British Gas Business – How to read an electricity smart meter

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Hi, my name’s Glyn and I work in Customer Care at British Gas Business. I’m here today to show you how to read your electricity smart meter. This is an EDMI electricity smart meter. You may have a different model, but usually the way to get a reading is the same. Press the button next to select. Keep pressing this until the screen shows R1 on the left hand side. This stands for Rate 1. Your meter reading should be displayed with kWh which stands for kilowatt hour at the end. The first 6 digits are your meter reading. You can ignore the digits after the decimal point. Your meter reading is 001646. If you go too far, keep pressing the button. It’ll loop back round. If you aren’t getting accurate bills and you need to provide us with a smart meter reading, the quickest and easiest way to submit your reading is via your online account. Register by going to

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