DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Final Trailer (HD)


– [The Monitor] The Multiverse. Every existence multiplied by possibility
and spread out in infinite measure. Now, there is a malevolent force at work. One driven by a singular goal:
the destruction of all there is. – [Harbinger] There’s a wave of antimatter
sweeping across this universe, destroying everything in its path. I brought you all to Earth-38 because this is
where The Monitor wants you to make your stand. – [Green Arrow] Right.
So we are going to need a bigger team. – [The Flash] You want some help? – [Green Arrow] The entire universe needs you. – [The Monitor] Across space and time exists
seven heroes who can save the multiverse. – [Superman] I’ll find them. You are Clark Kent, right? – [Kate Kane] Bruce? – [Bruce Wayne] Kate? – [The Flash] We need your help
to stop this antimatter wave. – [Black Lightning] Alright then, Flash. – [The Monitor] Oliver! It is time! – [Green Arrow] Has the planet
been evacuated yet? – [The Monitor] Not entirely. – [Green Arrow] Then it is not time! – [Pariah] One thing is certain. Everything we know… Everything there is… And everything there ever was… Is doomed.

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100 thoughts on “DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Final Trailer (HD)”

  1. Leevi Heiskanen says:

    Almost everyone look like

  2. Viktor Overlord says:

    E uns dúvida mas nas séries o Batman e mulher mesmo ou e uma Batgirl.

  3. Usama Anis says:

    They didnt got all! Where the fuck is Captain America, X Men, Guardians of Galaxy, Dr Strange, Fantastic Four, Spider Man, One Man Puch, DBZ, Oni Chan ….. WTF is wrong with these dheads they just bring one after another with senseless sequels.

  4. Tom Blake says:

    Am I the only one that came here to see what happens at :48? This is the only trailer I've found that he's actually in.

  5. Vikalp Thukral says:

    Ducking click Bait thumbpic

  6. Frankie Turzyn says:

    “A star will fall grab an edge cover up what you see”

  7. Walter Porras says:

    "You are Clark kent right? "
    "No man I am cain…"

  8. Ja says:


  9. rcmelton0615 says:

    Ok but why does it show brandon routh as superman in the thumbnail

  10. adiesha1993 says:

    Wait does Brandon routhe Plays as atom and Superman in the same series

  11. elrond3737 says:

    If batwoman doesn't make will anyone notice or care?

  12. Owens Smith says:

    Piece of shit.

  13. Francisco Delgado says:

    Que onda Batman

  14. LetsKill JD says:

    We ain’t never gonna see batman

  15. Ravin NOC says:

    Team Universe 7, hold our beers !

  16. Ultimate Book Maniacs says:

    I wish Smallville's Kara had come back too. She was in V Wars recently.

  17. Vinnysmokes says:


  18. Great Value Gaming (GVG) says:

    who else came back to the trailer to see if you could see oliver not dead in a scene we havent seen yet lmaoo

  19. Elijah says:

    These shows suck

  20. GoodCrazy Camisa 10 e Faixa says:

    Advangers 2.0

  21. Blue Aero says:

    At long last my man Kevin is finally doing it live action

  22. zXNateDoggXz says:

    I just wanna see tom welling and that's it

  23. Marco シ. 520 says:

    What if this whole crisis is a test😂😂

  24. Ryanosauce says:

    If people didnt know yet, for Tom Welling's superman, you can catch up on what hes been up to since Smallville. Theres a season 11 comic that is canon to the show

  25. Only Life Important says:

    This was dead before it was alive.

  26. Sta Fava says:

    0:30 Infinite pleasure if this happen on infinite earths

  27. Dracaves says:

    I literally shit myself whilst watching this…but i was doing that before hand so it’s ok

  28. Naoyuki Murakami says:

    DC villains vs marvel villains?

  29. Historywitcash says:

    Aww snap they pulling Black Lightning in

  30. Neil d.g says:

    Smallville Tom Welling. YES.


    Why they use brandon routh in thumbnail…

  32. TheLasombra077 says:

    Kevin fucking Conroy…

  33. Alex Soul says:

    What a desperate attempt to save their WOKE SJW FRANCHISES….LOL

  34. Nikki Bailey says:

    After watching the first one this is more like crisis on a couple earths

  35. Koro Sensei says:

    Don't make crossover, you don't have the budget for. First try to make good show

  36. m Cave says:

    I'm only watching this WHOLE series to watch Tom Welling's cameo that is it. As a matter of fact it's kinda shame that CW didn't get Tom in the supergirl tv show probably because of $$$$$ he would of brought in lots of viewers oh well.


    Costumes and cinematography look hokey.

  38. Tommy Apples says:

    Notice how everything in movies is turning into the end of the world antimatter, blackholes etc….seems like CERN really is flipping the switch

  39. Onan - Son of Judah Brother of Er says:

    Seeing Tom Welling again 🤣😭😂

  40. Victor Emmanuel says:

    Well I hope Superboy prime's gonna show up

  41. MostlyPlaymobil says:

    I'm very confused.

