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I wish I could imagine what Canada was like 150 years ago, but listening to my elders in the Indigenous Community — wow. Canada was like nothing we can even imagine
today. The oceans filled with whales, with seals,
with forests everywhere, fish coming into the streams in numbers so great that you could
literally walk on their backs. They say the sky was darkened because the
water fowl were so thick… So that must be what it once was. Today, there are none of those things, and
the kids don’t remember. The average child in a Canadian city spends
less than eight minutes a day outside, and more than six hours a day in front of a
screen. And nature has become alien in our lives,
and I think this is a problem — what is our baseline — what do we compare
today with, we have no idea what it once was when the forest and the oceans and the rivers
were filled with animals, we just don’t remember that. Canadians really have a kind of mystical
worship of the Arctic, they all talk about the Arctic as a part of our identity and who we are. But very very few Canadians will ever go up
to the Arctic and experience it. Nevertheless, for over 40 years the Inuit,
the people that live there in the Arctic, have been telling us something’s going on
with weather and climate. You know they’re having thunderstorms where
they never saw such things. The ice is getting strange. So here are people who depend on their knowledge
of ice for their very survival and yet they’re saying we don’t know how to go out there anymore. Then we hear shipping companies say “that’s
great! Now that the northern passage is going to
be free we can ship that way and we can save a lot of money”, and then we have oil companies
saying “hey, there’s lots of oil and gas up there we can drill up there.” That Paris agreement says at least 80% of
the known deposits of oil, coal and gas have to be left in the ground. If we don’t seriously work to get off fossil
fuels, the energy sector is going to rush into the Arctic and they’re going to develop
like mad. So in many ways industry is celebrating, its
only the Inuit who are telling us, this is going to have radically disruptive effects
on us. That Arctic is also a part of the climate
engine that’s responsible for the great currents that shape how heat is shared around the planet. And we don’t really know what the consequences
are going to be. Quite frankly for me the Joker in the whole
deck is methane. There are massive amounts of methane frozen
in the Arctic, and methane is 20-80 times more potent than greenhouse gas and carbon
dioxide. We already know that the methane is melting
in Siberia — you can actually light the bubbles coming out of the oceans. If that trend continues, all hell may break
loose with what ecologists called a “methane gun”. Just a sudden huge release of methane that
will simply overwhelm our climate system. We have to throw everything into it and win. When the Soviet Union shocked the world in
1957 by launching Sputnik, Americans didn’t flinch, they just said we gotta—we got to
catch up to them. And in 1961, Kennedy said we’re going to get
astronauts to the moon and back within a decade. They didn’t have a clue how the hell we were
going to do it! They just said “we got to do it”. There are literally hundreds of spin-offs
that have resulted just from that simple commitment: let’s get to the moon first. It’s dozens of technologies that have resulted
from the space program — nobody had a clue! Who would have thought that we’d have 24-hour
television networks. Who would have thought we had laptops, or
ear thermometers, or space blankets. And I absolutely guarantee you the same thing
will happen once we say: the energy of the future is renewable energy. I’ve got a backpack that’s got a solar panel. When I walk around I charge my laptop and
my cell phone. Why can’t we have clothes, where everything
is imitating a forest? I think we’re at the beginning of a fundamental
Revolution. Hi I’m David Suzuki, in the future I hope
that renewable energy is Canada.

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21 thoughts on “David Suzuki wants Canada to embrace renewable energy before it’s too late | Canada is …”

  1. fatjoecanadian81 says:

    Sounds like a good idea

  2. Rahul Mehta says:

    What a stunningly beautiful and heartbreaking video. I wish more of us remembered and learned from the past, to ensure a better future. We truly have forgotten so much, isolating ourselves more and more from all the other species on this planet, yet we can never live without them. Thank you for all you do, CBC, journalists in general, David Suzuki, and DSF.

