Can this Solar Powered LED Change the World?


There are currently about a billion people
on the planet without access to consistent electricity. Right now these people with no electricity
turn to slightly more dangerous methods to illuminate their homes at night…like putting
kerosene in small jars with a wick, and starting it on fire lantern-style. Kerosene is a dangerous poisonous chemical,
that when burned, provides a smoky yellow light. Naturally, this is dangerous and doesn’t even
provide much light. Millions of kids every year are severely burned
when the lamp gets accidentally knocked over. Not to mention, families can end up spending
20-30% of their income on kerosene, meaning that the money isn’t being spent on more useful
things like food or education. Luckily, with advances in technology, there
is a solution. Watts of Love is a nonprofit organization
that provides safe, clean, sustainable solar powered LED lights to families. I think it’s time to take one apart and see
what this safe alternative is made of. Let’s get started. [Intro] LEDs have been around for quite a while now,
but only through the combined advancements of battery technology and solar cells make
products like this currently possible. Right now, with multiple LEDs spread out on
the front, and a large solar panel on the back, this light is capable of turning into
a headlamp, necklace, lantern, or wrist strap. After a full day’s charge in the sun, it provides
a 120 hours of light on the lowest illumination setting. Super impressive. The solar light produces 275 lumens at the
highest setting, and also has a strobe light for emergency situations. It harvests the sun’s free power during the
day to get free light at night. The outer housing is made from thick black
plastic, and has a micro USB port for quick charging when power is available. We’ll see what size the internal battery is
in just a second, if we can get it open. This is a product that’s designed to be extra
durable and last a while. The front lens for the LEDs is made from clear
plastic. And the back poly-crystalline solar panel
is also covered and protected with clear protective plastic. It has little feet on the housing to keep
the panel elevated from whatever surface it might be set on. Thumbs up for that little design perk. Getting inside the light is rather difficult. With no external screws, it looks like everything
is permanently molded shut, which is fine. This is a product that needs to never fall
apart or break open in harsh conditions. My razor is no match for this light. My hacksaw, on the other hand, seems to be
a bit more successful. [Sawing sounds.] After all four sides are cut through with
my saw, the two halves of the solar light pop open revealing a pretty large, 2000 milliamp
hour battery. A larger capacity than the iPhone 8. It’s easy to see why the LEDs can last for
so long. There is a rubber sealant all around the inside
edges of the rear solar panel, and we can also see the black and red positive and negative
connections from the solar panel soldered into the circuitry on the motherboard, which
in turn charges the battery. Surprisingly enough, the whole light is still
working. It’s always a good sign of build quality when
something can be ferociously dismantled and still function. Let’s see if we can pop the motherboard out
of the top housing to get a closer look. This thing really isn’t meant to come apart. Finally we get the clear, slightly diffused
lens housing popped away from the motherboard, and everything is surprisingly still working. The center push button in the middle of the
board is what switches the light on and off, and changes through the different lighting
modes. We have 11 LEDs circling the center and a
micro USB port over on the side. Super simple, and super durable – exactly
how it should be. Try walking around your own house tonight
in the dark. Sometimes we take things for granted. I think everyone should have easy access to
light when they need it. I’ve donated $5,000 to kick off a campaign
with Watts of Love to bring these LED lights to Guatemala and the Philippines. I’ll put the link in the description. Watts of Love is a nonprofit that has a solid
product and is accomplishing good things. Obviously you don’t have to donate anything,
just liking and sharing this video would count as contributing as well. This is the first time I’ve ever done a donation
like this on my channel before, so I’m curious to see what happens, and how much good we
can accomplish as a JerryRigEverything community. I know that light is important. Everyone should have safe access to it, and
these solar powered LEDs are infinitely better than flammable kerosene. Together we can Light the World safely. The link is in the description if you feel
like donating. Either way, hit that subscribe button if you
haven’t already, share this video, and come hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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