Cars 3 “Lightning McQueen Vs Jackson Storm” (2017) Disney Pixar Animated Movie HD


Good luck out there champ, you’re gonna need it. One reason storm and the next gens are more efficient their ability to hold the optimum the racing line every single lap. Win number three for the rookie sensation. Storm’s in a class of his own. And a big reason for that training on the newest cutting edge simulators. These machines create virtual experience so real Racers never even have to go outside. Storm’s ability to hold that line is like nothing we’ve ever seen. four in a row, are you kidding me. 2% lower drag color finishing. Oh what a finish. 5% increase down force. 1.2% higher top speed. Amazing. over one point two three higher You are about to become the biggest brand in racing. Go 95. Whoo-hoo Movie deals, informercial products endorsements. famous now
will be rich beyond belief mr. Serling what is this about your
legacy every time you lose you damage yourself I’m sorry your racing days are coming to
an end we can only hope that this race today
wasn’t his last I decide when I’m done how you feeling I can’t go out on the
track and do the same old thing it won’t work buta there is this change man you
know what I did what I don’t know I got nothing I am so excited to train you I
like a challenge I called you my senior project on your
mod not just add the beach ate me Jackson storms set a new record today
what he pulled off the fastest lap ever recorded
I am elated record storm since they even any dr. ihsan a queen this is my last
chance Cruz laughs if I lose I never get don’t fear failure be afraid of not
having the camp you have the chicken eight to watch you on TV flying through
the air you seem so fearless I wish I knew what that felt like you’ll never be as fast distorted but
you can be smarter than him the racing is the reward Papa stop my chances of
winning are 95 points 2% that way good ready for what’s coming Jackson storm is part of the next
generation of high-tech racing hobbies don’t say to Jackson Stone Jackson storm
storm in a class of his own hey champ got a good run you have no idea what a pleasure it is
for me to finally beat you did you say meet or beat I think you heard me enjoy
your retirement you’ll never be the racer you once were you can’t turn back
the clock kid but you can wind it up again the reaping world is changing treadmills
wind-ups virtual reality still working on that and interactive race simulation jumped a barrier you have crash we got
some work to do I am so excited that I get to train you like beating the beach ate me every week that are in
Raiford retire to make room for these younger faster racers you given any
thought okay your questions paparazzi you’ll never be as fast to storm but you
can be smarter good luck out there you’re gonna need it I decide when I’m
done you are not winning this
I’m counting for you storm

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100 thoughts on “Cars 3 “Lightning McQueen Vs Jackson Storm” (2017) Disney Pixar Animated Movie HD”

  1. Furious Trailer says:

    So Guys We have Finally Changed Our Channel Name From "The Flash 4K" to "FURIOUS TRAILER". So this #cars3 video is our first video after changing the channel name. Do you like the new channel name. Let know through comment.

  2. Danais Wright says:

    Una decepcion para los amante de cars

  3. Moonmaker says:

    It would be better if McQueen won in the last race

  4. Roy Villegas says:

    I like the cars 1-2 but I don't like cars 3 I feel bad😭. specially ending sence.

  5. Oliver Fosana says:

    Mqueen is cool mater is funny

  6. tchiko aniso says:

    kog;dtubfvj ;cvhgghvl oi i pioiopioi

  7. Elisabeth Watts says:

    (Use u

  8. sejal jain says:

    Yoo 🤟🤟

  9. Atharva Saraf says:

    1:21 nooooo don't say that😭😭😭

  10. Asha Devi says:

    The movie is best

  11. pauln182 says:

    shit movie. The moral of which is – if you're being beaten… give up. Really sucked having to explain to my young son why his favourite car, McQueen, wasn't racing at the end. So I just made up some other reason. #ToxicForBoys

  12. jon larsen says:

    Instead of having another car take lightnings place they should have just did what porsche did to their 918 spyder… install a bunch of electric motors with more ECU power as well. Then let's see the stupid hot wheels tesla try and beat lightning!!

  13. foy karting says:

    Yo cars wrong thing NASCAR,road course racing
    There's a difference

  14. alessio giroso says:

    Storm sounds EXACTLY like Formula E electric cars

  15. Perminder Sandhu says:

    Honestly I don't like McQueen getting old😏😭😭

  16. gacha nina and nadia says:

    is this in vus

  17. Lightning McQueen says:

    Lol I’m pretty cool

  18. Edmund Ng says:

    kinda disappointed McQueen didn't race Jackson

  19. Thunder Storm says:

    Jackson is a fast car

  20. Luis Serrano says:


  21. Jaquil Enos says:


  22. kaesilyn gumaru says:

    storm is a chiter bo bo bo

  23. yılın abisi says:

    Got nov

  24. Joel Kouame says:

    Un film en francais

  25. Ish says:

    Pixar after Cars 2
    You can’t turn back the clock
    After releasing Cars 3
    But you can wind it up again

    I’m just messing I like all the Cars movies but it’s clear that Cars 2 wasn’t the best one

  26. Jam Hassan says:

    There's no one who can beat mcqueen

  27. ضۣۗـۙيۣۗہعۣۗـۙوۣنۣۗـۙيۣۗہ HD says:

    You – 2019 Like 💖😍

  28. Jesus Hernandez says:

    Anything Else for the other bowling ballers of happy chest and happy butt

    Anything at all

  29. Karen Medina says:

    Por que Mac cuyn de jo de correr

  30. Kujo Jotaro says:


  31. bilal Chikte says:


  32. agenttheater5 says:

    So basically the newer cars have no talent, just a lot of new tech?

