Chip Fat Electricity!

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Next Up to see the Gadget Geeks is mick Aka Lord Chips He has A mobile Chip Shop and the Geeks Think They have an Idea that Can Make his Business run more Economically Go hot by the way Thank you we’ve got [an] Idea for you yep, we’re Gonna Make you Chip Power Chip Power yes Well Chip if I chip fat Power and We Reckon we Can add something to your fish and Chip van Powered by that That no Else is Gonna Have okay So is that something you’d be you’d be UP for us testing with you it’s something that saves Me Money and uses something I throw Away, would be a good Idea So the Geeks aim Is to Harness the power Hidden in The Old Oil from mick’s Fryers and use it to Improve his Business They’re Planning on Powering A Pop-Up Restaurant With Chip fat Encouraging Customers To Stay Longer and Spend more Money Not only fit Many People in This Is not that Big it’s A caravan, no no Can you come up [with] some Fancy Serving System, well if We Can find some Tablets or something like that? We can set up like a local ordering system so you Can Come? Pick what you want Cents off the Kitchen? to Keep the lights and Gadgets Working in the Pop-Up Restaurant [Colin] has to find a way of getting Energy out of This This is [mick’s] Old vegetable Oil Or lard Whatever it Is using this thing Does Say, Diesel Fuel only This is true Diesels Just thin Oil Really Engines will Cope With normal vegetable Oil They Can run on it the biggest one We’ve got in This Is it’s not Just Oil It’s got Chips it’s Probably got A bit of Sausages in it so colin’s Got to filter out the food Debris and Hope he Produces Engine-Friendly Oil Now I’m Basically Adapting This Old Kettle right so We can heat it Up all the [muck] will sink to the Bottom [we’ll] draw it off somewhere Halfway and then We’ll Run it for a fuel filter [Where’s] that from this Is from A? Mazda 200 Fuel Comes in Here at every Tank Through the filter out There Into the Fuel pump, okay, you know We refine our Oil as Clean as possible before We put it Really? Having Filtered Some of Mick’s Leftover Oil it’s Time to test it out what we’ve got here Is Colin furze Refine Chip back Nice so Fingers Crossed, they Stain during Boys up Into Life you Ready yeah Now [Tom] Needs to build some Gadgets that Can Use all that free energy will Have Touchscreen, Interface here’s I want Card Small Chips [Days] Sharp Just They’re Finished [in] Pay it’s table Number, one he touches Done and what’s nice Is [that] we’ve got. How. Much he’s Taken Believe it or not this is the Beginning of our Folder Pop-Up restaurant With The Help of a local Chippy that’s Slang for Carpenter Colin Sets out to build the Ultimate towable Self-Contained Chip Fat Powered mobile [Fast-Food] Dining Experience You Can Imagine a block table here Table in The Middle There all this is gonna be Double the Size Because it’ll all Fold out So yes Coming it’s Just a little Restaurant I think it’d get Quite a nice Atmosphere Going on in it It’s Tuesday Afternoon and as mick arrives at. His Regular Pitch for a busy, Evening Selling Fish and Chips Colin is Applying the Finishing touches Yes I’ve Just got A mint the Tablets and then it’s Ready to roll Fold it up off We go and let’s Just Hope mick likes it I think He’s Definitely Gonna smile but Where he Actually likes it or not Is a Different thing Time To see what Make Thinks of the Lads Creation what Have They got There What are you like? [Give] [Me] [Kevin] Emily stop how you doing Just say he again how you, do What have you Bought me what Is it this is a fish tank Tell me more [Ace] well This is the Fold-out Restaurant in the Change [your] World Right Make Sounding Nervous will [he] be Reassured When They Fold it out [You] got High Quality Furnitures There this, Is what your Wonderful Customer get to Walk Up and dad tables next It must be the only run in the World you Feeling the vibe Me including the Seaside Restaurant Foil On the Small Screens we’ve got Around? Here Are our Ordering System are They Really yeah They’ve Any up there [Have] Their tablet Pcs or touchscreen and They will Take an order yes I’ll Tell [turn] we’re on? Oh you can but but it won’t Work Without Power and A [tower] your Department now then Make This Sisters Refinery That’s A Kettle, sorry Yes that’s a black Kettle Though Is that that Makes the different Us and if You Remember Look You Give Me all your Old this is all your Old mater stuff that’s Lovely You Pull that Into the Kettle Like so, oh Oh that’s Good Boil your Old Chip Fat thin it out all the muck sinks to the Bottom and then There’s a little pipe Which comes Halfway up The [Cap] so you’re not Draining all the muck straight at the Bottom so now that is Running on Nicely refined mix Chip fat The Generator doesn’t Just run off Chip fat it smells like it too Okay, they Make real [Red] [hot] [Chip] fat got lights Forgot the [telly’s] so what We have Is an Ordering System so i’m Taking you? On Taking your menu okay put it in There all Yourself Fish and Chips, also Small [god] Yeah Chips With that Just Please you’re Having live car Sauce Back Here at the Business end Up in your TV Screen Small Cub Chips and Curry Sauce yeah as you asked 560 Paid With A tenner and They’ve Been Waiting while Currently no minutes because it just went Through great when sold Us an order True Right uh Dinner Bell There yeah Little Almond trouble [Graham] Let’s do it let’s do it When, We first Opened it up the Decors very Nice and the tables and Chairs very Rustic and the Tablets on the Wall for the Ordering System I thought was A Fantastic Idea um and the orders Coming Through to the van Fantastic Brilliant Idea Generators run in the Tree got power Soldering ordering systems Up and Running Wi-Fi is working So let’s go find some Customers Change [order] Come [lad] sit in the Fish Tank [God] we’ve got A restaurant here Who’s got A mobile Restaurant There’s no need to kill Any More With the Tablets and Lights Sapping Power from the Chip fat Generator Colin Checks to see if it [Needs] a top-Up genomica as well? Guys Been Running Familiar It might be Brilliant in The Moment but as The Queues Build Up will it Keep Delivering free Power I’ve Never Had so many orders tells me so Quickly There’s Another Water Come Up [I’ve] got Nuggets You don’t have to out sit Down A table an order from the Table So here’s a really good ordering [System] I think [yes] it’s good to you the bell ringing you know it’s coming so [Far] We’ve Taken 105 Pounds 80 Which Looks very Good? This Thing’s Working A tray Table Mr Bae yeah [as] Darkness Falls the Chip fat Manages to Keep the lights on it’s very Straightforward and Clear how to use it Seems to have [Coke] during the systems Have Managed fine Everyone’s got Fed [Canola] Chips and Chips Head Down Make We Promised you more Efficiency and Obviously this whole Thing’s Running off Chip fat Which is great Phocion Have? We got you more Customers and have We made your Money you’ve Had more Customers Tonight than I’ve Had on a tuesday night? Brilliant That Time you know, How Much we’ve Taken 221 Pounds and 40 Pounds that Is Backed 25% of my takings Tonight and That’s 25% up on A normal Night [Because] I’ve Taken A normal map Money I have Usually Taken A Gti and This is all actually at all extra Buy yes yes and it’s running off [Chip] [Absence] Running off your Plan Which [Costing], offense it’s A complaint [-] So that’s the Chip fat Powered Pop-Up restaurant using the Old oil from your Fryers to Entertain and Serve your Customers an Ingenious Kettle and Filter Addition Keeps the Engine Running and you Can Enjoy the Business Benefits of Your free power source While your Customers Enjoy Their Chips and Curry Sauce it Gets a gadget geek Rating of 5 Stars Definite I’ve Gotta go? you

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