Billie Eilish – watch


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12 thoughts on “Billie Eilish – watch”

  1. Bonodist says:

    * Like if like
    Billie Eilish*

  2. Lopez Gissell says:


  3. Danicanod says:

    Am I the only human being who thinks he got a whatsapp message because of a sound of the song?

  4. MEDIUM Eichenberger Petra says:

    Like billie

  5. Lopamudra Sahoo says:

    Aww this little girl is so talented 👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘👍

  6. Kloe Seavey says:

    Possibly one of my favorite music videos out of all the ones I’ve ever watched

  7. Britany Rivera says:

    Best song 😍👍

  8. Shiny Charm Owner says:

    1:24 Paige for pretty little liars as one of the dancers???

  9. Gleyce Santos says:

    'Ill sit and watch you car burn

  10. Dennis Vidot says:

    I love and respect you Billie Eilish one day you will be my wife my Queen and i don't care what nobody says

  11. Alena Jordan says:

    It's 2k19 and this is still my fave Billie song <3

  12. riarkle_always says:

    this played on the radio so many times but i didn't know she sang it

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