Black Lightning (The CW) Comic-Con Trailer HD


With all the loss that we have suffered,
it’s important that we embrace the miracles too. I think hardship is what makes us stronger. Where’d you come from, Barry Allen? You took an 11-year old boy with a broken heart, you gave him a home. Looking back, I realized that
that was the night that we fell in love. I look at you battling the darkness
with honor and hope, and I’m reminded there’s
always another way. Always. Whether you’re stuck on another world, whether or not you have your powers, you never give in. It’s about one noble idea. That we can all stand up for what’s right, no matter what. This is a war, and I’m going to fight it the right way. Because I am all this city has. I have no reason to be scared.
The man I love is a superhero. You do this, you are someone else. This is who I am. If there’s a cost, I’ll pay it. For whatever reason, we’ve been given extraordinary abilities. You need more than a mask to take on these streets. Being a superhero is not about kicking ass. You have failed this city. Just run as fast as you can.
I’ll try to keep up Does this ever get old? If it does, I will let you know. Sometimes I can come off
a little over-protective. The city is getting more and more dangerous every moment. Our children are dying on these streets
and no one cares. Now you should at least give a brotha a moment
to say something heroically clever. Now you just pissed me off! Metahuman or not, superpowers or not,
you are Earth’s mightiest heroes. I feel like I can do anything. What kind of hero are you gonna be?

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100 thoughts on “Black Lightning (The CW) Comic-Con Trailer HD”

  1. Nathan Emmanuel says:

    Dammit. They should've said " where heroes, never die".

  2. Shakeema Edwards says:

    What propaganda is this? Love survives? Not in the Arrowverse.

  3. littlebigmarc says:

    fuck you ecw, why isn't in the arrowverse ????

  4. Shanice Joseph says:

    Just bring on all the Trailers!!! #ComicCon

  5. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    Love the dare to defy promo for the CW heroes.

  6. Sabrina Morning star says:

    now all we need is cops shooting him

  7. Mayne says:

    We need him in injustice 2 like STARFIRE!!!

  8. 에밀리Emily says:

    it's going to be so good!! and I loved all the things from all of my other favorite shows really supergirl and The Flash

  9. tobenna uba says:

    It so amazing how The arrow started all this and am so hype to see them all

  10. wilson0169 says:

    o it basically comfirms tht he exist in the arrowverse we just dont know what earth

  11. Jonathan Medina says:

    this almost confirms that black lightning will be part of the arrowverse multivers

  12. Franklg says:

    Real Black Lightning trailer 1:39

  13. joshfactor1 says:

    1:42: isn't that barry's lab?

  14. EthanCampbell7 says:

    I'll pass on this thanks, not another bullshit crappy superhero soap opera from the CW.

  15. SS says:

    There's no new footage here! This sucks man !!!!

  16. 11swallowedinthesea says:

    Black Lightning vs. Yellow Lightning… make it happen!

  17. Darylifill Ifill says:


  18. Tyler Cronan says:

    1:42 Black Lightning is in Barry's lab XD like if you notice

  19. - MahiricaNNo - says:

    Is it coming out in 2018 or this October ?

  20. WaveriderMX says:

    They forgot Constantine, oh come on just renew his TV show.

  21. Erik Killmonger says:

    Can't wait to see this show. I've been waiting for him to come to CW for a while

  22. Dammit Kakarot says:

    I have so little hope for The Flash. But if Season 5 of arrow did anything, it was give me hope. There is always room for redemption.


    Super mega crossover I'm calling it @ me pls and call me daddy

  24. commander bean says:

    shoulda called it Flashblack

  25. richarson mirien says:

    the real dc extanded universe

  26. Boondock says:

    How can DCs TV game be so good but movies so bad? At least Wonder Woman was good.

  27. Fe Triforce says:

    Superhero static shock!

  28. Smart Ass says:

    2:35 I clicked the button. lets hope you ddidn't use false advertisment, while i sit here waiting for a nude Candice Patton (iris west) to come walking trough my door ready to fullfill all my seksual fantasys

  29. king DOWG says:

    Why are there no tv shows set in the DCEU?

  30. Aki U says:

    If this isn't in the Arrowverse, they sure did do a good job connecting them with this trailer. That's going to confuse the fudge out of people if it isn't connected. Regardless, this trailer built up hype for this fall's new seasons. I'm looking forward to it! 😀

  31. XCCC Unknown says:

    worst superwoman actress ever

  32. Ollie G says:

    N52 reverse flash for flash season 4?

  33. Celio Hogane says:

    Do i have to watch it or is not in arrowverse?

  34. neutralboi91 says:

    fake ass luke cage they tryna copy marvel's format

  35. [KL] Knight says:

    Black lightning doesn't look like a good show

  36. end heart! says:

    The one thing that DC stand out…. The Freaking ARROWVERSE! BOOM! seriously fck JL movie.. i rather watch the series… it was the best's so far

  37. RedKite 03 says:

    'Earths Mightiest Heroes' I thought the avengers called themselves that lol

  38. Hector Aquino says:


  39. Emilio Rico says:

    i want a static shock show

  40. YusRy AbU says:

    Did they just say 'Earth's mightiest heroes' ?????!😂

  41. Godprey says:

    Bruh… where is the trailer

  42. Lyfe Is says:

    this was dope

  43. SiMpLyLoVeLy98 says:


  44. sherlockinsomniac says:

    this shouldve been Static Shock instead

  45. F. Rose says:

    Great trailer!

