nick says:

    Orange peel u squeeze just peel n the juice is flamable

  75. nick says:

    Not the orange juice

  76. 123 456 says:

    My freinds and i are going to try the works after band practice today when our parents are at work

  77. JAY ARE says:

    Pretty kool…💙💙💙💙

  78. Dylan Kaylor says:

    Ya I think il just buy a $2 led flashlight, sorry guys I shock my self every time I plug my charger in

  79. DrLeavingsoon says:

    Your interruptive use of inappropriate advertisement means I will now unsubscribe and not be back.
    Was watching with my children and immediately prior to your #1 slot, an ad that was definitely not appropriate was aired. Not struck this before – and I use my youtube account solely for facts, history, science and geography home-schooling.
    Really, really not cool.

  80. Ian Kammerman says:

    So, when life gives you lemons, use them as batteries.

  81. Ian Kammerman says:

    When life gives you oranges, create flamethrowers.

  82. yellooh says:

    Just remembered the orange peel one.

  83. yellooh says:

    When life gives you lemons, make electricity.

  84. panda bear says:

    I cut my couch when i threw a card 😂😂😂

  85. Zaden Mershon says:

    I have a question, why do you destroy your car to make "torches" than just calling for help?

  86. C. G. says:

    6 Ads in 10 minutes. Video is nice. Platform is wrong.

  87. Anything Everything says:

    Lmao.. You learn all of this in prison.

  88. Earn Live says:


  89. Gabriel Paulino says:

    Forget the mini citrus spark, it's all about the air freshener/hairspray flamethrower. You would always see the warning label and I was curious and was blown away when I tried it out. Great smell and neat fireworks show.🤣

  90. Gabriel Rubio says:


  91. Matt Britland says:

    No way those forks on a toothpick will balance like that

  92. Dom da bomb says:

    DONT DO THIS…….But heres how you do it…….god i love youtube

  93. Zikl Brit says:


  94. Buggs Justice says:

    Can it blow up concrete

  95. Daffa D. P. says:

    If I was bullied I would use the Uno reverse card and throw it at him

  96. 7 says:

    pffff of course, everyone has a plasma ball laying down in the kitchen

  97. Schwepperr says:

    Him: Milkstone is hard to break by hand
    Also him: *breaks it by-hand 7:14

    "The narrator surely sounds like Tom Hanks"

  98. illumi NOTme says:

    #4 he he reminds me of…well has anyone ever made a marijauna milkshake ? I quit years ago but it is pretty cool. Chill a glass in freezer ( frosty mug) then roll a joint that you can put in a straw. When the mug is ready put the joint in a straw like your gonna blow a shotgun. Now light it up good and use the straw to blow tons of smoke into the glass. It will stay in the glass and be really cool. So hold the glass and inhale deeply. It's smooth because the smoke has cooled. Umm..anyway it may not be legal in your area but freedom rules. 😜

  99. Ann Brown says:

    Are hou people crazy? Demonstrating dangerous tricks, then saying, 'do not try this at home'. Who are you kidding? Teenage boys are eating detergent pods on YouTube; they don't need more bad ideas. Lemons are expensive; don't waste them making useless batteries. Always carry a flashlight in your vehicle.😭

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