  42. amapro says:

    kids show…cringe

  43. Fabrice Baelo says:

    I don't understand lol…

  44. CodeJunkies says:

    So sad when the TV verse is better than the cinematic verse.

    DC get your shit together!!!

  45. Mercy Towers says:

    Seriously what superpower does batgirl have to actually help the other heroes that have superpowers? The legends could've have easily fixed this in their ship that travels through time. WTF is wrong with cw?

  46. Michael Jones says:

    All i have to say is……all three SUPERMAN'S DEAR GOD YES

  47. Slevin Channel says:

    AT LEAST all these movies about these things bring the common people the Idea nearer that there's more than One Universe. That's a good thing. I wished though that it would be much more Science in all these Movies. Much more.

  48. N J says:


  49. Emanuel Ruiz says:

    Onta Linterna Verde

  50. WestexHorror says:

    Thumbs down. Clickbait

  51. Huey says:

    So that was Literal Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne. I've seen exactly zero episodes of anything not Smallville but this is an absolute win. 10/10 will watch

  52. Sirius V says:

    will Dare Devil and Punisher be in this?

  53. soimahere says:

    Ok so haven't see any of this yet
    But that clearly look like another flash- not Barry. I think the flash that dies is that guy

  54. TheWizard137 says:

    They should have shown Ultraman from Earth-168.

  55. Lightly Salted says:

    Even though I'm only up to date on Arrow, I always liked these crossover episodes.

  56. dvlarry says:

    Brandon Routh as Supe? Thumbnail lied.

  57. Kuli Kevl says:

    Black lightning finally gets some love. I might actually sit thru batbroad to watch it now.

  58. smashination productions says:

    Another Wells or the reverse flash?

  59. X Harmony says:


  60. ZaWarudo says:

    I was hyped at that trailer, then I saw batwoman. No way i will watch this shitty show, rip DC

  61. Haterator says:

    01:26 is that the Flash from the 90s TV series?!

  62. IF RACING says:

    Biggest pile of shit

  63. Athanesia Princess says:


  64. dooku65 says:

    Ehhh, any appearance of Ruby Rose pretty mush sums up the “ this is going to suck” factor

  65. Vegetarian Soylent-Green says:

    I thought I geeked out when I saw Tom Welling but then Kevin Conroy shows up in the next friggin' scene my god

  66. yujirorasy rush says:

    tom welling looks old. then i googled he is 42. i thought he is supposed in 20s – 30s because he played high schooler .😅

  67. JoyBox Trickster says:

    For the love of god get us a Batman, and don’t shove us Batgirl in our throats for something this awesome.

  68. Debojyoti Ghosh says:

    Fucking clickbait!

  69. Beastmen Delegate says:

    All respect to the Atom but Brandon has come home.

  70. Marcelo Zelada says:

    John Wesley Shipp?

  71. jonnie shakeshaft says:

    Looks absolutely crap

  72. Anti social Nut says:

    When you realize that Superman and Smallville are Canon to the arrowverse

  73. I Am oxPierceTheVeil says:

    Ok Melissa Benoist Looks Different Wtf Happened To Her

  74. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Omg dc is fuckin up….Jesus that’s soooooo bad

  75. Chris Garcia says:

    But what are they actually fighting? Just a force with no physical presence? Or what?

  76. CloudyStars says:

    Oh my lord Kevin Conroy as batman and after fighting bane in his broken back or was it spine state 😱😱

  77. A.K. Shellz says:

    Nice to see Black Lightning joining the film

  78. Roberto Holanda says:

    Flash runs like thunder, but has sticks in place of legs… Oh god

  79. Lola mo says:


  80. Artur Alexandre says:

    Incrível !!! Simplesmente incrível ❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻👏🏻

  81. Saksham Gupta says:

    Where is the thumbnail ?

  82. TheMeletti says:

    Ur a neek if you actually watch this shit

  83. robert arriola says:

    Wheres Wally and jessy quick

  84. Mr Bigall says:

    Amazingly, TV series are creating a better DC universe than the movies…

  85. BumblebeeTunaGuy says:

    Oooh, this looks infinitely bad. I won't be tuning in.

  86. Gregory Gillespie says:

    LMAO Iris Thanos snapped, all is well.

  87. Eyeland Ninja says:

    Laaaammmmm…..oh, snap! Black Lightning!

  88. Madlozano says:

    Is this it’s own show or par of another show

  89. SBD Ent. says:

    The actor who plays Harrison wells can play any role

  90. Diana S says:

    How can anyone but Tom Welling be superman? these scrawny little dudes are ruining the character

  91. Teutonic Trickster says:


  92. Olive Johnson says:

    Hilarious. Is this from 20 years ago? Looks like shit

  93. TheFidelayon says:

    Like si crees que Tom Welling sigue igual

  94. km_1911 says:

    Fuck, do I have to watch all these shows to understand what’s happening?

  95. CartoonNetworkLeaks says:


  96. S.O.P The Loser says:

    I haven't watched these shows in years, but crisis on infinite earths looks dope!!!! Smalleville Superman! Kevin as Batman!!! This is a comic book fanatics dream

  97. KoolMB says:

    cheesy af

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