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hello is anyone home Addie are you in here when did you get home Jillian Addie you
scared me why didn’t you answer when I called out
before I had my earphones on in the kitchen is that a balloon yeah I thought
you put it here me put a balloon anywhere you know I’m afraid of balloons
Jillian well maybe daddy put it here where is he anyway oh he had to go out
to the hardware store he didn’t say anything about a balloon to me well
maybe it was meant to be some kind of surprise I don’t think so
daddy knows all about my “no balloons” policy hey where’d it go what maybe it
floated away we’re indoors Addie it couldn’t have gone very far it should
just be right up on the ceiling I don’t know maybe it popped don’t you think we
would have heard that maybe it just went down the hallway maybe what’s wrong
Jillian I found the balloon but how did it get all the way down there let me see Addie are you sure you’re not messing
with me Jillian when it comes to balloons I stay
as far away as I can it looks like there’s something written on it come on that’s the letter R the other balloon
didn’t have an R on it you think this is a different balloon it’s gotta be unless
this balloon can write letters on itself Jillian look another balloon I guess
you’re gonna want to look at it huh come on this one has a letter on it too
U oh I get it it’s R-U as in are you scared yeah I am don’t be scared at
either just balloons I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to movies
lately Jillian but red balloons are kind of creepy and one panel take care of
these balloons you wouldn’t dare pop when Jillian you
know I hate that all right I’m not gonna pop any balloons well what should we do
I guess we should at least look and see if there’s another balloon why are we
walking around in the dark anyway turn on some light how did the letter
change from an R to an N and so it’s not are you scared
it’s R-U-N run what are we supposed to be running from come on Jillian look Run! Jillian did you see the size of
that balloon yeah it was pretty hard to miss that balloon was out for us Jillian
Addie balloons can’t think it wasn’t coming after us
well how do you explain it coming towards us so fast it even came around
the corner it was probably just a draft from the air-conditioning and when we
ran it made another draft if that’s the explanation why don’t you just go out
there and get rid of that balloon hmm I guess you have a point I think there’s
something wrong with those balloons yeah think so so what should we do well daddy
should be home pretty soon better yet I’ll just call him now hmm let me guess
the phone’s not working yeah all I’m getting is this staticky
noise Addie I think the balloons might have something to do with that how can
balloons Jam a phone signal have you ever rubbed a balloon against
your hair and it sticks to the wall that’s static electricity so you do
think the balloons can jam the phone signal well it makes about as much sense
as balloons that write on themselves or chase us down halls well I’m not waiting
around here let’s just leave through the back door I can’t believe it no way out
that little balloons not gonna stop me why are you opening the door Jillian
it’s jammed this really is no way out well there’s other ways out of this
house you really want to go back out into that hallway
no I don’t but it might be the only way out of this oh I don’t see any balloons
that big one could be lurking anywhere Jillian wasn’t there a balloon in there
before mm-hmm come on that one’s gone too they’re probably hiding somewhere
let’s just get out of here Jillian look no way out
you try that door I’ll try the side door this one’s not working Addie. Addie? (Sinister laughter) Jillian the side doors were all jammed –
Jillian Jillian Jillian did you go down there Jillian I know you’re in the theater I
can see the light under the door oh there you are what is that Jillian we
have to get out of here know how how did it girls what’s going
on daddy you scared up so balloons are chasing us balloons
what balloons can’t you see the right here right they go Jillian I don’t know anyway I’m glad I found you guys we’re
almost late for the circus come on circus no no well at least we’ll be out
of this house come on you so that was creepy red balloons if you
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bye you should have asked me I could take a claw to those balloons

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