Building green for a sustainable future

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– [James] They’ve got the most powerful, most efficient panels in the world as part of this installation. – [Narrator] James Whittaker
and his Green Tech Solar Team installed THIS 170 kilowatt solar array, creating sun power for the
Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa. – That system over its functional life will produce millions of
watt hours of clean energy and will save the development
millions of dollars in energy costs as well. – On a Caribbean island
we have limited resources, and we wanted to be good stewards of those limited resources. – [Narrator] That’s Jared Grimes, Dart’s Vice President
of Development Planning. He says the team wanted to make sure the Seafire Resorts and residences kept the environment in mind. – We really wanted to concentrate on being efficient, saving
energy, saving water as well as being
environmentally responsible for where we are setting up
and where we’re building. – [Narrator] The resort and residences are designed and built
to Silver LEED Standards and international green
building rating system. – It’s a hard standard to achieve, so we set it as a lofty
goal for us to reach. The other that’s important
about being LEED, is it’s third party verified. So, you can set about doing something, LEED makes sure that you
actually do it, follow through and when you’re finished,
you know that you’ve achieved the goals that you’ve set for yourself. – [Narrator] The Seafire
Property has geothermal wells for the air conditioning
system, two solar panel arrays, water efficient fixtures, among
other cost-saving measures. – Where the sun hits the building, we went through the extra expense of adding insulated glazing. Even though most of our
consultants would tell us, “It won’t be much good,
because of where you are.” But on our building, we did
a lot of energy modeling to make sure that, now, wait a minute, we can save some energy, if we apply the insulated glazing here, we have a lot of automated systems. So that when you check out of a room, the system will shut down
your air conditioning and turn off the lights. – Dart’s one of the
companies that they continue to push the sustainability envelope, it sort of a part of
their corporate values, and we’re obviously supportive of that. [Narrator] For James,
he hopes other companies in the Cayman Islands, see the light. [James] I think as more
companies sort of value the environmental friendliness, and balance that with
the economical benefits, they’ll see that it doesn’t make since not to do it. So I actually expect to see a lot more acceleration from a lot
of the other companies on the island. As a country, our national energy policy basically says that we
have to be seven percent renewable energy by 2037. And we’re only going get there if we have more people that are taking on that environment stewardship seriously, like DART and like Kimpton.

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