Black Lightning 1×10 Extended Promo “Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption” (HD)


Your cells are creating pure energy. You’re just like dad! It’s happening again. They’re kidnapping kids. They’re alive and they’re kept in some
kind of suspended state. They’re not dead? Ain’t no such thing as death. There are some things
you can’t make right. (gunshots) Black Lightning all new this Tuesday
at 9/8c on The CW.

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97 thoughts on “Black Lightning 1×10 Extended Promo “Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption” (HD)”

  1. sherwin velasco says:

    Wow! Keeps getting better each episode!

  2. Da1 King0fWakanda says:

    It seems like every DC CW show has at least 1 episode titled “Sins Of The Father”

  3. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    La-La reminds me of Tattoo Man. ASA has some sort of agenda for La-La. They are trying to create human weapons by controlling them.

  4. clexa c says:

    Jen is going to go though the whole I don't wanna be a superhero just want to be normal phase. I just want to bypass that and her just accept her powers bruh hahaha. But this show is amazing.. I've been in love with it since day one. & I also wonder what dc characters they'll bring on the show if not this season than next.

  5. tonyrockton says:

    they are keeping Jennifer's powers close to the look in the comics

  6. Natasha Hamilton says:

    I love this show!!!

  7. Tatyana Angel says:

    I can not wait for next Tuesday for black light ning my girl Jennifer powers , power cool

  8. JT Jordan says:

    Anissa is running through walls and Jen is turning into a full lightening bolt! HELL YEAH!!!!

  9. Marvin G. says:

    Its legit black lightning is on the same universe as arrow

  10. Boundless Atilier says:

    OMG this is so not a CW show, this is turning into a dark fantastic series

  11. A P. says:

    So excited for next week!

  12. K-pop Addiction says:

    My girl China is killing it, she has been such a good actor since the beginning of the show and how she has progressed since Disney is amazing. I am so happy that they are giving her more screen time.🙏🏼

  13. y’all smell that? says:

    Who else is glad they decided to keep Jennifer like the comic book version

  14. Brian Ting says:

    Better than Luke Cage hands down. Better use of music and better characters, better costumes.

  15. Jamieb1994 says:

    So is Gambi & Jefferson back on good terms now. Also is Jefferson's powers & Jennifer's powers similar.

  16. Patrik Claster says:

    They are kidnaping kids. They said they maybe will do Static. So connect the dots, and look for Easter eggs on Static

  17. Draugen says:

    Anisa can phase through walls?? :O

  18. metrisworld says:

    Oh my god

  19. OpticalFlares says:


  20. Darylifill Ifill says:

    Can't WAIT

  21. emmadelyn crisostomo says:

    I think Lala and his troopes are trying to create Metahumans to go against black lightning. This is where the show connects to the arrrowverse cause all shows mentions the term Metahumans and they eventually appear everywhere.

  22. Kenneth Monfil says:

    So when the "show" obviously gets renewed 4 a "2nd season" it was confirmed in the "previous episode" that it won't b added to the "Arrowverse" bcause Supergirl nd Vixen already exist in the universe of "Black Lightning" without Supergirl being from another "earth" nd probably there being not "2 different versions" of Vixen.

  23. Amartya Roy says:

    I actually love the chemistry in the pierce family, how one is excited to have powers and other one thinks its a burden 👍

  24. Jordan Salley says:

    I liked the Vixen and Supergirl reference which means it’s in the Arrowverse

  25. I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

    Black lightning greatness

  26. dbzking02 says:

    Density control = phasing through walls. I always thought that was a little cooler than strong skin.

  27. dbzking02 says:

    Anissa spilled too much tea all at once. On the other hand, I'm glad they didn't pussyfoot around it.

  28. Ryan Lee says:

    Once Jennifer learns how to control her powers, she'll be ready to join her dad and her sister

  29. Kara prince says:

    so annisa can phase through to a wall with her density manipulation power! its great

  30. OtakuMetal 17 says:

    Jen's powers are so Badass

  31. Kevon Lowery says:

    Oh Hell yeah

  32. Andrew Fernandes says:

    #BRING ON THE OUTSIDERS! #YoungJustice

  33. joel greatz says:

    That vixen and supergirl reference.

  34. gtaylor1229 says:

    Jennifer reminds me of Cisco when he began manifesting his powers. Either way, Black Lightning is killing it for its first season. ⚡️👌

  35. James Official says:


  36. hit wonda says:

    Black lighting lit the two have powers now jen is full lighting bolt

  37. Xerxes 666 says:

    I LOVE… the Black Lightning Family!!!❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹🌹❤❤❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌸❤

  38. Gracekim1 says:

    Holy cow!

  39. King of Mean 17 says:

    Yes lightning come throught I'm so happy that jen got her powers

  40. hibidi hibidi says:

    omg!!!! jen powers is so frecking good

  41. Rain says:

    I think La-La has powers. It would be pretty interesting for him to have powers and him not knowing.

  42. Jess in king says:


  43. t q says:

    Please let this show have a season 2 .

  44. LotfiC_ says:

    Thunder can cross walls now ?

  45. drlee2 says:

    I think Jennifer is the best character on this show, which says a lot given she’s played by a teenager.

  46. josep gabarrós pérez says:

    This is getting awesome

  47. Nathan Morris says:

    No one on the comments mentioning it look like Wills is alive again too

  48. Daniel Guzman says:

    Here before 5k comments

  49. legend of today says:

    Does anyone think Jennifer's powers look like a firestorm merge

  50. John Conor says:


  51. Theyluv Kay says:

    We running through walls now and turning into a whole damn lighting bolt🤭shit is about to be lit🔥🔥🔥

  52. Geoffrey Gibson BSc says:

    why do in get the feeling that the detective is going to die in the season finale

  53. freewheelingit says:

    I can't wait to have time to binge watch this show!

