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I look at everybody as a teacher in a way ’cause I’m trying to better myself so I prefer like just working and learning as much as I can and apply that knowledge to life GRID Alternatives is undertaking a two-part mission We are reaching out to families that are at low and moderate-income to provide them with renewable energy and we’re also going back into those communities to recruit for our job training program So we’re able to help them lower their energy bills by providing no cost solar and then we’re also able to help them create a pathway for a successful career Solar, especially on an East Coast, is very new maybe obscure So we’ve got a lot of folks who’ve got general construction experience Trying to make a transition into that industry and its brand new it’s the future of energy I wanted to give back in construction period and not only that I got tired of job hunting and I know that like by me being in my 20s I need to find a good career which will send me on my journey to be successful so I found out that they was teaching the youth about solar so why not learn about that and take the advantage while I’m young In 2017, GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic received funding from the Department of Energy and Environment and DOES To implement Solar Works DC So typically, Solar Works DC is a 12-week cohort serving individuals 18 years and older As a part of Solar Works DC participants are able to sit further NABCEP exam and they also receive OSHA 10 and CPR certification Homeowners have reported that with the savings they’ve received on their energy bills They’ve been able to put that money towards other things in their household or go on vacations or just take care of their children in the way that maybe they haven’t been able to before Always stick to your childhood dreams But in the mess of that, find a good career that you can see yourself in and like that you can make an impact I think solar works DC does create pathways for people A pathway that maybe folks have not thought of before A lot of our trainees go on to become employed by a lot of our local solar installation companies And they go on to do great work And they come back to GRID and they tell us about their experience and they tell us that they’re helping the communities that they grew up in and that means a lot to them and that means a lot to us

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