China’s Crazy Plan to Launch an Artificial Moon


Guess what? China has announced plans to launch an “artificial
moon” into our skies by 2020. And, as crazy as that sounds, it’s not actually
the first time something like this has been attempted. But first. China’s new plan. As reported in China Daily, China plans to
launch an “illumination satellite” into orbit above the city of Chengdu. Well actually, four illumination satellites. The first as a proof of concept in 2020 and
the next three as the real deal in 2022. There aren’t a ton of details about the
satellites themselves yet, like how big they are or what they will be made of, but we DO
know they’ll be covered with a “reflective coating similar to the moon’s”? Whatever that’s supposed to mean. At the proposed distance of 500km, a single
satellite is expected to illuminate an area between 10 and 80 km, with light around “8
times brighter” than the moon’s. If all goes to plan, the scientists hope the
moons will replace street lights in urban areas and save the city millions in electricity
costs annually. They could also help light up streets during
natural disasters and blackouts. Those same benefits are what prompted Russia
to try something similar 20 years ago, in what was called Project Znamya. In 1993, Russia successfully deployed their
own prototype of an illumination satellite, about a 20 meter reflective film that unfolded
in space. For a few hours, it orbited a couple hundred
meters above earth, beaming a 5km wide spotlight over Europe. But, that light only moved at about 8 km/hour,
meaning most people just saw a flash in the sky as it passed. Eventually, it fell out of orbit and burned
up on reentry. The Russians tried this again a few years
later, this time with a 25 meter mirror. However, the satellite failed to deploy, and
it quickly fell out of orbit. There were plans to launch a third, even bigger
mirror, but the project faced serious budgeting issues and was later abandoned. So China’s plan is essentially picking up
where Russia left off, taking note of their mistakes and making something that will actually
work, right? Well, as critics have been quick to point
out, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The first, and probably biggest, issue with
China’s proposed scheme concerns the height of orbit. In order for a satellite to track a single
city on earth, it would need to be in a geostationary orbit, about 36,000 km above earth. At the proposed 500 km, China’s satellites
would face the same problem that Russia’s did, whipping around earth, quickly lighting
up random places for a fraction of a second as they go- which isn’t exactly the goal. And even if 500km was a typo, and they meant
to say 36 thousand, a satellite at that height would need to be extraordinarily large – hundreds
of meters across- to reflect much back to earth. And while the article doesn’t specify how
big China’s sats will be, launching something big enough could be prohibitively difficult. Critics also pointed out the plan has no mention
of any sort of thrusters or fuel onboard these satellites. And that would probably be a necessity since
out in space, the satellites– like the Russian mirrors– will experience drag and solar radiation
that will eventually push them out of orbit. The cost of the initial fuel and subsequent
refueling missions could outweigh any savings in electricity costs on Earth. Reportedly, researchers at several universities
and institutes have looked over the plan and have given it the okay for trial, so maybe
we just don’t have all the details. If that’s the case, and the plan does work,
should we be worried? Many scientists have expressed concerns that
these satellites will amplify the light pollution problems we already have. Excess light from cities today alters night
cycles of animals, the sleep cycles of humans, and disrupts astronomers’ view of space. And a project of this scale will likely make
those problems worse. It’s not clear in the reports whether the
Chinese government has given these plans any sort of official backing, So, I suppose for
now, we’ll just have to wait and see if any new moons light up the sky. You may not be able to launch your own illumination
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playlist. One last thing, the engineer who started the
Russian satellite project actually wanted to test solar sail technology, but he found
the prospect of daylight-extension was much easier to get funding for. Don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see
you next time on Seeker.

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95 thoughts on “China’s Crazy Plan to Launch an Artificial Moon”

  1. TRU MAN says:

    There's only one problem. There is no outer space. We live in a closed system . We live on a flat stationary plane with a firmament above. Nothing goes in or out of the firmament.

  2. J Anderson says:

    That's no moon, it's a space station!

  3. J Anderson says:

    Who needs astronomers anyway, it is not like they could help figure out where to put an artificial moon into orbit…hey wait?!

  4. Wutzido IOthCatchJitsu says:

    I hate her

  5. Red Dot says:

    I bet their gonna put Made In China on the moon

  6. cg f says:

    Fake news….

  7. ching mong bing bong says:

    Nuke them for violating law of earth

  8. Ninja Graphics says:

    I like this.

  9. Joshua Caloyong says:


  10. Manchester Is Blue says:

    2018:China launch fake moon
    2100:China launch fake sun
    2500:China launch fake Galaxy
    5000:China launch fake universe

  11. Kari Rakitan says:

    Bye Bye stars

  12. Big Billy Goat Gruff says:

    it should break in half a little after take off, no worries….

  13. 4-UP says:

    I know 1 thing for sureright now as i type is that South Korea has a TERMINATOR problem… I got 29 reasons why.

  14. Jason Chow says:

    anything made in china will explode. can't wait to see a fireworks

  15. bakar billionaire says:

    Fake moon 😂

  16. Mark The Coder says:

    the death star

  17. J J says:

    Why not just go to the real moon and mop up the dust and use it like originally planned?