  33. Concrafter Fan says:

    In my opinion MCqueen is faster then storm,he just didn't race for a long time

  34. حسن الفتلاوي says:


  35. Der liebevolle Puschel says:

    Its hard, to accept the fact, that you will be old one day too.

  36. Vincy Tigga Vincy Tigga says:


  37. Osmainil Jb25 says:


  38. Hunter Zolomon says:

    Go Mcqueen # 95

  39. Color Oyun Games says:

    Great video

  40. Aryan Asif Malik says:


  41. Scrabisimo says:

    Lets just hope it doesn’t become real life

  42. Mr. Cj says:

    I don't care storm has 210 mph
    My childhood race car is 1:07

  43. Marcello Roy says:

    Mcqueen faster than cruz but cant catch storm back,, but cruz can what the

  44. Sue0119 Animal Jam says:

    AWSOME :i

  45. Caleb Sherwood says:

    Did Disney just copy the plot of Talledega Nights?

  46. Ultimate Pug82 says:

    Storm is ugly

    That's the only insult I got

  47. Max Paun says:

    If mcqueen gets upgraded in cars 4 if it happens im gonna freak out

  48. Aurea Rodrigues says:

    McQueen está ultrapacede

  49. Xhstian says:

    Honestly, Jackson Storm has the power of rubberband

  50. Hdhs Sbs says:

    I hope mcwen take new engin

  51. YAHYA EMPING says:


  52. Liam Migriño says:

    Can we suggest on the creator?
    That on Cars4 they will upgrade McQueen and make him high tech

  53. Adrian Pascual says:

    Why does the bad guys look so much more cooler than the main character i want to see mcqueen have an upgrade

  54. x_alpienos_x :D says:

    Why they don't Upgrade Mcqueen, WHY?! He only needs a freakin be faster 20km/h than usually.

  55. Owen Chau says:

    lmao lightning's career is follwoing kimi raikkonen's career now

  56. Paul John Rowe says: I don't know how true this is but I think Jackson Storm is literally the car in this video

  57. Jahim Uddin says:

    McQueen should have gotten some facial reconstructive surgery like the Charger Daytona and the Superbird. That extra aero would have helped. He also should have looked into a big turbo.

  58. Agung saputra says:

    Subtitle indo lu goblok

  59. decade X revolt sims says:

    Huh well next Odin prime

  60. decade X revolt sims says:

    Cars agen

  61. MUSTANG GT fourpointsix2valve says:

    I like storm his beast

  62. Br1aNn88 YT says:


    He’s a tesla

  63. John Arnold says:

    Storm is basically the young lightning

  64. raflifernanda 308 says:

    This is like Rossi vs other young rider

  65. Jeremiah De Guzman says:

    i wish it ended like McQueen gettin upgraded to the newer cars

  66. TheConfidentialEnderman says:

    "The beach ate me."😂

  67. Alvin Madelo says:

    Can lightning be tuned up?

  68. sushant mondhe says:

    Mc queen go a head away strom
    gogogo mc queen

  69. Muhammad rafly Rafly says:

    Translet goblok

  70. Lancang Kuning says:

    You pig

  71. SAI GAMING says:

    You can't be faster than storm but you can smarter than him

  72. Debie Maritan says:

    McQueen go you training race and you win cars 1 is you fly the area

  73. Anak Gamers says:

    Indonesia ada gak masa aku doang

  74. Sanjeet jayswal says:

    Very funny video thank you

  75. MB - 05PA - Sir Wilfrid Laurier PS (1578) says:

    Lighting still is first because it’s lightning storm not storm lightning

  76. Radit Tama says:


  77. Strongest Avenger says:

    Title: Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson storm

  78. Axis Gurung says:

    So nice

  79. Ra_The_RECKER says:

    Why do people hate Storm? McQueen was kind of like him. He changed only because Radiator Springs changed him. It is like saying you hate McQueen because he replaced the King. And no one hates Cruz even though she replaced Storm.

  80. Epsi Samuel says:

    This movie is great I hope theirs cars 4

  81. omvema Martin says:

    Good mother

  82. ANUP KAUSHIK says:


  83. Bayu Setiyawan says:


  84. SAKUツ says:

    How come there’s 8k dislikes?

  85. Max Carter says:

    Ffs why they ruin this

  86. MUSTANG GT fourpointsix2valve says:

    Storm is awesome

  87. WizardyGrow GT says:


  88. roblox fan says:

    2019: jackson storm has a new rivel which is electric

  89. SCP Foundation says:

    Mario kart?

  90. Elsa Mandzhieva says:

    I actually liked Storm. He must have repeatedly beat Cruz afterwards.

  91. dünyanın en acaip insanı says:

    well i got one problem

    francesco is way faster than storm but in cars 2 mcqueen defeats francesco so mcqueen >>>>> storm but storm faster than mcqueen ?

  92. Gee Morgan says:

    Jackson Storm wouldn't stand a chance against Francesco bernoull. Francesco can do 220 mph, while Jackson can only do 210 mph.

  93. Gab Obsiana says:

    cartoon cars

  94. Ninjeta says:

    The subtitle…..

  95. David Williams says:


  96. Osvaldo Mendez says:


  97. Anmar Anmar says:

    Όποιος προτιμά κεραυνό Μακουίν από jackson storm να μου βάλει like

  98. Ida Putri says:

    Bikin yang 10 jam dong

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