DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Sneak Peek – Black Lightning Arrives (HD)


– [Cisco] It’s getting worse! – [The Flash] Put me back on that treadmill. – [The Flash] No, alright? We’ll find another way. (electricity cackles) – [Black Lightning] Where am I? – [Killer Frost] Who are you? – [Black Lightning] Send me back to Freeland! Now! – [Killer Frost] Calm down, electric guy. – [Black Lightning] My name is Black Lightning. – [Pariah] Enough! I did not bring you here, Jefferson, to fight. I brought you here to save lives. – [Black Lightning] Who the hell
are you people? – [Pariah] I am Pariah. This is Jefferson Pierce. On his Earth,
an educator, a father, a hero. – [Black Lightning] What do you mean
my Earth? – [Pariah] There are
multiple Earths, Jefferson. Many Earths like this one. Your Earth has just been
destroyed by a wave of antimatter. – [Black Lightning] So, so… Lynn? My girls? – [Pariah] They’re gone. I transported you here
to help us save humanity. – [Black Lightning] You should’ve
saved my family! Not me! Not me! – [The Flash] Jefferson. I’m so sorry. Right now we need your help
to stop this antimatter wave. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. But I do know how it feels
to lose your family. What would they want
you to do right now? – [The Flash] Please. All worlds could die. – [Black Lightning] What do you
need from me?

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100 thoughts on “DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Sneak Peek – Black Lightning Arrives (HD)”

  1. Hero's Journey says:

    Black lightning just got a lot cooler.

  2. Coolms9 says:

    0:26 stunt double

  3. raul gonzalez says:

    I love how the fatherly instinct of black lightning come before his superhero persona does sometimes! 💪

  4. Cameron Hodgetts says:

    They are somehow going to restore the other earths. Otherwise the continuity of Supergirl, Black Lightning and Titans is f***ed

  5. Daniel Opeoluwa says:

    Alryt so Barry has black lightning's power huh

  6. Jericho Izack Gutierrez says:

    I really felt his emotion that was intense but to man up and focus on humanity is unreal

  7. Ashley Smith says:

    I never realized how awesome Black Lightening’s suit was, it’s probably because it was made by the same people that do the suits on Titans.🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. African Murican says:

    Doesn’t make sense it a way. We know one bolt of Barry’s lightning is one billion Jules of energy and black lightning has never made anything close to that power level. Sense it would have took three bolts of Barry’s Lightning to stop that bomb from season 4 and Jennifer was half as powerful as that last season and Gambi said “ Jefferson you’ve never generated anything close to that! Even in your prime.”

  9. Captain Silver says:

    Black lighting suit is dope !!!

  10. Zeus says:

    It really is the most ambitious crossover ever.

  11. Jamieb1994 says:

    Despite the fact that I need to catch up on Arrow, Batwoman & Black Lightning, I'm so tempting to start watching the Crisis Crossover asap.

  12. yousuckatcooking says:

    That was awesome when Barry (without even running our boy has grown so much) and BL's lighting clashed and then that theme hit pure🔥🔥🔥

  13. Mike Wright says:


  14. LCNighthawk says:

    Finally black lightning joins the crew

  15. William H says:

    Isnt Jennifer stronger than him? Not more experienced but he could of brought both.

  16. InFamus says:

    Finally! Pariah gets screen time!

  17. Jonathan Rayne says:

    This is cheesy, Full-Sail school writing. People don't adjust that quickly when you tell them their whole fucking family and earth has just been wiped out.

    They must write this shit for brain-dead, one dimensional fanboys.

  18. Cyber Vegan says:

    Pretty much confirms that Earths lost will be restored rather than merged into 1 universe like in the comics which is pretty disappointing.

  19. Kyrian Yao says:

    So Barry can throw lightning without running now ? Neat

  20. Castle says:

    Black Lightning has entered the chat

  21. Mr. Tea-yagi says:

    black lightning is the most underrated CW Show

  22. Abhijit M says:

    Black lighting never knew multiple universe existed, he instantly believes a total stranger on his one word.
    A stranger tells a complete ridiculously seeming statement of "His earth and family" dying in an event which black lighting doesn't clearly know about.
    Black lighting just believing in everything and asking what to do next is rather hard to digest.
    Such absent mindedness in the name of creativity!