  18. FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele says:

    When someone hits it with a bomb it’s gonna suck when it all falls. This idea is either hiding something or just bullshit.

  19. TheRedWingsGuy says:

    Something about those glasses on her… 🍆

  20. Duct Taped Goat says:

    2:25 Yeah the chinese think 2000 is 20000, thats why their electronics are cheap because most companies dont know tech and report differing values than is the truth.

  21. John Smith says:

    Even if everything were to be in place, China is so corrupt that the project will just be delayed indefinitely while some politician pockets the funds.

  22. NorCal Irie says:

    It's 2019, no construction site yet.

  23. Javed khan says:

    Wrong place hair

  24. 10,000 subs with no vids #challenge says:

    Noo I don't wanna die plz don't China

  25. James Kenneth Malinjaman says:

    Don't do that China
    If this happen when the world would end
    Because of your crazy idea this is your fault china

    If that happen it would be different as before

    1.the waves in the sea would 6× larger
    It would affect

    New york

    2.the rotation of Earth become slower
    Added 2 more hours in one day

    3.huge impact the moon and the fake moon
    It would cause meteor impact of moon leftover

    4.there would be rings in the earth

  26. J Tran says:

    China try to get ready for EMP war with the US that is all about.

  27. Karl Aug says:

    2:25–2:30 – How do you spell " Kolominors " ?.I like to know how many feet " 1 Kolominor " is ?.


    So if they do this…would it made in China?🤣🤣🤣 but fr …THIS IS WHAT THEY LANDED ON,.COM ON NA,

  29. Michelle Nine says:

    They've done it already or someone beat them to it or we each will have our own fake moon I just got proof it's a computer The stars are fake too i have video and pictures i took you can see the computer board it wasn't even round it was to the naked eye but is fake folks i wouldn't lie

  30. Sam Be Mixing says:

    The United States is helping fund it… That's why y'all not receiving your W-2 anytime soon

  31. Myself says:

    If it's made in China it won't last very long.

  32. Jose Bolorin says:

    More fake crap

  33. uzerish x says:

    this sounds like an incredibly stupid idea

  34. Oliver Chu says:

    China is another future

  35. Net Surfer says:

    USA: getting more and more jealous and angry about China…

  36. thepink wither says:

    Then the Earth will be doomed.

  37. The new sonic movie is actually coll says:

    I dont wanna die next year CMON

  38. luci78 Cozma says:

    To illuminate cHnegdu city ? At night ? I live there for 6 years. And I see the moon and stars less than 10 times. It’s Cloudy city can’t work. They have to solve the problem of the air flow in that city. Some clouds are there for over 10 years ( its a saying). Huge pollution in that city because of this. No air flow …it’s in to a big depression about 120km diameter and big tall mountains around and clouds don’t have where to go …only big winds can clear up a bit the place ! But hard to find sun there. Girls are beauty because they have white skin ( no sun )

  39. TheRealDavieLondon says:

    This girl is like a nerdy type of sexy.

  40. Poor Righteous Teacher says:

    Retarted sounding

  41. Big Beatle says:

    Aren’t you just said it’s the concept, and you are f around about concepts, just ask trump, surely he has no concept with nothing, u are ignorant piece of ant poop

  42. Dustin Tacohands says:

    Seems like a idea with alot of unplanned problems

  43. oh yeah yeah says:

    What's next? Weaponizing the artificial moon into a bloody Death Star?

  44. Brian Dube says:

    The moon will be made in China? Probably won't last long.

  45. Jacob Black says:

    4 death stars!

  46. CraZy. kotoam says:

    Made in china.

  47. Dr Shrekyll Beans says:

    You may fire when ready.

  48. dhana ty says:

    Copying MOON TOO.. 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻 Come on China

  49. HotTea says:

    They better not

  50. Monnah TV says:

    I'm going to build a wall on the space

  51. Hermann Fegelein says:

    Is Xi Jin Ping a fan of Star Wars?

  52. Stephen A says:

    And this, ladies and gents, is how the zombie apocalypse begins… Severe sleep depravation!

  53. Iveta Kvasničková says:

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  54. miss misanthropist says:

    "a couple hundred meters above the earth" that's still in the atmosphere

  55. mail123vicky says:

    If this artificial moon works accordingly then how will it affect the plant kingdom in those cities. Since plant is not habituated of 24 hour sunlight and photosynthesis. Will it effect growth and rest period of it.

