Black Lightning 1×02 Promo “Lawanda: The Book of Hope” (HD)


The two men responsible for
kidnapping my girls are still out there somewhere. Your daughters been running
their mouths to the police. It is time that people know
Black Lightning is back. Black Lightning, my man! Black Lightning new series
next Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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39 thoughts on “Black Lightning 1×02 Promo “Lawanda: The Book of Hope” (HD)”

  1. DFS_Rice YT says:


  2. Rouslane Maouz says:

    How was the episode ???

  3. HyperBoy Blue says:


  4. Ashley Kim says:

    black lightning is already such a great show. great characters, great storyline, great everything. can’t wait to see what else they have planned!! ⚡️

  5. I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

    Black lightning greatness

  6. renji90998 says:

    Lightning does strike twice 🖤⚡️

  7. Josh Loves Movies says:

    Anissa has powers!
    What a great way to end a fantastic episode
    Easily one of my favorite CW shows!
    Can't wait to see what happens this season!

  8. Lee Sharp says:

    Black Lightning is how you adapt a DC property to live-action, whoa, that was so good tonight! Its not cheese like the Arrowverse is from CW. What they should do is wipe that universe away and make a proper DC TV Universe with this one and many others to come…. damn, wish Constantine was in this DC Universe, he deserves so much better than being stuck in the Arrowverse!

  9. Charizard Master says:

    Black lightning is already so epic

  10. Franklg says:

    Very strong pilot, i had a very low expectation about this show when first trailer was release, but now
    have to say that it's worth watching, don't have any complain, DC is doing a great job in their shows.
    I'll be watching this show definitely

  11. mr undefeated says:

    Wow cool lets see more beatdowns shall we

  12. mr undefeated says:

    Strike like lightning fight like thunder

  13. Arkham legend says:

    I really enjoyed this episode it was so good I'm loving the family dynamic and God I'm so fucking excited for next week!!

  14. LCNighthawk says:

    is good to have you 🙂

  15. Joe Jefferson says:

    Did anyone else catch that opening line?

    "That night in the storm with Thunder and Lightning as witnesses…"

    Gotta love Easter Eggs

  16. tunedude19 says:

    I hope people are watching I dont want a vixen situation

  17. Tyler says:

    The first episode was solid, though I think they stuffed the social justice messaging in a bit too much.

  18. Robert Garner says:

    This is a good show, love it

  19. The Black Kakashi says:

    RIP ArrowVerse Black Lightning taking over

  20. Jarrett Stewart says:

    I hope they do the Outsiders or at least have Metamorpho in a episode

  21. Moth BX says:

    CW got a another W black lightning is valid

  22. Viral Uploader says:

    What the?? I forgot to watched the pilot!! fuck!!

  23. Galaxy Gamer says:

    Ohhhhh yes this show is 🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡

  24. Brandon Ward says:

    I hope they join the Arrowverse next season. ⚡

  25. Christopher Anonuevo says:

    Black Lightning Season two who's with me


    Se parece a Joe de the flash 😅

  27. drlee2 says:

    Fantastic Pilot episode. Great mix of action, science fiction, family drama, social commentary, and the exposition never felt draggy but flowed within the dialogue.

  28. 702 Bro says:

    CW got too many shows but this one is the ONE. I say they wrap up super girl, legends and (gasp ) Arrow and just focus on Flash, BL, and Titans going forward. Less is more CW.

  29. mega geek says:

    Perfect premiere episode can't for next week

  30. Nicolas Kaito says:

    That was an amazing first episode and i am hook with the show.
    Definitely a change compare to the other DC's CW shows and I look forward to episode 2.

  31. Lord Bison says:

    About time Black Lightening got his own show!

  32. Kobe Belcher says:

    I haven’t watched it yet but is this show any good?

  33. Lanetta McAlpine says:

    They need to keep Arrow The Flash I watched a episode of Super girl and it wasn't bad and I watched first season Legends and some of 2 not bad either black lightning was good but the showrunners are known for having a good two seasons in them before the show falls completely off. (ie Being Mary Jane, Soul food, and The Game) so I would give it more than one episode before saying get rid of Arrowverse

  34. Daqwon RJ says:

    Im gonna assume black lighting is in the arrowverse its just maybe far from central city and Star city 😣 or on the surpergirl earth but i doubt it

  35. Albino Wolf says:

    I had to say it, Black Lighting became the Luke Cage of the Arrowverse👍. Great show in just in the first episode😄👍

  36. Eric Navarro says:

    Wat if in the flash episodes they find the eighth person on the bus that turned into a meta and it was static then they have to do a crossover with Backlighting so he can be statics mentor

  37. Morro is my favorite says:

    Holy cow did anyone notice that one guy that looks like KD from the Golden State Warriors?? Stop at 0:08 seconds and look closely.

  38. Rikard Nilsson says:

    [spoiler warning]

    How is the guarding policeman supposed to explain Lala's death to his superiors?
    "Yeah I was just sitting at my post doing my job without being bribed into leaving or anything when all of a sudden the prisoner just got up and strangled himself to death" ???

  39. Professor Comics says:

    Two things: 0:09 and 0:15.

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