Buy Static Electricity Today £££


Hello, how can I help you?
Yeah, I’d like some Static Electricity Certainly that would be £756,492 please
Here The latest containment pod costs extra
um how much fiver
wait a second while your order is processed [Rubbing a balloon against his head]
OK here you go Ah yeh thanks- oww
happens every time Is there anything else you need?
Eeer A hat? Tom, Customer about a Hat!
Would you like this hat, er, yes, er yes His mouths not moving
Yeah it does that Ah this is so difficult
Yeah, it does that? Yeah, he, he does that?
Yeah, he does that hahaha Yeahre, ee does that

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1 thought on “Buy Static Electricity Today £££”

  1. Samuel Robins says:

    thats awesome H, but the cowboy impression was shit

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