  46. Siedler Joe says:

    So his power is beeing black?

  47. 2012XF3 says:

    Marvel should sue them for that end tagline.

  48. charlie brown says:

    Is she allowed to say they're "Earth's mightiest heroes?" Is that ALLOWED?

  49. Lord dex 24 GAM31NG says:

    Is it in the flarrowverse

  50. BloodyFire74 says:

    Soo DanielleWest ReverseFlash confirmed?

  51. Jerramie Clark says:

    Earth's Mightiest Heroes? I wonder where I heard that before…

  52. Baba Yaga says:

    Idk im really not finding interest in this show but hopefully it proves me wrong

  53. Stef King says:

    Another superhero show?…….

  54. Cassius says:

    Black Bolt's retarded cousin ?

  55. Thelastairbenderhate says:

    trailer starts at 1:38

  56. Caleb Mayfield says:


  57. illumiNATI says:

    A little less impressive when you realize some of those clips were just taken from DC animated movies.

  58. Rafael Saenz says:

    Anyone else hear "Earth's mightiest heroes" and think Avengers?

  59. Chris Noble says:

    Did they just say earths mightiest heroes

  60. Marko Milo says:

    don't care what anyone says, "you have failed this city" is fucking badass and never get's old.. Stephen's voice is amazing

  61. Tony Walton says:

    Wait so is it in the arrowverse?!

  62. Lenin nivar says:

    Black lightening costume sucks,looks cheesy

  63. Jacob Williams says:

    Netflix marvel or Cw DC?

  64. SAJL Zeijlemaker says:

    Just this trailer proves already why the Arrowverse is far superior over the crap DCEU … the crap movies.

  65. Kibbles says:

    So the CW still has not filmed a pilot episode of Black Lightning yet it seems like.

  66. Alli Graycen says:

    It looks pretty cool but the beggening was epic!

  67. Jonathan Thomson says:

    Can't wait for all the shows to start going to be an epic yr 🔥🔥

  68. Smile JEM says:

    I'm so happy the decided to let it be in the arrowverse

  69. ojay Z says:

    earths mightiest heroes avengers about to be doing pushups

  70. AnantaNow says:


  71. ODC Art says:

    Why is supper girl not hot

  72. ODC Art says:

    Wow supper girl no cockapeel yuck

  73. ODC Art says:

    Supergirl's coworker are better looking why the plain white oh make America great again so the loser white girl is super she is hard to look at in the suite it does nothing for her she looks like a real estate pro or lawyer or something not hot

  74. tava gulli says:

    1:26 haha

  75. 9sunstar9 says:

    What the difference between black lightning and static shock?

  76. Eduardo Lima says:

    Muito irado!

  77. I am a savage Groot and every woman smokes me says:

    they keep saying supergirl in arrowverse but she in her own universe……….DC logic

  78. DimBulb says:

    black lightning is gonna suck. The suit looks so bad

  79. RJgonnazapya says:

    The lightning isn't black
    presses the clickbait button

  80. DR SashaNXR says:

    Omg amazing trailer can't wait to watch the real deal 🙂

  81. bdpchamp says:

    Anyone else fucking hate the way flash season 3 ended?

  82. Jacob Kreppeneck says:

    I got chills watching this

  83. Major Mayhem says:

    DC's answer to Luke Cage

  84. Briana Baños says:

    The flash is so cool and supergirl to so i can wait for the new episode in the cw channel at 8 p.m in channel 5

  85. Monkey Ranger 12 says:

    SO GOOD!!!!!

  86. TrippTrippy says:

    Static shock

  87. Marty Johnson says:

    Name of song?

  88. Keil000 says:

    Earths Mightiest Heroes? Shots fired at the Avengers lol

  89. rah war says:

    We need a batman show

  90. Evan Mejia says:

    did she just say earths mightiest hero's? (I thought this was dc not marvel lol)

  91. Karla Sandoval says:

    so sad how good is super girl comic and how bad is the tv show honesly it piss the shit out me

  92. Dylan Blake says:

    I am excited for black lightning but it should of been a live action static shock that would of been way doper!!!!!!

  93. Cheryl Bailey says:

    China Where do you live

  94. The Batman Of Vader Ops 66 says:

    2:10 "You are Earth Mightiest heroes."
    Wait til Batman shows up one day.

  95. LovelyRed1988 says:

    Excited about this!!!

  96. ultimateDOOMPOOL says:

    I love that they're making this show, but fix that costume PLEASE

  97. Ryan Sproule says:

    Im a DC lover for 34 years… i LIKE marvel to but LOVE DC…but MAN the arrowverse DC is KILLING it over ANYTHING else right now! WELL done!!

  98. antichrist vevo says:


  99. Read Fantasy says:

    I love that it makes me so proud to be a part of this….

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