Bull City Today – Apr 1, 2019 (ep. 565) Renewable Energy & Carbon Neutrality Resolution

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The City is reaffirming its commitment to
renewable energy, energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. A resolution supporting renewable energy and
carbon neutrality is on the consent agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting. The resolution is based on Durham’s Roadmap
to Sustainability. It calls on the City to develop an action
plan towards carbon neutrality by 2040 in City operations. Durham currently uses four types of fossil
fuel- based energy. Those are electricity, natural gas, gasoline,
and diesel fuel. Transitioning away from these energy types
will require a capital investment of approximately 150 million dollars over 30 years. It will also require the purchase or lease
of 300 acres of land for solar arrays and wholesale adoption of clean energy technologies. The action plan that will be developed will
provide firm cost estimates for annual funding consideration, along with the estimated annual
savings that would be achieved. The City’s Roadmap to Sustainability can
be downloaded at durham-n-c-dot-gov-slash-822.

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