Barnaby Joyce’s hypocrisy on renewable energy 30 March 2017

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This afternoon I speak on my favourite—renewable
energy, and the hypocrisy, stupidity and short-sightedness of the National Party and its leader, Barnaby
Joyce. In a long career of saying outrageously stupid things, that blustering beetroot, Barnaby
Joyce, has surpassed even himself with his latest utterances about renewable energy.
It is just so disappointing for the people of Australia to be afflicted by this fool
who is leading us into an economic disaster and stuck in the 1950s when it comes to climate
change, renewable energy and economic development in New South Wales. Recently, “Barnyard” Joyce
said this about the Australian Capital Territory [ACT] renewable energy target: The ACT saying they want 100 per cent renewables
is crazy. That might be a policy setting, but it’s also completely insane. It just doesn’t
work. He is an expert on crazy and insane. He looks
in the mirror every morning and is afflicted by that condition. The hypocrisy is outrageous
because the Deputy Prime Minister of this country knows that the biggest economic development
happening in his electorate is renewable energy. It is the wind farms at Glen Innes, the White
Rock and Sapphire Ridge wind farms. The outrageous stupidity and hypocrisy is writ large when
you consider that the $500 million development at Sapphire Ridge is underpinned by a supply
agreement with the ACT Government over 20 years. Without the Act policy, the biggest
economic development in his electorate, the largest wind farm in New South Wales, 270
megawatts of power, 100 megawatts contracted to the ACT, 265 local jobs. It will supply
the equivalent of 110,000 homes with clean energy. The construction started in January and it
is in the heart of his electorate. It would not be going ahead without the very policy,
the principal progressive policy of the ACT Government led by the Greens Minister, Shane
Rattenbury, without that policy of 100 per cent renewable electricity. Barnaby Joyce—how
can he get out of bed and front the people of Australia and keep a straight face, because
here he is, turning the sod on the White Rock wind farm, another $400 million renewable
energy project in his electorate, driving economic growth. The biggest projects in his
electorate and he is against the policy that actually delivers them. What a hypocrite.
Some people describe it in the bush as just total bullshit. That is how they describe
what Barnaby Joyce is putting forward. It is absolute garbage, it is crap, because
Barnaby put out a press release on 12 April 2016. Clean energy is essential to meet our emissions
reductions target. It was not Senator Richard Di Natale. It was
not a member of The Greens. It was Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister. He is an
absolute fool. He knows full well that the future of energy development in this country
is renewables. He knows full well it is delivering clean energy jobs and billions of dollars
of development in his electorate. The people of Australia know that he turned the sod then
bagged out the ACT. He is a fool and he is full of bullshit.

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