Christian ‘Science’ Book On Electricity


there it is gained fourth-grade
christian science book that was brought to my attention today and i thought i
would share with you guys if i was that a fascinating and out of this adtech
spoke with actually created for homeschool curriculum ok so i’ve been
some christian parents would our home school their children they would use
this pacific science textbook it’s the sad side is student text grade four that small its title tilted
and and it was also published on the fourth edition was published in two
thousand three by bob jones university dot wildly so he it’s only trouble bob jones university is a clown
university uh… for a long time they did not even
all the way up to the the last decade they did not allow
blacks and whites today content started consular they are okay so i want to read
you apart of the book where they talk about electricity and i i just thought this was delirious
ok so they say electricity is a mystery no one has ever observed it or her date
or felt sick we can see any here and feel religiously does we know what it make it we know that it
makes light bulbs are about ya’ll eyeball shine and iron speed up in
telephones ring but we cannot say when electricity itself is like so then i am
a step forward for the last paragraph it says how would you have to change the
way you get ready for school if you did not use electricity and manages randomly
says uh… and songs uh… we’ve converse advise audio adam morrison by thunder
was in the havent the lightning lap lightnings light and the world the earth
trembled and shook that you know i a m looking now i’m
going to be illuminates it’s because you know that i you know i mean i think i
don’t great so they have to desperately look for a
has risen above this two thousand years old but doesn’t have the answers to
where the trees it comes from as as it doesn’t have as civility away
judy up i don’t know where i come from that’s great we’ve gotten it right i found prefers rat that has lightning
that’s pretty close hence got most of the referring to that
up through the person there who will confuse people anodal of course some seventy seven eighty no guys the whole point of that business you can see electricity and no one has
seen electricity you mister jones you would like to see
his done but you see some allergy to god no one has seen god you can’t touch
gotti case planet doesn’t mean you even exists itself that’s what the whole
thing about it is another way of brainwashing about this whole belief
system honestly i didn’t know that this label will be here was god i’m sorry i now look understand of course this is an
all christians bob jones’s fairly radical very fundamentalist uh…
homeschooling et cetera et cetera right now uh… they remind me of another bat crazy religious kinda uh… who also
does it have explanations of things and well let me tell you explorer anything retarded kids here at the
meetings is approved this case by using the example of the contents of
this house so similar to the swatch tigers inside is that never
miscommunication you can explain that you can explain why
the kind of like those inside the what is it time commission and it goes out missus silverman but the caitlin charismatically so i
don’t even know that i can tell you about a month ago way and this is
something can explain it got bigger

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57 thoughts on “Christian ‘Science’ Book On Electricity”

  1. Cher Vang says:

    HAHAHAHA 4th grader book. Now if you people still wonder why the chinese kids beat our kids in math and science, just look at your bible and it must be god's purpose for our children to be dumber than the chinese kids. HAHAHAHAH

  2. Throw Away says:

    What a lot of people forget is that a lot of early scientists were Christian who wanted to explore and explain the intricacies that existed in the world (and here you'd add the basic creationism spiel). Basically the problem is that this isn't a science book the way a lot of us have used-christian and not alike but propaganda using science.

  3. YoungTon22 says:

    there is no such thing as christian science. there is only science. "noone has observed electricity"? really? never observed lightning, electric sparks, static electricity, or clear lightbulbs? smh

  4. Cristobal Salvaje says:

    Cant you see electricity with a Tesla Coil? Isnt seeing a lightning strike seeing electricty? Let them teach this is in their books hopefully, their progeny will be smarter and realize what a sham religion is.

  5. Antifaith29 says:

    " Christian Science " Gotta be an oxymoron, right?

  6. eedobee says:

    @orchoose Everytime a Republican badmouths Islam, Cenk is quick to point out the BILLIONS of Muslims worldwide who have nothing to do with this.

    Need I go on.

  7. OriginalTharios says:

    Cenk…STOP calling yourself agnostic. You're either an agnostic theist or an agnostic atheist. Or a gnostic theist or gnostic atheist.