  23. No One says:

    Damn dudes entire family died I liked them wtf 😭😤

  24. Urban Entity TV says:

    This Crisis has just picked up!

  25. Faris Zuhaimi says:

    Where is Eobardb Thawne? Didn’t he say he will be in this crisis?

  26. Adam Warren says:

    Jeff: send me back to Freeland
    Me: sorry Jeff but Freeland’s gone

  27. Dorothy Amtsberg says:

    They really should have taken Jennifer instead. I know Jefferson is the titular character of his show, but in the canon of his own world his daughter is several times more powerful than him. Enough that her evil counterpart killed him with minimal effort.

  28. A Nomad says:

    watched the first several episodes of the latest The Flash season and they all suck…. just wet nappy stuff… rubbish. Having to skip roughly 1/2 the episode each time.

  29. Jonathan Stokes says:

    How can I watch crisis on infinite? I'm in the UK btw.

  30. Brent H says:

    Black Lightning episode last night was lit. Ready to see what he brings to the flash. Him and Arrow having a scene together would be epic. Two characters which ain't fo no games😂

  31. Exotic Wolf says:

    There bringing the earths together

  32. Hugo Freeman says:

    I was hoping flash notices two lightning bolts on black lightning's chest and ask him if he was flash on his earth.

  33. Physix says:

    The only thing that could be better is if Tobias whale was working for the other side

  34. Steve Lolz says:

    These heroes are so strong, if I had just lost my entire family I'd be having a freaking breakdown 😫

  35. Thomas Casillo says:

    I watch his show. I saw the horrified look on his face when the anti matter wave consumed his Earth.

  36. Tatyana Jenna says:

    Nah I don’t believe his family dead I feel like they will bring them back somehow same with karas earth. If so their death is so stupid

  37. master xr says:

    Will barry die?

  38. Xiaya Bennett says:

    Unfortunately we have to wait until the end of January to see what happens in Black Lightning

  39. Zedew 37 says:

    I thought they were already on the same esrth

  40. Adib Osmany says:

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that A) Barry just through lightning with out having to run in a circle, and cisco can vibe again

  41. Ken: The Internet Boy says:

    Yea, they finally need a black man help. Hahaha!

  42. Castle says:

    I only disappointed at how the Smallville cameo turned out

  43. Rio A. says:

    WHAT Black Lightning doesn't shoot black lightning!?

  44. DMill 96 says:

    Since this is the last episode for a month there's going to be a HUGE cliffhanger at the end! Bet

  45. Альфа-АнаХронист Парадокс says:

    Реальность это както по ПАМЯТИ!

  46. 101 kingred says:

    So Barry throwing lighting ⚡ without running?? Please show more of that.

  47. Esteban Quesada says:

    Kinda want to start watching his show 🙂

  48. Cris Ramirez says:

    I didn't watch Black Lightning… I think in the hiatus before Ep.4 of Crisis i'm gonna watch it

  49. Shambino says:

    “I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now but I know what it’s like to lose a family”

    I can’t imagine what you’re going through but I know exactly what you’re going through

  50. UVAKID168 ! says:

    0:21 Flash has a new power?

  51. Stephen Morales says:

    When we seeing Static Shock in the DC universe ??

  52. Chase Neland says:

    Honestly we should all be talking about Earth 90’s Flash suit. I can’t take him seriously there’s just something off about it!

  53. Neoxon says:

    Damn, his plea to save his wife & daughters instead of him hit hard.

  54. Nardo Sanmero says:

    Wyatt from prison break

  55. Nate Escobales says:

    Dude, Pariah looks like Harrison Wells!!! Wait! Dose that mean Pariah is an alternate version of Harrison Wells!? So cool! 😎👍

  56. The 1992 Dream Team says:

    In a different, better earth all these CW booty ass shows were made by HBO instead and are actually good

  57. Nahum Elias says:


  58. Nahum Elias says:

    Who else will watch this on the cw app

  59. Jesus Loves You says:

    The color grading is so different from black lightning.

  60. Dean Husband says:

    Doesn't make sense,black lighting daughter was the most powerful one,why did they not bring her.

