Black Lightning (The CW) “Origin” Promo HD


We knew this day would come. Do you remember why you
became Black Lightning? You wanted to give the people hope. You wanted the evil that’s out there
to have something to fear. This city needs you. Black Lightning is back.

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50 thoughts on “Black Lightning (The CW) “Origin” Promo HD”

  1. Erin Valenzuela says:

    I feel like he’s DC’s version of Luke Cage.

  2. Jean Nguyen says:

    Is that Barry’s crime lab?

  3. Franklg says:

    He looks a little bit like Idris elba
    Nice promo but I want to see more this is just the first scenes and the main villain

  4. Mr. Nunuisance says:

    Cringe over 9,000,000!!!

  5. Wilson 7397 says:

    Cancelled 🐢🐢🐢

  6. Rocker869 says:

    Ok yea he’s defiantly in Barry’s lab that is so weird

  7. 254cullen says:

    Another long promo this night is amazing can't wait for this show Hype! Hype!

  8. dragondov says:

    So this is going to have the usual CW superhero show things? Badly written dialogue, poor storylines, cringey acting and choreography, and relationships no-one cares about.

  9. Johnny says:

    Thank you cw for uploading this

  10. SNAPCHAT: DripsetKale says:

    Wannabe Static Shock 😒👎🏾

  11. First Female Super Saiyan Caulifla says:

    Best comic book tv show Agents of Shield. Don't see this reaching that level. But will give it a chance.

  12. Nomad Lord says:

    Here's hoping this does awesome, so we can get a damn Static Shock at last

  13. Khallum Vithal says:

    terrible suit

  14. I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

    Black lightning greatness

  15. It's Aron says:

    This looks so fucking ridicolous…

  16. Franklin Warner says:


  17. Cub0cuantico says:

    Ok. This show will be a shit.
    No renew for a season 2.

  18. Mr. Snake says:

    I hope it will be a good show.

  19. Samuel A says:

    Hope it'll be good

  20. Divide says:

    OMG he shoots White Lightning!!! Shazmzing!!!

  21. Ramos Summers says:

    Will he be on earth-1 or another earth??! Or even in the same multiverse as the others or completely separated??

  22. Black Dude says:

    So hyped !

  23. Diego Pansini says:

    The neon on his suit looks dope. But idk, I feel like this will have the same kind of story as the other CW shows. I wish they would make this more like the Netflix Marvel series instead. But it still looks worth watching, i guess

  24. SheAintMeTrey says:

    im so excited i cant wait

  25. TheL0rian says:

    another crossover?

  26. Paige Outrage says:

    I wonder if they will do crossovers with this show now.

  27. John says:

    definitely going to be part of the arrowverse

  28. The- Rival says:

    I’m not watching it if it has gay stuff in it! Dirty CW!!🤮

  29. mayo 13 says:

    Looks like joe lmao

  30. -WildFire- says:

    0:03 looks like the flash crime lab

  31. Kobe Belcher says:

    I kind of like my only complaint is the costume and please make the effects better

  32. hit wonda says:


  33. The Shadow Productions says:

    He is in some sort of central city

  34. Jack Wong says:

    How is he back he was never even here!

  35. Rose D. says:

    I'm so excited for this show! But, I keeping feeling bad for the person who gets back to their car after he did this 0:19

  36. Renee Peck says:

    lots of cringey Marvel and D.C. Fanboys in the comment section. Marvel Fanboys, stop forcing your opinions down our throat as if your representing a large group even though only a small number of people hate this. You're pathetic. DC fanboys, stfu about Marvel. Marvel has nothing to do with this so there's no need to bring it up. You morons can't just criticize something because of the trailer. Take Iron Fist, good trailer, but shit show. How about Agents Of Shield or Arrow, bad trailers, but great shows.

  37. nking999 says:

    this is going to get cancelled

  38. Ben Rhodes says:

    I'm gonna sayyyyyy Earth 27

  39. Cosmic Nava says:

    You know I wouldn't mind a story from each superhero franshise where they actually have to pay for the property damage. lol

  40. FettyForeignn fetty says:

    plz come join the legends

  41. Lloyd says:


  42. pamowei berezi says:

    Hmmmm….looks bad but am gonna give it a shot

  43. Stephen The13th says:

    I haven't seen anything spectacular about this show. Legends will probably get cancelled so this show might last.

  44. ThePhilosopher1748 says:

    Is this a joke?

  45. Yellow Hood says:

    Can’t wait
    Hope there’s a crossover with him and the other arrowverse people

  46. Ronald Farias says:

    This show looks wersrer than the werse

  47. jung hoseok says:

    🅱️arry won't need that lab anyway since he's going to jail

  48. Ali Z says:

    Whats with all these horrid suits?! xD

  49. Red Knight says:

    This is A great promo I hope someday they do static shock in this show.

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