    Agnostic by itself has nothing to do with whether or not you think gods exist or not…only whether or not you think they can ever be proved one way or the other.

    You are an agnostic ATHEIST…man-up and come out already. You believe there are no gods, but you can't know for sure. That's how that works. Now suck it up already.

  8. zamfir1970 says:

    @OriginalTharios Seconded. Man up, Cenk.

  9. deanosumo says:


  10. ironwork92000 says:

    Electricity, Fire (heat), Water, Air; all of em awesome and necessary for life. All of them can also kill you. Life and death are in them all.

  11. Trollandface says:

    o dear…

  12. FSMonster says:

    You can see electricity duh.. ever seen a spark? THAT is electric current overcoming the resistance of the air between two leads.

  13. saxmanchiro says:

    Facts are uncomfortable for theists. They tend to get in the way and upset the tardism.

  14. saxmanchiro says:

    Liberty U in Virginia had this on their course catalog online for biology;
    "There is a strong emphasis on God as the Creator of our world."
    Sad, just sadness all around.
    Also, the Chair of the Bio/Chem dept is David A Dewitt, PhD but he is also the Director of the Center for Creation Studies. See, there seems to be a little problem with those two positions. Bio and Chem have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with God or Creation. Wonder how this guy does it and keeps a straight face?

  15. Justin Jennings says:

    i have one of these books XD
    i payed to quit school

  16. Aaron C says:

    Not all home schools, especially home schooling done in churches, are not radical like that. I'd wager very few are.

  17. Jonna Jacobsen says:

    that is where the meme comes from… xD

  18. fredj fred says:

    Form 2 groups : 10000 trained scientists of various disciplines in the first group and 10000 christians fundamentalists in the other group. Put each group in a close environment with an abundance of resources and starting materials. Same amount for both groups. The 2 groups are separate and each have to survive and thrive or perish. My prediction : after a few generations the scientists are about to colonize space, and the religious still have not figure how to use electricity.

  19. IseeRightThrough2you says:

    The thing with the tide is just the moon's gravity interacting with the water. What an ignoramus Billo is.

  20. vines says:

    so they say you cant see electricity and then they talk about a bible verse that mentions lightning. someone please explain this dumbfuckery to me. Is their real claim that you can't see an individual electron?

  21. TheOkami1113 says:

    @JohnSnowstorm I thought I was the only one that caught the fact that the verse they used seemed contradictory to the "can't be seen" bit.

  22. MD Motorsports says:

    this is blasphemy

  23. 2Corinth14 says:

    This is referring to a natural science school textbook that is evidently for Christian children. It should not be confused with the Christian denomination "Christian Science"

  24. 2Corinth14 says:

    The word "Science" as used "Christian Science" refers to the laws of God and to God,Mind "knowing all" as in "omniscience"

  25. bj0rn says:

    *Bill O'Reilly meme*

  26. mykegoh says:

    Hahahahaha….Can't beat that, anywhere/anyone else would have classify that piece of 'science book' as nonsense.

  27. gethsoftware says:

    wow. they claim that you cant see electricity but they talk lightning in the same page? are they fucking insane?!

  28. Drake Magnum says:

    "Tide goes in. Tide goes out. You can't explain it." …….
    [WTF is wrong with you face]

  29. Z'Q says:

    Right Wing christians are doing stupid shit like this to make atheists inadvertently say "Jesus Christ" when they say "Jesus Christ these are some dumb motherfuckers."

  30. Z'Q says:

    What is? The ignorant shit the fundies are peddling? Or making fun of fundaMENTALists?

  31. Z'Q says:

    No, they'd be wiped out by disease. The Christian scientists would rely on prayer not medicine and they wouldn't think of investigating why they were all getting sick so they'd just keep drinking the same tainted water.

  32. tyrannosaurusinf14 says:


  33. Bartholomew Fatima says:

    You don't even need dependable science to outdo jesus. (I am plagiarizing the following quip) Jesus promised to return, but he hasn't; Odin, on the other hand, promised to exterminate the frost giants…well, look around, do you see any frost giants?

