Dancing Ping Pong Ball experiment (Vibration and air molecules help move the Ping Pong ball)


welcome back to kids on science my
name is Ken today’s experiment is the dancing ping-pong ball as always adult
supervision is required what you need for this experiment is a ping-pong ball
a wine glass water and a finger start off the experiment take a wine glass put
your ping-pong ball inside there take your glass of water dip your finger in
and wet it make sure your finger is cleaned like you wash your hands first
and then start moving your finger around the outside of the bottle and you’ll see
that you’re going to start making the ping pong ball dance you could try to go
faster or slower or press your finger a little bit harder to see what the
difference results might get you when you do this well why did this happen
well the glass of the natural frequency wave vibrates when you rub your dance
finger on the outside of the glass your finger sticks to the glass because of
friction and because it slips because a little bit of the water which forms on
the cushion that reduces the friction when your finger slips and sticks what
happens in equal intervals which causes the glass to vibrant the vibration of
the glass pushes the air molecules around the glasses equal intervals
causing the compression wave to form and ultimately make it sound which we hear
right in an annoying sound ping pong ball dances because it gets pushed
around by the vibrations of the glass each time the ball comes in contact with
the edge of the glass for you music lovers a glass that makes a tone a just
above a middle C vibrates back and forth 440 times per second which is way too
fast for us to see I tried to back the glass up and different angle here and
and try the same experiment but I didn’t get a great result is it really just
vibrate as much when I tilted the glass backwards though when I edit forward or
even rubbing a little bit harder and getting more friction seem to really get
that ping-pong ball starting to dance a lot well I hope you enjoyed this video
remember to click thumbs up I really appreciate when you do
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