Black Lightning (The CW) Nafessa Williams Interview HD


– You had a choice: protest the 100, or attend Garfield High’s fundraiser, and you chose a path that
led you to getting arrested. – Anissa is obviously Jefferson
Pierce’s oldest daughter. Either we help the community as a whole or we will all go down in pieces. – No, no. This is not about one of your
political diatribes right now. – She has her opinions, yes she does, and she fights for them, and
she’s willing to put it all on the line for it, too. (punch thuds)
(man groans) (kids ooh) We don’t know that our
father is Black Lightning. What happened, Dad? When did you abandon your people? He retired, and we, as his daughters, we get into a little trouble and we bring him out of retirement. You better have your behind in the house no later than 10:15,
(Jennifer giggles) I’m not playing.
– Yep. – No, seriously. We are the first Black superhero
family to be on network TV, so it’s a part of history,
how historic is that? So I’m honored to be a part of the show. – Love you! (chuckles) – [Anissa] And stop
calling me Harriet Tubman. – Oh, sorry. – [Girls] Harriet. (both laugh)

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7 thoughts on “Black Lightning (The CW) Nafessa Williams Interview HD”

  1. jemin kim says:

    Is that china?
    Wow she grow up

  2. METerrell says:

    Why is Nafessa Williams name in quotes?That's her real name. Her character name is Anissa Pierce.

  3. I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

    Black lightning greatness

  4. ReadyforWeirdtoo? says:

    I really am gonna enjoy this movie 🍿!!

  5. Harlem Hasan says:

    Y'all that's my cousin

  6. 254cullen says:

    Yo i think Anissa gonna be my favorite along with Jennifer

  7. KingKhanAbz says:

    Can't believe she's 28!
    Got a massive crush on her! 😊

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