  34. Chip Hitler says:

    Fascinating as in completely batshit crazy.

  35. Jimothy, Destroyer of Worlds, Ruler of Chaos, Eater of Kittens, First of His Name says:

    If a science book tries to "interpret" science, it is not a science book. You can't "interpret" science. Metaphors to explain? Sure, especially for fourth graders. Making up explanations that fit your belief system? Not a chance. Never thought I'd say this but… ban that book. Or at least force them to stop printing it as a science book. It's false advertising. A lie. A myth. Just like your God. Okay, a bit far, but still.
    Don't butcher scientific principles f-cking Bill Nye will get you.

  36. bigraviolees says:

    I see lightning, I see electricty

  37. flyingfishsurf says:

    bob barker now reminds us to have our pets spayed, neutered or raped. scientific christian breakthrough.

  38. Angela Pearce says:

    The best explanation is that your dryer is linked to a time tunnel. Your socks are being sent to the Sock Planet.

  39. Angela Pearce says:

    Homeschools probably produce more geniuses per capita than government schools. Proof? Thomas Edison. It's a fact that about 100 percent of all kids enter school with optimistic attitudes, but after five years of dictator teachers, 85 percent are depressed and ready for alcohol and drugs. Those are the stats that your local school district won't tell you.

  40. GN GUY says:

    fucking dryers!? how do they work?

  41. OnionsMakeYouCry9 says:

    As big of a mystery as magnets!

  42. GN GUY says:

    its a song by icp, most ignorant band ever.

  43. Spencercool99 says:

    I'm 13 and I know how electricity works, electrons on the "valence" or outer shell of the atom are bumped and start to flow from one atom the the next. if this current is contained by and insulator, it will flow in a path, creating an electrical current. HA! Take that christian so called "science" book!

  44. Kent Olaf Steinhaug says:

    Can't see elictricity? Take two wires from your speakers and stuff them in your socket and see what happens. Fucking morons.

  45. Existangel says:

    @KOSKentOlaf haha I'm glad you noticed this too. How about lightning? Ever see that?

  46. Rose NoHo says:

    They won't tell you those stats because you pulled them out of your backside.

  47. Rose NoHo says:

    Just a note, don't confuse this with the Church of Christian Science, a whole different thing. It's still a bunch of crap, but at least the people are full on aholes.

  48. CLPanda98 says:

    how stupid are these people? We can explain what electricity is, where it comes from, how it is made, and basically everything about it. Also you can see, hear, and feel it, here are some examples…. you can see lightning, hear thunder, and feel static. It is not a mystery, ask a question about it and we have an answer.

  49. Ali says:

    Nikola tesla is rolling in his grave 

  50. Hezekiah Ramirez says:

    Just another reason homeschooling should be illegal save for extreme cases. If your kid is disabled or mentally retarded or something like that then okay. Fine. I guess that can work in some cases. But it needs to be regulated and we need to have tutors working for the state. Don't let parents educate their kids. State tutors should exist for kids who really need them. But I just think homeschooling is a horrible, horrible idea.

  51. Robert Miles says:

    Preventing miscegenation is the furthest thing from clownish.

  52. Whofan06 says:

    Why would you want your child to be stupid

  53. Pei K says:

    Bob Jones University….South Carolina, self-explanatory. …..why did anyone pay any attention to ludicrous man, O'Reilly? Hard to believe such insanity still persists, exists and is allowed in the "future" and 21st century. Is there a wonder why I hold no optimism?

  54. im andy hi says:

    As an EE-in-training, I know exactly what electricity is, it's just a bunch of little leprechauns walking around in a metal tube carrying crates of Guinness to power up any devices that they may come across, and than they just go back to the battery to collect more crates of Guinness!

  55. Jason Ross says:

    "Can't see electricity"!? Have you ever seen LIGHTNING?

  56. ziggy the cub says:

    Theres no such thing as christian science, of course you can see electricity

  57. Jon Chrestman says:

    Electricity is a natural phenomenon, its nature is confirmed and there should be no discourse.

  58. निगा बाम्बीनो says:

    Christians are stupid

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