Burning Questions: Spinning Magnetic Orbs


[MUSIC PLAYING] Vat19 presents
burning questions, featuring customer inquiries
about spinning magnetic orbs. Your host, Greg Poupon. Andi B asks, what is
this thing exactly? Is it a Pokeball? Let’s find out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ugh! [BUZZER] I guess you can’t
catch them all. Deuce Buggalo Male
Juggalo inquires, magnets, how do they work? Well, Deuce, magnetism is a
property of the natural world. Observe. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, science, [BLEEPED]. License to Kim Jong-il
quite slimming. Don’t eat magnets. Thanks, Tom Hanks queries,
is it harmful to electronics? [MUSIC PLAYING] Didn’t look like the
orb did any damage. Fastbreak 383 wants
to know, what’s inside the gray spheres
that come with the set? [MUSIC PLAYING] Aww! Look at the cute
widdle baby magnet! A neodymium magnet. Gozer the Gozarian
inquires, are they washable? To find out, first we
have to get them dirty. [MUSIC PLAYING] Cleans up nicely, I think. Llama Mama says,
these are really cool. Would it be even
cooler if you had more? [MUSIC PLAYING] Our peer-reviewed footage
concludes, while a pair of orbs is cool, more magnets
is exponentially cooler. Thanos for President asks,
what about ferrofluid? [MUSIC PLAYING] Literally, it is
sauce that is awesome. Awesome sauce. Well, that’s it and that’s
all, till next time. Buy a set of spinning
magnetic orbs at [MUSIC PLAYING] Tap here to watch this
playlist to see us answer more of your inquiries. Or tap here to see these
fine gentlemen play a friendly contest of giant
jenga that’s truly burning. Or tap here to subscribe, and
turn on notifications so you get every video we roll out.

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88 thoughts on “Burning Questions: Spinning Magnetic Orbs”

  1. Vat19 says:

    What would you try with Spinning Magnetic Orbs? Buy a set, or two, or three here:

  2. Therebelme Msp says:

    I feel like they only answer people that have unique usernames.

  3. Eugene Palentino says:

    Can this be the mother of nanodots the magnet

  4. Nasima Akter says:


  5. Zombros Stuffz XD says:

    2:08 When I realise that I wasn’t adopted

  6. Cringe Central says:

    fastbreak383 is in every burning questions

  7. Get Jinxed says:

    Does anyway know who Fastbreak 383 is?

  8. Challenger Sam says:

    0:26 did he just protect the future for Sword and shield?

  9. Costa de Haan says:

    0:28 👌👌

  10. Mira del Prado says:

    Is it just me or is fastbreak383 in like every one?

  11. Yasmin 679 says:

    Pokemon Pika Pika

  12. Archer Pollard says:

    Yeah, science 😝😜🤓🙃😤

  13. stevenPro Gamer says:

    2:23 when you win the lottery

  14. Hey it’s me AGAIN says:

    Do a day in the life of working at vat19 plz

  15. Kerri Shea says:

    Wtf vat 19

  16. TheGrlWho NeverExisted says:


  17. Plushie 12 says:

    FastBreak383 is back on some more Burning Questions….

  18. MellyJelly says:

    0:41 magnetic slap

  19. Shawn Sanchez says:

    we're the fuck is my Giant gummy worm I ordered one

  20. The neon Yin yang says:

    1:13 joes voice

  21. Egg says:

    It’s 40$

  22. BeTheCoolGuyBeatThat YT says:


  23. Marvin Umbigp says:

    Fastbreak383 says for the 183920100° time… 1:18

  24. The Mobile Minecraft Veteran says:

    it’s th-aaaaaaahhhhh!-nos not th-ay-nos YOU BI-

  25. MR. Noodles SirShadoken says:

    Watching this was exSAUCETING

  26. Gurnaaz Cheema says:

    The way he said Thanos…….🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. MisceryYT says:

    Rip your attempt of catching Mewtwo with that thing

  28. Itz Stellara says:


  29. Aria -kun says:

    Why are you in every vat19 video fastbreak383

  30. Simba The Bean And Kimber The Queen says:

    Whos Seen Fastbreaker 383 In Every Burning Questions?

  31. Charlie Coyle says:

    FastBreak383 is in all off them

  32. itay doodles says:

    Sience bitch

  33. Fire Flame says:

    Can you stop swearing I’m not allowed to watch your vids if you swear

  34. Jennifer Holling says:

    1:52 splatoon in a nutshel

  35. Eeveetale 77 says:


  36. Nellar Niu says:


  37. Marius ʜᴛ says:

    I bet the narrator dude at the start is Jon…..