  56. G says:

    WAKE up, there messing with our son and moon, then want to dress up the reason why and the sheeple will agree and think how wonderful. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  57. Lizzy A says:

    It will say “made in China”

  58. Thumb Shanks says:

    Totally will be only used for good… but hey we are already pretty retarded, we got people who think theres 700 genders

  59. Brayan Ruiz says:

    you know what's funny back in World War II Germans tried to launch a huge magnifying glass into space to burn humans like ants look it up it's funny maybe they're trying to burn us damn Chinese

  60. GAT YT says:

    Elon Musk joined the chat

  61. Rick oswald says:

    Its alot deeper than what you thibk folks our moon was brought here too along time ago ..fake moon, fake sun, fake stars inside the firmament..I think its time to get re educated so you dont fall for the suns reflection on the moon lie…stay thirsty for knowledge my friends and remember jesus is inside all of you dont wsit for him to come flyin in a white horse its a alogorical meaning just listen to the message Sun of God..hmmm

  62. Ken Marchlenski says:

    Our Sun is due to go through some extraordinary CHANGES within a few years.
    One is to Blast out a "Dust Cloud" that will "DARKEN our Moon"!
    Our Sun is also now going through a Weird 'Grand Solar Minimum' that is causing Earth to continually Grow Colder with more RAIN, flooding and Wind damage until c. 2034!
    With China putting up an 'Artificial Moon(s)' next year, it lines up with this Sun explosion of Solar Dust coming.
    WHAT to DO?
    Prepare for MUCH Colder weather and to lose Electricity from increasing Wind Storms!

  63. D K says:

    Didn't someone make one already? Pretty sure I see it most nights…..

  64. Dylan Dylan says:

    The most people here In the comment section thought this was a conspiracy but now seeker says it..and now y'all go allong like YALL already knew it..

  65. Gei Xiong says:

    Woman..your opinion is inside the box. Gotta think outside the box. If anyone can take something and make it better is the Damn Chinese. Beside, they got the man power, the moneys and the focus. All the top Math and Sciences Graduates are Chinese for your in formations..Not only that, according to the world survey : There are 1.1 million Graduate Chinese Students annually. To me, that's scary…ok !? Anyway, if anyone can build something out of the ordinary is the Goddamn Chinese…So let it Ripped….I want to see it . Now aday, The White guys are just wanna drop Bombs, blow up buildings and set up Dictators in oil rich nations…😀😁😎

  66. Bam Carter says:

    *the goverment had leved the chat*

  67. xXI__Wing__IXx says:

    The moon would get really jealous

  68. skate phalife says:

    Impossible. The earth is flat and it will hit the dome right flatearthers?

  69. Commando Croc 2303 says:

    Russia go to make it and it doesn’t work they go again then if it doesn’t work again they’ll just nuke the sky🤕

  70. Julien Bocassin says:

    I hate criticizing someone else's work… but seriously, there's a reason we use 2×4 minimum for framing… everything stapled together, 4 blocks in the corners for "foundation" … I'm really surprised the whole lot didn't collapse when you were on top of it….. I bet the door won't open after a season ( )… this is how kids make "dens" this will not last…

  71. Chong Beng Lim says:

    Very ingenious retort

  72. Gourgy Boy says:

    Well then South Asians can see this moon small

  73. nate_murdock says:

    birth of the death star

  74. Zauber Flecks says:

    just because China is doing something similar it is called "picking up where Russia left off"? just because you created a youtube channel after some other people is it called "picking up where someone else left off?" what does Russia even have to do in this case?

  75. master rhythm says:

    we aslo have an artificial sun

  76. Max game says:


  77. Un gars Menguia says:

    Are you sure the one up there isn't artificial?

  78. Marco Feng says:

    We notice this will cause tremendous harm to wild life and plants right? Who are adapted to night, and now us jerks humans came a long and said, "Night sucks, day good."

  79. Memar Ignacio says:

    No wonder why China is the immitating capital of the world. Lol

  80. Fr0gFx mahardika says:

    Bruh dont do it :/

  81. BeybladeGene says:


  82. Kevin says:

    Here we go again people saying these satellites are UFOs

  83. kelelala says:

    Wolves: Holy moly, there are 4 moons in the sky? Is that a joke or we are in hell?

  84. kelelala says:

    An American astronaut landed on a moon.
    China: Sorry I am afraid you are on my moon.
    US: What? Really?
    China: Is there any tag on the moon?
    US: Yes…and it says "Made in China"?!
    China: Wrong moon, m8
    US: Holy crap, I am on a live broadcast and I just planted a flag on this moon…

  85. Suranga Priyanath says:

    is this true story?

  86. King B says:

    This is just a stupid ass idea that serves no real purpose leave the earth and nature alone

  87. Jose Aguila says:

    if they get perfect orbit to earth this is going successful..

  88. Arief Aryo Prakoso says:

    Such solar reflectors – originally Nazi's idea. What would Hitler say should he could see Chinese launch such shiny bois?

  89. P Kenny says:

    This will cause the end, pure evil!

  90. Mumtaza Rizky Iswanda says:

    You can't put bias opinion into this vid and still calling it science

  91. NORA 🌼 says:

    I want night stay night. I want to sleep in the dark not artificial moon light

  92. BerZe Namikaze says:

    If something bad happens do I get the compensation ?

  93. Richard Deese says:

    So… we're not gonna mention light pollution at all here, huh? I guess politics trumps science – again. I expect better. 𝓡𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲 𝓣𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲.

  94. Dadson worldwide says:

    Burn Coal and build atmosphere cleaning faciltys. if this was what we did with all the time ,focus and money spent searching alts we would be done and have millions of jobs world wide operating yhe faciltys.

  95. ilike kawaiipizza says:

    Trump you better tAlk to China..

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