Control the Intensity / Brightness of Led using 10K Potentiometer

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Hello Everyone !! Welcome to our channel In this video we will control the intensity of LED using 10k
potentiometer. This is very simple project just using 2 basic components.
What the circuit basically does is that it increases and decreases the voltage.
The LED gets by changing the resistance you can change the value of the resistor
to make the LED brighter and dimmer so let’s get started. To make this project we
need a 10k potentiometer , LED, 470 ohm resistor, the breadboard, a 9-volt battery
with snapper and the screwdriver to rotate the knobe of the potentiometer in
case you are using this pot otherwise you can use the metallic potentiometer
too. and the single stand wire.So let’s start it. Attach a 10k potentiometer
with the breadboard, all the pins must be in the different
rows and the Columns of the breadboard. Now connect the first or the
third pin of the potentiometer to the positive rail on the breadboard. Since we
have not connect the battery yet we will connect it later. Point is the VCC and
the ground pin of the potentiometer. You can connect VCC and the ground on either
first or third terminal of the pot. It’s a variable resistor which has no polarity
by default, ground pin has zero and the positive pin has 10 k-ohm value. Now
connect led and connect the Led positive terminal of led to the……. 470 ohm resistor and the 470 resistor’s other terminal must be connected
to the data pin of the potentiometer. and the negative terminal of the
LED must be connected to the negative rail of the breadboard. Now attach the
battery to the breadboard to provide the power supply. The red wire that is
positive wire of the battery snapper connected to the positive rail on the
breadboard and the negative wire that is black wire must be connected to the
negative rail on the breadboard. Now attach the battery you can see that it
led is light up. Now rotate the knob on this potentiometer using screwdriver and
check the intensity or the brightness of led. You can see that led gets dimmer and if
you rotate on the left side the brightness of the LED has increased.
you can see the brightness or the intensity of the LED will vary so I hope
this video will be helpful to you thank you for watching subscribe our channel to
get more video updates. Thank you!!

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