  54. Jordy Alcasas says:

    I only care about jennifer…

  55. ICON says:


  56. brassyjazzful says:

    Why are people continuing to say that the references mean the show is linked to the Arrowverse… all the references prove is that fictional comic books exist in this universe…All they are are easter eggs, with no other substantiated proof that there's a tie in with the Arrow-verse. If they change their mind and add this to the Arrow-verse, I think it will kill what makes this show unique.

  57. Dwayne Batson says:

    Her lightning is definitely gonna be stronger then her dads like it was in the comics hope she flys to

  58. Hercules says:

    This show just became shitty after episode 9

  59. Mrgokujr2018 says:

    IS Lala the Tattoo Man? So far, I'm more interested in LaLa as a villain than Tobias.

  60. Mrgokujr2018 says:

    Did the costume designers do something to the Black Lightning suit? It looks different. A little slimmer. If they didn't, I don't know why it suddenly looks better to me.

  61. Natt Cannon says:

    This show is so lit. Its neat that Jen is going through not wanting to be like this and it scares her. Its not often that you see a character like that.

  62. Neeshab19 says:

    Next week bout to be lit like Jen 🙌🏾 also Anissa going through the wall… YES!!!

  63. Tatyana Angel says:

    my girl Jennifer going to tell parents Cooley her her sister Thunder and her mom and her dad black lightning that she lightning and she have to tell that she not really post touch anything like in tronic like her phone and her mom or dad TV and her laptop to she will

  64. Tatyana Angel says:

    I hope that my girl Jennifer going to tell her mom and dad and Cooley her sister Thunder that she is lightning and she have to tell them that she really not post to be not touch anything like tronic like her phone and her mom or dad TV Cooley her laptop to she will little score it if she getting her powers and her body be full lightning

  65. sharon vanriel says:

    A great ending for season 1 would be the release of static shock just out of the blue but not yet discovered his powers so he will be known as virgil

  66. Kae Earl says:

    Does anyone else want Jakeem Thunder to appear at some point? Ik its highkey unlikely but if he were to appear ……*cue god's plan*

  67. Eagle 367 says:

    They mentioned vixen and supergirl but both are from different eaths in the arrowverse so that's a bit of a cinfusing message. Hopefully the next crossover involves Black lightning somehow. I would love to see the interaction between ollie, barry and jefferson

  68. Cyril Moore says:


  69. Columbus Tattoo says:

    I just have this feeling in my soul that the mother will die

  70. Stevonnie Universe says:

    I hope there will be cross overs to this show and to see how the casts of Supergirl, The Flash, The Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, etc. react to the Pierce family and their abilities. This show is so amazing and my favorite character from the start was always Jennifer (AKA Lightning!!!!!!!) and also because she's played by China Anne McClain who's one of my favorite female actresses and part of my childhood and for those who remember her from House of Payne, Grown Ups, Sing Your Face Off, A Dennis the Menace Christmas, and for those who watched Disney that saw her on How to Build a Better Boy, Recent Descendant's 2, and A.N.T Farm, and now she's on Black Lightning OH MAN! I cant wait to see how far she will take this ability to an extent <3

  71. Haj says:

    Last night I saw a super hero He was black

  72. Tarv __ says:

    Mom jumping with joy who else is doing the same!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃😄

  73. Isaiah Mcnair says:


  74. Keshia E says:

    I CANNOT WAIT!! Love this show!!!

  75. The Lab Photography says:

    Black lightning what a gift to the CW very dark show! ✔️

  76. WRECK 215 says:

    THIS SHOW IS MY SHIT BLACK lighting….🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌.👍😎

  77. David Crayton says:

    I hope Jennifer AKA(China Anne Mc claine) help her dad and her sister saved the world and I hope she gets her own costume.

  78. David Crayton says:

    But I think Jennifer is the most powerful one in her family

  79. Uncle CJ says:

    I was reading the directing credits and it said that Eric Laneuville directed the episode!! For us old school heads, he was Quincy in Black Belt Jones!!!! Don't believe me, look it up!!!!

  80. Clarisse says:

    Omg Jen’s powers are like her comic book powers I’M SO EXCITED OMGG

  81. Eli Roblox says:

    I can’t wait for this episode

  82. Jordan Ay'Che says:

    It's all kicking off 🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡⚡

  83. Marcell Bennett says:

    I will be here for a home

  84. Tony Stark says:

    Debut seasons are always good I'd like to see them continue the greatness in future seasons and not run out of ideas

  85. The Moving Chicane says:

    Dabier is back!!! He should be back for more episodes.

  86. icnow2 says:

    Will the reference the reach or Amanda Waller and cadmus

  87. Daniella Baird says:

    When was that?

  88. Raika says:

    I really hope that this powder from things of their grandfather isn't some kind of vaccine that can erase the power from human and Jennifer won't try to do this to erase her own powers Q_____Q

  89. Shannon Mc says:

    Static Shock?

  90. arain764niara says:

    I am soo done with the Flash and here for Black Lightning. Like that time travel shit fucking up dynamics is too much to keep track of

  91. Waaruum Daaruum says:

    Was surprised when they played Kevin Gates

  92. Waaruum Daaruum says:

    Why that vice director bitch look like a fish?

  93. Shawn Bush says:

    Do want with Dove Cameron in it

  94. SuperChiko4000 says:

    This is amazing

  95. Knox King 96 says:

    I like the Jefferson and his daughters 😎✔💯💤💥⚡

  96. funanya p says:

  97. jayden thegod says:


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