Bio-magnetism & Consciousness PART 3

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If a man feels any pain, he wants to get rid
of it. To reduce the pain,
something is needed. Some action, help, commodity, facility or
change of environment is needed for relief from any
kind of pain. A feeling of pain is the first extension of
Consciousness in its psychic function. In order to get rid of the pain, Consciousness
extends to the second degree, that is, need. After need, comes effort. Action follows
effort. Then the result comes as pleasure, relief,
satisfaction, etc. The
result produces enjoyment which gives experience. Experience motivates
research leading to realization. Finally a conclusion is reached. Let us
itemize the extension of the psychic stages: (1) Feeling of Pain, (2) Need, (3) Effort
or zeal, (4) Action, (5) Result, (6) Enjoyment, (7) Experience, (8)
Research, (9) Realization and (10) Conclusion. All these stages of the psychic development
of Consciousness comprise the mind. These are all feelings within the body. Outside the
body, the mind (peripheral function of Consciousness) is also engaged
in many activities through the senses. This is accomplished with its faculties of
cognition, experience and discrimination.

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