Build of the Week S8E5: CantripN’s Stored Lightning Bolt


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66 thoughts on “Build of the Week S8E5: CantripN’s Stored Lightning Bolt”

  1. Rickroy says:


  2. ohperkele says:

    Great build, but a great example of having resort to weapon swap just to move around quicker.

    Please for the love of all that is holy buff the movement skills that aren't Shield Charge and Whirling Blades. You can't even fortify with Flame Dash or Lightning Warp and they're far worse than either of the T1 movement skills…..

  3. Ken says:

    can we get a better 3d model for the thrown traps lol its so ugly

  4. MrMajei says:

    Говнище, выживаемости нету нихуя.

  5. Tarke Cat says:

    Tinkerskin easy to acquire is it? Not in truely ethical ssf BTW

  6. seb nev says:

    Replace lightning trap with arc and this build might be good

  7. Jun Sub Choi says:

    TRAP is already ded

  8. Nevalopo says:

    But.. It's not a RF build

  9. Stanic N says:

    Bestiary sucks. Hope the race will give nice loot

  10. Stanic N says:

    I guess this build will be so good when traps have no cooldown on 3.3?

  11. SkullMaster1993 says:

    Ah fuck was gonna use shimenor on the 1 month race, now its gonna be expens

  12. CaptClaymor says:

    I'm just here for Bex

  13. mike fox says:


  14. Grant Brook says:


  15. Sylphix says:


  16. Paul Schmitz says:

    Pfft. No POB link in description.

  17. Cheese Bunz says:

    still waiting for the bloopers Vux 🙂 🙂 :), i am a very loyal follower !!!!! interesting build btw !!!!!!

  18. Dest Dest says:

    Shimmeron will dmg you if you use moveskill and hit mob (and you die or not, but lose you HP a lot) 😉

  19. Tamer Esmail Ahmed says:


  20. Scorptice says:

    Trapowamou shindeiru!!

  21. Pootinator says:

    fart and diddly

  22. ThatAlex says:

    just out of interest, how much would this set cost? Let's say i have none of these uniques, how many chaos orbs would this be approximately?

  23. andresgv10 says:

    Leave the trap alone! It's already dede!

  24. ImmaterialDream says:

    Please GGG make a Freezing Pulse MTX <3

  25. LiquidxEviL says:

    nice clear speed

  26. Joe Xspada says:

    hurmm low dmge

  27. Middreks says:

    Great video! One thing though: it might be a good idea to get a pop-filter for the microphone you are recording with 🙂

  28. lineage israel says:

    No Life, No Leech, 6k Health…. we need something that can facetank+leech things and kill fast..

  29. Charlie Frnz says:

    Another moronic build of the week by Grinding Game Gear….

  30. Cat Down The Road says:

    This game is beautiful but ugh! i just can't get into it – no loot boxes, no battle royale, no cryptocurrency, it's just missing all the trends, dayum!

  31. Destroyer249 says:

    why use traps when you could use mines?

  32. Alan Cris says:

    more bloopers, pls!!!

  33. TWINTURBO1337 says:

    omg -.- english !! do you speak it

  34. bennybennasi987 says:

    Bex has the sexiest voice I've ever heard

  35. Maksymilian Reiter says:

    That's a great way of promoting your 3.3 changes. thank you GGG i love ya

  36. 梅爾梅斯 says:

    can this guy kill the T17?

  37. NetherPrime says:

    but dead is already traps.

  38. CYI3ERPUNK says:

    always luv ya bex, thnx =]

  39. Luka Kivimäki says:

    GGG releases a new ball lightning mtx right after featuring a build that has ball lightning as its main damage dealer hmmmmmmm….

  40. leimad13 says:

    Can you update Saboteur so his minor nodes give trap damage not elemental damage only? Phys seem to be getting the short end of the stick.

  41. Indertek says:

    you should mention windz gc miner its a strong build

  42. Indertek says:

    make assasin viable plz some juicy crit OR poison / crit , with lifesteal , crit , HIGH hp or es pool , this is my dream PepeHands

  43. Frizky says:

    "These are the gem =)"

  44. lendial says:

    i mean it looks ok, clear speed wise for a trap build.

  45. Rewwgh says:

    Hmm, seems kinda fun. Is it viable for a noob player as a starter build?

  46. Zipperlle says:

    cute voice as always <3

  47. ArchsageHC says:

    weapon swap? another button to press? r u out of your mind?? PASS

  48. Oskar Hammarstedt says:

    Hah, actually created a ball lightning trapper with similar tree (more crit focused) and double shimmerons but tried to abuse assassin's noxious strike with the absurd amount of hits you generate from cluster ball lightning. But the radius nerf also hit trap trigger radius so it was horrible to play although it did have absurd dps.

  49. AC84 says:

    Damn, my next league build got exposed

  50. atreidestw says:

    Hey GGG, any plans to remove the unnecessary loot box cancer from from your game? I would image the news out of the Netherlands and Belgium this week would be proof enough that the bullshit train won't continue forever. Don't you think it would look better if you voluntarily removed them before being forced to?

  51. Mert uygun says:

    after a long time , i loved this build idea so much.. now we talking about 'botw'

  52. Broken Gamer says:

    That sweeping camera pov makes these build videos look so good. Very cinematic feel even though it is gameplay.

  53. IR0N says:

    Brightbeak Build pogchamp

  54. Alexandr Tenevoy says:

    All right. This is like really build, not glass cannon, like builds with dodge.

  55. Romain Levesque says:

    "Critical strike chance multiplier"? I didn't know that was a thing

  56. StanSmith says:

    We need just some unique jewel 4 lightning bolt. Unuseful by itself… And i really hate weaponswapping for movement…
    But Bex is the Best! ♥ )))

  57. Michael Lo says:

    there should be a boss called "BEX" rather than just shaper and elder

  58. dregz mcgee says:

    lol the ONLY shaper viable trapper build based on ONE SINGLE build enabling unique item…. way to attempt to make traps seem viable GGG.

  59. Deliverant says:

    ziz is gay

  60. Everblue Ocean says:

    – Tree and skill maintain: No Clever Construct = rip trap when placed with aoe / dmg over time ground effect. ED + Acrobactics = less 30% ES while BL trap cost about 110 / lightning trap 80+ es if u missed trigger trap gain es from tinkerskin u will be doomed by no ES. Spam movement skills is not possible. Long cooldown in BL trap 2s and 1s for lightning trap.
    – Swap weapon for 6 power charges + fortify is the most terrible idea.
    All gears r high end and quite rare especially abyss jewels, amulet, rings,gloves+ high multiplier, boots 3res+80life 30move. Its not newbie build, it's about near Standard high end build.
    – Buy 2 dual shaped dagger + spell + adds light to spells + multi + crit chance for spells + pene % ele res. DPS higher and can use whirling blades + fortify.
    I'm welcome trap build but ur build is not possible for end games bosses especially uber elder = no way because of many problems in passive and control.

  61. Aarav Khan says:

    More than 30ex build except 6L chest and cant uber elder. Swap weapon and throw trap for power charges ??? Build of The Week is trash now.

  62. Ой Всё says:

    gloves cost minimum 20 ex/ so that build not budget.

  63. Charlie Gill says:

    Are you originally from NZ?
    Fan of PoE for quite some time now and you sound like you've got some other influenced accent.
    Could definitely be wrong but I'm from NZ so hmm

  64. TanTan says:

    So what could I use in place of those shaper gloves? There's no way I could afford that but I have the rest of the gear.

  65. AlmostAllNetworkNewStationAreYellowJournalism says:

    And now its just arc.

  66. gitlitwitit says:


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