  61. Javari Mitchell says:

    Just give me a special with Flash and Black Lighting teaming up together

  62. Ahmd Hussain says:

    Where i can download these series

  63. Mission to be A Man says:

    The old guy in the flash outfit looks like he got the costume from party city, this looks like a college film project.

  64. Razor blade says:

    Lightning is faster and 10 times more powerful they should of transported her

  65. blindjustice316 says:

    I’m sorry. To make the dc universe a multiverse where these heroes only exist in other earths kinda sucks. Why did the flash and arrow crossover happen on the same earth but no other heroes can’t meet each other? Smh

  66. ImaHeadOut _ says:

    “It’s his first crossover.”

  67. Dat Real Bruh says:

    Damn so everyone in freeland is gonee no more blacklightning my favorite show

  68. Dark says:

    I don't watch blacklight, I Don't like it, it's too Dark

  69. Gabriela Moreno says:

    En español por favor 😭😭😭😭

  70. Ch4rl13 Moore says:

    The reason I consider Black Lightning is worst then Luke Cage is because one is made by CW, and the other is not. Say what you want about Netflix, but at least they have decent Writers and CGI, I hate CW and their Sope Opera Sitcom fanfic grade Writing and half baked CGi…

  71. Dave Byrne says:

    Utter nonsense for pussies

  72. Robert Davis says:

    I can SO see him going off on team Batman. Lol

  73. Spider Champion says:

    Black Lighting but no Shazam/Captain Thunder?

  74. can yildiz says:

    Why do ppl watch this crap!

  75. Agustin Perez says:

    Black Lighting: My family all died

    The Flash: First time huh?

  76. AB 50 says:

    In theory actors can play in a show from the CW and it wouldn’t be weird

  77. Diego Rodriguez says:

    So he just lost his daughters and they gave him the saving the world hero speech he chilled right away

  78. GTTSketches says:

    I love how Jefferson got his head into the fight quickly. Wise man.

  79. Dim mary says:

    That machine will save the multiverse I'm feeling it.

  80. Baxa Aken says:

    Is the black lightning guy who killed agent Mahones son?)))

  81. BIG POPA PUM says:

    So Barry can throw lightning in standing position now
    He don't have to move in circle to get charged

  82. My Art My Creativity says:

    every DC series until now is the part of multiverse, welldone dc welldone

  83. Rhys says:

    Oh well that proves that the earth's being destroyed won't be permanent since they wouldn't off black lightning's entire cast but him

  84. Fabio Alberto Navarro Camejo says:

    Subtitule plis

  85. Fixtionmaster101 says:

    Now I know that the Flash and BL are gonna be buds.

  86. Elvis ochieng says:

    Wow so flash can also throw lightning without moving 🔥🔥🔥

  87. Jordan Austin says:

    This is so fucking weird!!! I love it!!

  88. Brent Dreher says:

    So…..does Jeff get a number for his Earth, or….

  89. t r.r says:

    Since when can Barry throw lightning without running

  90. Jon Reese says:

    How is Jefferson PIerce/Black Lightning not a Paragon? The Paragon of Courage?

  91. A_Hack3r_Call3d_R3tr0 says:

    The emotions boiling up in black lightnings face is one of the most heartbreaking moments in the arrowverse.

  92. Ethereal Dweller says:


  93. Lakiesha Powe says:

    When do this come on does anyone know?

  94. fa de says:

    Jesus christmas this is awful

  95. byeout says:

    we better see jen’s ass at some point

  96. SpySecretSquirrel says:

    “…..You should have saved my family! Not me….not me…”

    He was hurting big time. This was pure dad moment here.

    If only he knew that his daughter saw him die in two different realities under different circumstances……


    Did they take his face for Jax MK11…?


  98. Gustavo436gsg SeguraAhumada says:

    I’m still waiting on the reverse flash when he gonna come ?!

  99. Wild Watchers Forever says:

    The next crossover should be Doom Patrol and Titans vs The Arrowverse

  100. Ray Hopkins says:

    No other spoilers but this: do we find out Jeff’s Earth? If not I’m gonna guess Earth-77 as Black Lightning was introduced in 1977.

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