  38. Moi Boi says:

    Fastbreak 383: exists
    Me: tell me your secrets

  39. Ramthony Placencia says:

    Stop! Cursing!

  40. Rude Uno Card says:

    Oh god they cost 40$

  41. Lexi Scott says:

    Poor Jon

  42. JL Luis Benito says:

    if u make this a jewelry u will be cool??

  43. Reading Arithmetic says:

    Need to make them dirty? Put them as the uke in ANY yaoi anime. They will never be clean again.😏

  44. I want to Die says:

    It said, "Spinning Magnetic Orbs" at 0:10 and as soon as they said that, my video started buffering…


  45. Aniet Gonzalez says:

    I thought this was a family friendly thing why I said that because you said the b word I will stop watching this if you say one more bad word

  46. Aniet Gonzalez says:

    You said the b word I will stop watching this aka I hate you Gregg

  47. Bossfight fan 101 says:


  48. YoverDover says:

    1:51 that’s what she said

  49. Mr Man says:

    science 🅱️❗️✝️ch!!!

  50. Katie Bierworth says:

    0:22 the reaction time haha

  51. ttv joe says:

    Since bitch

  52. Thot B1tch says:

    He said the n word

  53. Matt Dillon Tolentino says:


  54. ryan mcgarry says:

    Nice using march on in the eating part

  55. ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ- ɪsʜ says:

    When they asked if it harmed electronics I thought about when in 3rd grade they told us not to put magnets by our computers lol

  56. Chrissa Englert says:

    Who came up with the name Greg poupon isn’t it jamie

  57. Shrimp Gaming says:

    The sound at 1:12

  58. Get back here before you steel More salt says:

    Can you put salt on them??

  59. ir salman says:

    HEGA HEGE!!!!!!!!!

  60. eviewilliams gaming says:

    Yea science


  61. yeetus yeetus il delete your fetus says:

    You can learn the power of spin with this ball the faster way

  62. Indestructible Agony says:

    I need ferrofluid and/or spinning magnetic orbs

  63. PugCuber says:

    1:13 That reaction tho

  64. Grace Evans says:

    Stranger things?

  65. Grace Evans says:

    FastBreak383 what the heck

  66. christian miranda says:

    How making as in geometry dash hehehe

  67. Annemarie Henry Thiem says:

    Joey looks like Ryan Reyonalds. Ryan Reyonalds voiced detective pikachu. Joey tried to catch a pikachu in the video. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

  68. Chanter Gaming says:

    FastBreak383 gets pick a lot

  69. Emily Murphy says:

    I died 😂

  70. Rubikscubedude says:

    Hey VSauce, Vat 19 here.

  71. norbert nkonjo malandjou says:

    Yeah, science b****.

  72. Annemarie Henry Thiem says:

    there are 2 fastbreak383s: FastBreak383 and Fastbreak 383

  73. SCBuilder says:


    Pokemon Sword and Shield
    in a nutshell

  74. Arsons Ara says:

    I am so sad that he didn't put the tiny magnet in the hole on his pipe.

  75. NinjaGaming9999 says:

    They look like valkyries black eye cams

  76. Bren Dan says:

    Poor Pikachu.

  77. Meowmeowchinga _ says:



  78. Faten Bizri says:

    0:44 wet my pants from laughing

  79. Erika Stone says:

    2:44 how sea urchins were born

  80. Hei Cua says:

    Vat19 Presents, burning magnetic orbs

  81. Mr. Waffles says:

    Ah… good old Fastbreak_383

  82. Hhahaahhah Hehehhheeh says:

    Take a break FastBreak 383 or Fastbreak 383

  83. Zara B says:

    Just letting u know i was in hospital last night in the children’s ward since i am a child and this few months year old baby was there since she swallowed magnets and they can explode any time in there because of the stomach fluid gases she kept crying my guess she was in pain i got let out of hospital but she didn’t so please pray for her i want her to be well again

  84. p3ng w1ng says:

    1:12 If Jon accidentally pressed it…

  85. Karry Lau says:

    0:44 Greg Poupon:Yeah, science, bi🤬

  86. Harley And Lily Studios says:

    Repeat 0:23

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    Scientists language: e i ayah

  88. li huang says:

    Why say “BITCH”

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