  3. Abigail Robles says:

    Wish this message could get out to the millions of people in Canada who care so the govt would stop investing in oil 😒

  4. Qtown20 says:

    The idea that 'nature' is some kind of perfect balance the hubris of which only humans can perturb is a myth – there is no such thing as Nature, but there is Ecology. I'm all for renewable energy but I'm wary of Suzukis reputation for being more about Show Business than Science, as well as how the Theologians of old demand we must all repent in order to achieve spiritual salvation, now it appears the environmentalists could potentially demand we must all repent in order to achieve material salvation.. There's a reason Religion and Environmentalism can be extremely profitable and exploitative of people's anxieties by hammering on apocalyptic themes.

  5. F V says:

    I really dislike this unhealthy obsession with nature and the way that environmentalists continue to paint normal people as inherently evil for enjoying the luxuries of technology.

    Yes, manmade climate change is real and yes we should move to renewables as fast as possible but let's stop pretending that nature is inherently beautiful or romantic.

    It is often quite dull and we shouldn't lie to ourselves about that simply because it's chic to enforce a natural lifestyle.

    The pendulum will swing the other way and environmentalism will become taboo if we continue to engage with condescension.

  6. Stellareffervescence says:

    FV and Qtown- Why Forgive or Embrace? You'll never know because you were never shown. Nor will you be. You will pass away without your children visiting you. In 'care' facilities ran by robotic technology, that will ensure you pass quickly. Why paint nature as healthy and luxurious? because nature is why your alive. They still cannot simulate biomes to perserve any life more then 2 years. Exposing ones self to the "cold" of winter and climbing a sun drenched mountain will heal your body like nothing else. How about negative ionization? from large volumes of moving water? did you know all screens emit positive cancerous ionization… You will most likely have cancer, stats continue to rise, and Your only saving grace is Nature. Life clings to nature and nature is life.

  7. Merkaba Carpet says:

    #Stopthelie How many people have and will freeze to death, ill-prepared for this little ice age, because of globalist, climate propaganda? Liability?

  8. taffyjock1 says:

    What a hypocritical wanker

  9. Autumn Yarecki says:

    To the people that think environmentalists are wrong. Do you like living? Is earth something you enjoy? Are you living up to your full potential? If they put the trans mountain pipeline through bc do you understand how many consequences there are? Oil is not something humans depend on. It is something we’ve been taught to depend on. It’s the easy and lazy way. There are so many alternatives and I really think this planet needs to consider using them. Humans need to stop being so greedy and think about their actions and what they’re doing to this planet. Instead of sitting inside wasting the earths energy, go outside and use your personal energy. Take a hike. Take in the earths natural beauty and realize what we as humans are destroying for wealth.

  10. Shantelle Adeline says:

    I've found great project for that on Avasva website.

  11. Brent Mcfadden says:

    Real maggot! Staffing other maggots! Oh how about its how to blow up pipelines on the Internet! Saboteur EH! Sheit called all humans maggots! Sheit was sure correct about one huh!

  12. Lee Gray says:

    this idiot has become a two faced lier for the globalists , his own carbon footprint is huge and he refuses to discuss it with anyone ! He should practice what he preaches !

  13. stapme says:

    Go 25 miles north of Grouse Mountain and you'll know what Canada was like 1000 years ago…

  14. Raynus 1 says:

    CBC: Canada's state-funded propaganda channel.

  15. Peter Hall says:

    For Renewable Energy. Against Oil products as a Fuel.

  16. Cudaman2 Formula says:

    We need to convince china

  17. Paul Savage says:

    Why doesn't he start riding his bike to all his conferences and appointments instead of driving! The guy is such a hypocrite it is not even funny! He can go to Hell! He should put his money where his mouth is instead complaining about the Corporations like the CBC who pollute through driving their cars and fund his propaganda and preaching.

  18. Adam L says:

    David Suzuki is a traitor. He is paid by foreign governments to harm Canada.

  19. Paul Hudec says:

    David Suzuki is an idiot and you all know it

  20. Lesley Spence says:

    Wow! That was inspiring and made so much sense. I use to life in the Arctic for 9 years. One of the best times of my life. I know what you are talking about. Renewable energy is the answer.

  21. R Jackson says:

    Do any of Suzuki's four homes – including one property he co-owns with a fossil fuels company – run on renewable energy?

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